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Everyone in Gensokyo has some amount of stress they need to release...if the endless amount of bullet fights don't make that clear. Seiga Kaku decided to take advantage of this and open up her Old Desire Club, a social club meant to soothe the hearts of the ladies of Gensokyo. Sure, it might not stop their conflicts entirely, but it should be a good way to delay them. Sanae Kochiya seems to have her sights on the place as a way to help the Moriya Shrine gain influence, so that means she has to take us along for another event!

Just as any other event, every visitor of the Old Desires Club will have a unique twist on their title to add some personality on each difficulty, all of them which will be highlighted below. Additionally, a small synopsis of each event date will be given for some context for each of the battle stages. At the end, there will be some unique items, such as Story Cards and Music CDs, that were obtainable only during the event along with a little review over the most creative name this event. Sprinkled around are screenshots of characters found on the stage select screen, who give their own personality to the event.

Customers 1 to 2

Kappa: Residents from the ravine working with Nitori Kawashiro to join her as they fight for their bottle pay. Most of them seem hesitant to work, though...

Summary: Sanae Kochiya arrives at the Old Desire's location thanks to Aya Shameimaru's newspaper article to apply for a job. She wishes to obtain faith from working, which doesn't seem to align with the owner, Seiga Kaku's, goals, but she agrees to interview her. After two rounds of interviews with the help of Keine Kamishirasawa and Yoshika Miyako, Sanae officially joins the team! Before they open up, Seiga gets some supplies from Eirin Yagokoro, who provides Doctor Eirin to the club, and Nitori Kawashiro, who does the same with Shiri-cola. They have a small scuffle due to Seiga throwing away the recyclable bottles...

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Seiga Kaku Wicked Hermit Interviewer (Glad I knew the tengu) (Great we have a smart one) Seiga’s Senkai
Keine Kamishirasawa History Eating Senpai Wearing Two Hats Is a Club a School for Adults? Seiga’s Senkai
Seiga Kaku Final Interviewer, Wicked Hermit (This is a wonderful battle) (Look forward to future efforts!) Final Interview - Yoshika
Yoshika Miyako Jiang Shi, the True Interviewer (You win and we’ll hire you!) (Urgh! I loooooooost!) Final Interview - Yoshika
Keine Kamishirasawa History Eater Wants Co-Workers (Maybe I should invite Mokou) (I wanna see Mokou in a dress) Final Interview - Yoshika
Kappa (Sun) Kappa Carrying Shiri-Cola (Trying out Shiri-Cola) Got Caught Touching Products Final Interview - Yoshika
Kappa (Fire) Newbie Kappa (Don’t know which way to go!) (Have to learn my job first!) Final Interview - Yoshika
Kappa (Wood) Freshman Kappa (Thinking a way to slack off) (Just wanna go easy on work) Final Interview - Yoshika
Kappa (Earth) Professional Kappa (Thinking a way to work better) (Slacking off is the key to work) Final Interview - Yoshika
Nitori Kawashiro Kappa Who Delivers (The bottle’s price was…) Making Auto-Return Bottles Final Interview - Yoshika
Kappa (Moon) Secretly a Professional Kappa (No one notices me slacking off) “Taking a rest is important.” Final Interview - Yoshika

Customer 3

Generic Club Visitors: All of these generic enemies are in 2 different event stages purely for the sake of being youkai customers. These various enemies include Kappa, Tanuki, Little Devils, and Wolf and Crow Tengu. Most of them complain about their current work or are wondering what to order. Bullet attacks should relieve their stress or be satisfying enough.
Phantoms: Spirits from the Netherworld that ended up tagging with Yuyuko Saigyouji. The more the merrier, I suppose?
Fairies and Big Fairies: Just pure pranksters. Kick them out before they start annoying the guests!
Tanuki: Bake-Danuki that were assigned by their boss, Mamizou Futatsuiwa to place ridiculously tall orders. Their excuse is that they're being treated by their leader...

Summary: The Old Desire is officially ready to open with its...two employees. Thankfully, Seiga is able to join in to help while Yoshika handles the counter and gives out merchandise of herself. It seems like Aya's paper got a lot of hits, because there are many visitors to result in a huge chunk of work.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Kappa (Water) Thirsty Kappa “Another Shiri-Cola, please!” “Doctor Eirin too!” Opening Day!
Kappa (Metal) Hungry Kappa “One cheese bread, please!” “A fried potato, please!” Opening Day!
Tanuki (Star) Bake-Danuki Waiting for Order (I’m too shy to talk to people…) (I still haven’t ordered…) Opening Day!
Wolf Tengu (Fire) White Wolf Tengu Customer (It’s my social club debut!) (This isn’t what I thought…) Opening Day!
Little Devil (Wood) Devil Running Around “This place is fabulous!” “The costumes are beautiful!” Opening Day!
Crow Tengu (Star) Tengu Who Wants to Talk “Hey, wanna hear a story?” “Hey, hey! Listen, listen!” Opening Day!
Little Devil (Metal) Devil Thinking About Her Order “Everything looks delicious…” “What should I order…!” Opening Day!
Phantom (Sun) Phantom Wants a Second Dish “One Yamawaro-Up, please!” “Hmm…sweets sound good…” Order - Battle of Bullets!
Phantom (Earth) Hungry Ghost “I want a sweeeeet cake!” “Fluffy whip cream!” Order - Battle of Bullets!
Phantom (Moon) Phantom Fainting From Hunger “One Nyan Nyan Special, please!” “There’s a hole! That’s funny!” Order - Battle of Bullets!
Phantom (Star) Phantom Craving for Food “Nothing hard or spicy, please.” (The brought pudding!) Order - Battle of Bullets!
Kasen Ibaraki Hermit Becoming a Regular (The food is great…!) (More fun to order!) Order - Battle of Bullets!
Yuyuko Saigyouji Ghost Who Secretly Visits (Don’t tell Youmu…!) “I sense Youmu coming!” Order - Battle of Bullets!
Fairy (Fire) Noisy Fairy (What’s a proper lady?) (What’s a social?) Fairy Chute
Fairy (Sun) Super Hyper Fairy (I’m taking over the stage!) (I’m gonna show off!) Fairy Chute
Fairy (Wood) Fairy Having Fun (Let’s dance!) (It’s showtime!) Fairy Chute
Fairy (Earth) Fairy Having Super Fun (I’m the party fairy!) (Quiet at home) Fairy Chute
Fairy (Water) Fairy Who Can’t Wait to Order (I’m gonna drum on the plates!) (I broke a dish…) Fairy Chute
Fairy (Moon) Fairy Ordering as a Prank (Pressing the bell!) (I got kicked out…) Fairy Chute
Big Fairy (Metal) Fairy Ordering a Lot (I wanted to order this!) (Couldn’t eat all of my food…) Fairy Chute
Big Fairy (Star) Fairy Calling the Waitress a Lot (No one came…) “I wanna order!” Fairy Chute
Tanuki (Star) Bake-Danuki Treated by Boss “50 Yamawaro-Up, please!” “Gonna drink as much as I can.” Big Order From the Bake-Danuki?!
Tanuki (Star) Bake-Danuki Not Holding Back (Food is best when treated!) (I wanna come here again) Big Order From the Bake-Danuki?!
Tanuki (Wood) Bake-Danuki Wants to Eat a Lot “30 Yoshika Specials, please!” “Yummy yummy yummy!” Big Order From the Bake-Danuki?!
Tanuki (Water) Really Thirsty Bake-Danuki “One Doctor Eirin, please!” Can’t Stop Eating Big Order From the Bake-Danuki?!
Tanuki (Earth) Hungry Bake-Danuki “One school obento, please!” My Homework is the Main Dish Big Order From the Bake-Danuki?!
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Bake-Danuki Boss With Treats “We need to refresh sometimes.” Subordinates Need Motivation Big Order From the Bake-Danuki?!
Tanuki (Earth) Bake-Danuki Thinking of Order (What should I order…?) I Can’t Decide! Big Order From the Bake-Danuki?!

Customer 4

Summary: A free day devoid of any generic opponents. After counseling Letty Whiterock, who is stressed about the end of Winter being very soon, she is recruited onto the team thanks to her delicious ice creams. This especially catches the attention of Kaguya Houraisan and Reisen Udongein Inaba (does Eirin know they're going to clubs?), who find interest in both tasty ice creams and bullet encores. Hence poor Sanae getting overworked in 3 different stages...

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Seiga Kaku (Social Club’s Mother) Abrupt Wicked Hermit Interview (Interview on stage!) (We have a lot of talented staff) Cold Counseling!
Keine Kamishirasawa (History Lesson) Half-Beast Interviewee (Bullets solve everything!) It Was True… Cold Counseling!
Sanae Kochiya (Nighttime Breath of Fresh Air) Living God Wants Friends (Miss Letty’s bullets are pretty!) (I can do better!) Cold Counseling!
Seiga Kaku (Social Club’s Mother) Wicked Hermit Encore (We have a new member!) “We can beat the other clubs.” Letty on Ice!
Yoshika Miyako Nervous Jiang Shi (Stiff and I can’t move) “Go beyond me!” Letty on Ice!
Keine Kamishirasawa (History Lesson) Half-Beast Answering Encore (The stage makes me nervous!) (Am I getting used to this?) Letty on Ice!
Keine Kamishirasawa (History Lesson) Half-Beast During Showtime (Don’t look at me, look at them) (No, I’m still too embarrassed) Talk, Food, and Bullets
Letty Whiterock (Rocks or Neat) Yuki-Onna Saving the Day Time to Show My Skills (Don’t forget about winter!) Talk, Food, and Bullets
Sanae Kochiya (Nighttime Breath of Fresh Air) Living God Who Lost Her Turn “Aww…it was my turn!” “Now it’s my turn on stage!” Talk, Food, and Bullets
Reisen Udongein Inaba Moon Rabbit Having a Bite “This is cold and yummy!” Caramel Rabbit Is Yummy! Would You Like Dessert?
Kaguya Houraisan Princess Had a Good Exercise “Perfect after a battle of bullets!” Hourai Shower Is Delicious! Would You Like Dessert?
Sanae Kochiya (Nighttime Breath of Fresh Air) Living God Also Wants to Eat (I’m just taking a bite…) “The ice cream is yummy!” Would You Like Dessert?

Customers 5 to Nine(?) and Ten(?)

Summary: Seiga performs a forbidden hermit technique to summon...Junko? help catch up with rival clubs. Her purity and terrifying ghost stories help to attract both phantoms and popularity. However, Sanae is starting to feel left out due to how unique her other colleagues are. This was the perfect time for Doremy Sweet, the owner of the rival club "Sweet Dream," to bring Sanae to the Dream World to remind her of her strengths. This is done from some very familiar faces from the ghost stories, as well as another distressed rival club owner, Joon Yorigami of the "Fabulous Queen."

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Yoshika Miyako Jiang Shi Has Another Interview Come at Me, Hermit! “As long as Seiga is happy.” Pure & Powerful Helper?
Seiga Kaku (Social Club’s Mother) Spirit-Calling Wicked Hermit I’m Lucky! (Not scared of rival clubs!) Pure & Powerful Helper?
Letty Whiterock (Rocks or Neat) Yuki-Onna Supporting Winter Do Hermits Like Winter? (We can be friends) Pure & Powerful Helper?
Sanae Kochiya (Nighttime Breath of Fresh Air) Living God Can’t Lose! Can’t Lose to the Newbie! I Won’t Go Hard on You, Senpai Pure & Powerful Helper?
Keine Kamishirasawa (History Lesson) More the Merrier Half-Beast (It’s nice to have friends) “A club that teaches friendship.” Pure & Powerful Helper?
Phantom (Moon) Phantom Likes Scary Stories (Shiver up everyone!) (I can’t stop shaking…) Lesson on Modern-Day Fear!
Phantom (Metal) Phantom Scared of Trains (I don’t like getting squeezed) (The outside world is scary) Lesson on Modern-Day Fear!
Phantom (Water) Phantom Telling Horror Stories (Anyone want ghost stories?) (Nobody buys this…) Lesson on Modern-Day Fear!
Phantom (Earth) Phantom Striking in Fear (Too scared to go home alone) (Let’s go home together!) Lesson on Modern-Day Fear!
Phantom (Fire) Phantom Saw a Handle Vanish “It happened a few days ago…” “Quickly get the handle.” Scarlet Story - The Vanishing Handle
Phantom (Moon) Phantom Surprised by Remilia (That was cute but scary…) (Remilia’s smug face is cute) Scarlet Story - The Vanishing Handle
Phantom (Wood) Phantom Saw the Gatekeeper (I’m looking for my handle) (Has anyone seen my handle?) Scarlet Story - The Vanishing Handle
Phantom (Star) Phantom’s Handle Was Hidden (Where’s my handle?) (Tell me when you see it) Scarlet Story - The Vanishing Handle
Phantom (Metal) Phantom Likes Ghost Stories “Is there anything else?” (Ghost stories wanted) Scarlet Story - The Vanishing Handle
Phantom (Sun) Phantom Scared of Handles “I’m too scared of handles.” “This ain’t my handle…” Scarlet Story - The Vanishing Handle
Phantom (Metal) Phantom Heard a Scary Story (Can’t listen to the rest…) (If you listen, you die…) Untitled Ghost Story
Phantom (Wood) Phantom From the Darkness (I’m scared of dark places) (Not going outside at night) Untitled Ghost Story
Phantom (Fire) Phantom Behind You (Too scared to look behind…) (If you look back, you die) Untitled Ghost Story
Phantom (Star) Phantom on the Ceiling (Someone is watching me…) (But there’s no one there…) Untitled Ghost Story
Phantom (Fire) Phantom Around Your Feet (You’re on my foot!) (Get your feet out of the way) Untitled Ghost Story
Phantom (Water) Phantom Seeking a Cool Room (Doesn’t it seem too cool?) (I’m not scared at all!) Untitled Ghost Story
Kogasa Tatara Panicking Karakasa-Obake “Ways to surprise wanted.” (You know a karakasa story?) Untitled Ghost Story
Phantom (Metal) Phantom Scared to Death (Used to have goosebumps) (I’m feeling alright) Untitled Ghost Story
Sanae Kochiya (Nighttime Breath of Fresh Air) Living God Scared of a Ghost Story I’m Shaking From Excitement (No, I’m scared!) Untitled Ghost Story
Hong Meiling Gatekeeper Got Kicked Out (Miss Sakuya will be angry…) (Where’s the handle…) Sweet Dream
Clownpiece Fairy of Hell With No Energy (I hope you feel better, Master!) (Just wanna make you smile) Sweet Dream
Phantom (Earth) Phantom Woke up Here “It’s just like a dream…” Dream of Being Treated Dream Egoist
Shion Yorigami Poverty God Has Fun With Sister (Battles with Joon are fun!) (Let’s play again!) Dream Egoist
Phantom (Metal) Phantom Having Bad Dreams (I didn’t get enough sleep…) Sleeping In My Dream Dream Egoist

Customers 11 to Closing

Summary: Sanae has some newfound confidence while working thanks to the Dream World adventure, and good timing too, as her god moms, Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya, decided to go visit the club. She is able to show off her new faith-gaining method before Byakuren Hijiri storms in to try to close the club that's right under her temple. Luckily, Toyosatomimi no Miko and the others are able to convince her to calm down and how the club helps youkai bond, so she lets them off the hook with a battle of bullets.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Little Devil (Metal) Devil Wants Kaguya to Listen “How can I be a princess?!” Getting Some Lady Advice Monk in Hot Water
Kappa (Star) Kappa Worried About Work “I’m exhausted from work…” “Is Aya hiring?” Monk in Hot Water
Kappa (Fire) Kappa Ran From Work “I don’t like tight schedules.” “I should change jobs…” Monk in Hot Water
Tanuki (Sun) Bake-Danuki Can’t Fool Others (I get along with humans) (We live together) Monk in Hot Water
Kappa (Moon) Kappa Worried About Boss “Boss is giving me more work.” Ghost: Never Ending Work Monk in Hot Water
Crow Tengu (Wood) Tengu Can’t Write Articles “Can’t write anything good.” Ghost: Writer’s Block Monk in Hot Water
Wolf Tengu (Water) Scaredy-Cat White Wolf Tengu “Running away from enemies.” Ghost: Get Along Everyone Monk in Hot Water
Crow Tengu (Sun) Tengu Can’t Get Scoops “I always lose to Aya…” “I lost to Hatate…” Monk in Hot Water
Momiji Inubashiri White Wolf Tengu Loves Shogi (Shogi is really fun!) (Wicked hermit’s pretty good) Battle of Wits?!
Momiji Inubashiri White Wolf Tengu Rematch (Not gonna lose next time!) (Have to try harder!) Freestyle Shogi-Bullets
Reisen Udongein Inaba Moon Rabbit Tries Shogi Bullets (It’s more fun than Tengu Shogi) (Is there any rabbit shogi?) Freestyle Shogi-Bullets
Kanako Yasaka God Comes to the Club (Sanae looks great in anything) Going to Kourindou before home Unexpected Customers?!
Suwako Moriya God Interested in the Club (Sanae is doing great!) (I’ll imprint this in my memory) Unexpected Customers?!
Byakuren Hijiri Social Club Police: Nun You Need Permission, Namusan! The Bubbles Are Yummy?! Countdown to Closing?!
Toyosatomimi no Miko Social Club Regular: Saint “Shiri-Cola before anger.” When in Rome, Do as They Do Countdown to Closing?!

Extra Customers

Summary: The fairies are back to cause mischief for another event. When Cirno finds out that the social club Letty works at is close, she convinces Daiyousai and the Three Fairies of Light (Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire, and Luna Child) to make their own social club using her igloo as a base. Hijinks ensue when they require help from Aya and realize that Cirno was the one who stole the handle from the Scarlet Devil Mansion!

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Sanae Kochiya (Nighttime Breath of Fresh Air) Wind Priestess Teaching Fairies Social Club Senpai! (More rival clubs?!) The Fairies’ New Social Club?!
Aya Shameimaru Tengu’s Camera Is Targeted Fairy Social Club…A Scoop! (Doing this coverage for a while) Get That Camera!
Hong Meiling Gatekeeper Found the Handle More Handles When I Woke Up Horror! Youkai Handles! Make a Network?

Bonus Notes (Miscellaneous Text, Unique Items, and Favorite Title)

Event P: These points are received upon finding the Old Desire Club. Seiga painstakingly crafts each and every one.
Rare Event P: A souvenir to remember how much fun you had at the Old Desire Club. This strange doll makes you want to go there again.

4* Story Card: Doggy Order
5* Story Card: Bloody Order
Music CDs: Since Lady Sanae Won't Let Me (Sanae Kochiya), primary primary (Junko), Sadistic Yuan Xian (Seiga Kaku), Crazy Keine (Keine Kamishirasawa), WHITE WIREPULLER (Letty Whiterock)

There were many normal visitors to keep the Old Desire in business, but my personal favorite would be the Star Kappa from Monk in Hot Water. Their Normal and Hard names (Kappa Worried About Work/"I'm exhausted from work...") are simple and rather generic comments on the hard work that the kappa must go through with Nitori as their boss. However, their Lunatic name ("Is Aya Hiring?") brings up an interesting solution that is also an entertaining thought. Would Aya ever consider hiring other species to help her reporter work? ...does she even work with others?

As for the Boss characters, Shion Yorigami from Dream Egoist has a soft spot in my heart. None of them are very unique (Poverty God Has Fun With Sister/(Battles with Joon are fun!)/(Let's play again!)), but contribute toward the general message of Shion caring for her sister, being the reason they opened a social club in the first place. It might have been better to see the club in action itself, but the message is still pretty clear here. And it's always nice to return the favor to your sister with a large clump of golden bullets.

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