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Should You Pull?

If you're looking for some extra firepower, or a chance to spark one of the six Friends on offer, this is a pretty good banner. You've got sixFriends all specialized around high firepower, with Toyohime, Yuyuko, and Ran being particularly notable farmers (with Ran getting a bump once Chapter 3 Act 2 is released on Oct 20), Shou being a solid but not-as-universally-useful farmer, Youmu being a smidge behind the others in the farming department, and Suwako being specialized around single-target damage. This banner is especially good if you want to spark one of them, since you then get a Rate Up chance at any of the others as a nice extra benefit. Do note that Yuyuko, Toyohime, and Suwako are Festival units, and will not be added to the general pool once this banner is over.

Quick Overview

+ Extremely powerful All Last Word which also scales exceptionally well with Power
+ P0 Wood on both Spell Cards
+Power Link is always nice

- Overall poor Breaking ability
- No team support

+Incredible Turn 1 Damage
+Extremely high set-up damage
+Fantastic farmer of Chapter 2 Act 2 and Chapter 3 Act 1
+All Spell Cards are Yin Only, allowing her to do damage outside of her Last Word relatively better than other attackers
+Exceptionally fast Last Word animation
+Has Power Link, which is always good

-No utility
-Almost no Breaks

+ Extremely damaging Last Word both immediately and for longer fights
+ Last Word brings 1 Level of Yin and Yang Def Down with a 80% chance for one more of each

-Lackluster Break ability
-Def Down is on Last Word, which can make utilizing it awkward

+ She has an extremely powerful All Last Word
+ She has some Accuracy support on a Spell Card
+ 3 Earth Breaks on Last Word for 1 Power

- Accuracy support is hard to make use of due to being on a Spell Card, lacks utility otherwise
- Almost no Elements, must trade in damage on Last Word for Element Breaks

+ P0 Sun on Basic Shot
+ Powerful All targeting Last Word if given time to set up
+ Self Charge makes her easy to support

- Selfish attacker
- Backloaded damage makes her not the best at farming anything but humans.

+Deals high Solo damage both immediately and at 3 Spirit Power
+Fantastic Yin DEF Down support
+Above average Break potential

-Needs 3 Spirit Power for full potential
-Spirit Power hungry when attempting to Break

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Yuyuko Saigyouji is the ghostly princess of the Netherworld, residing within Hakugyokurou, a Japanese mansion. In life, over a thousand years ago, Yuyuko was the mistress of the Saigyouji clan. A human girl with a terrifying ability, at first all Yuyuko could do was manipulate departed souls. As time went on, it grew more and more powerful, before she finally gained the ability to invite anyone to their own death. Terrified of her abilty, Yuyuko commited suicide, and her corpse was used to seal away a monsterous youkai tree that also invited others to their death - the Saigyou Ayakashi.

After she passed on, she was granted her current position in the Netherworld, due to the judges of the afterlife being impressed by her ability and unwillingness to hold grudges. This carefree attitude is reflected in the playful, cheery Yuyuko of today - with no memory of her past life, she carries on her death with the same gusto and enthusiasm as a hedonist might have for life. Gluttonous, and with a head seemingly full of only air, one could be forgiven for mistaking her to be a fool. But underneath it all lies a cunning and sharp mind,  and a terrifyingly powerful ghost princess who still possesses the same ability she had in life.

All this talk of power isn’t just for show. Yuyuko might not be able to instantly kill anyone in LostWord, but her All Last Word, Saigyouji Parinirvana, deals so much damage you’d be forgiven for assuming it simply inflicted instant death. That’s only at 1 Power as well - at 3, which her second skill Soul Torch helps her reach by providing her with 0.75 Power, this already strong Last Word nearly doubles in power, making her highly potent in longer fights. It wasn’t always meant to be this strong, but in the original Japanese release of the game, her Last Word was bugged to do too much damage. They compensated her by giving it five levels of Yang Atk UP, which combined with her first skill Spirit Service and her ability Capable of Manipulating Death allows her to reach a jaw dropping 9 Yang Atk UP on the very first turn. And if that wasn’t enough, her third skill Under the Flowers gives her a remarkable 3 Accuracy Up for 3 turns and 1 turn of Charge, making her both self-sufficient and able to work with just about any debuffer.

Yuyuko isn’t perfect. Her 9 Yang Atk UP and 3 Accuracy Up, while extremely potent, means that it can be difficult to find a Story Card which meaningfully upgrades her damage, and that the only team support she benefits from is Def Down. Additionally, her access to Elements is merely average, having only access to 1 Solo Wood Break on both of her spell cards without spending either 2 or 3 Power for the additional Break. Whilst her Last Word also has Wood, it deals so much damage for any type of fight that it’s almost never worth using to Break. 

Still, these issues are more technicalities that the writer feels obligated to mention, and not major concerns. Yuyuko is is one of the best Friends in the game, even though she is no longer the best, has stood the test of time, and will probably never be anything but outstanding. 

Watatsuki no Toyohime

The Moon Princess Connecting Sea and Mountain, Watatsuki no Toyohime is one of the two Lunarian princesses in charge of the Lunarian Defense Corps alongside her sister, Watasuki no Yorihime. Born with extreme fortune (even beyond lucking out into being born into nobility), the princess has always been an easy going woman who goes with the flow and rarely seems to have a sense of urgency, preferring idle chatter, munching on peaches, and staring at the sea. Still, one shouldn’t mistake that for incompetence - both she and her sister were personally taught by the greatest genius the moon had ever known, Eirin Yagokoro. 

On top of her uncanny luck, Toyohime has three more abilities of note. Firstly, she has the ability to manipulate the boundaries between the scientific and fantastic versions of the moon - in effect, she can control if anything on the moon is on the lifeless, airless scientific side, or the fantastical side where the lunarians live and inhabit. Secondly, she can link sea and mountains - what this means, exactly, is that she can effectively go anywhere (as the moon apparently counts as a sea and anywhere on earth counts as a mountain) via teleportation. Lastly, whilst not an ability in the strictest sense, Toyohime’s folding fan is a devastating weapon capable of reducing creatures and objects to the atomic level with a cleansing wind. 

In LostWord, Toyohime fulfils the role of an extremely powerful nuker. The core of her kit is her All targeting Last Word, Toyotamaphimeia Machikanensis (why yes, her Last Word is named after an extinct animal just because it has “Toyo” in the name). As a 2-2-1 Last Word, it has the flexibility to either hit hard on the first turn, or for Toyohime to accumulate additional Spirit Power to hit harder in a longer fight. It also bolsters her Yin ATK Up by 2 Levels for 2 Turns, and packs the rare and coveted Gensokyo Killer on some of the bullets (alongside some Youkai killer). Lastly, it also has a decent amount of Hard - Toyohime packs some impressive Yin DEF, so she can make solid offensive use of any Yin DEF UP you can provide her.

Her skills further compliment this. Quantum Teleport gives her 3 Levels of Yin ATK UP to further compliment her damage - although the self Quick is something to be watched out for if using other Last Words to support Toyohime’s damage. Additionally, Thin Cord of Instants and Fan of Purging both give her at least 2 Levels of Accuracy up a piece (with a 60% and 80% chance for 1 more Level, respectively), which not only means she doesn't need Accuracy support, she also invalidates any fights which rely on Evasion UP (which are uncommon but still exist). Furthermore, her character ability, Capable of linking the sea and the mountain, allows her to further devastate any enemy weak to Wood by boosting her effective damage by 30% - though it’s pretty much overkill at that point. Lastly, she also has Power Link, which is always good for getting some Spirit Power in a pinch (or just getting extra mileage out of Toyohime after she’s out of Spell Cards in the tower). 

On top of this, Toyohime’s Spell Cards can be used offensively. Promise: The Path Between Land and Sea is a All targeting 2-2-1 Spell Card which grants Toyohime 2 Levels of Accuracy up for 3 turns with a 60% chance for 1 more level, and Taboo: Comb Torch of Shame is a Solo targeting 2-2-1 Spell Card that grants Toyohime 2 Levels of Yin ATK UP for 3 turns with a 60% chance for 1 more level. Due to how buffs work in LostWord, this effectively means Toyohime can keep high levels of Accuracy and Yin ATK for the entire fight, focus on Spirit Power UP on her Story Cards, and essentially use her Spell Cards to actually do damage. That, or simply use Taboo: Comb Torch of Shame to buff her damage to the stratosphere. 

All of this combined makes Toyohime fantastic in harder fights and for farming alike. For farming, outside of events Toyohime is also particularly notable for being able to farm all 3 current Story Card stages in the Main Quest (with the proper partners for Chapter 2 Act 2 and 3 Act 1).

However, Toyohime isn’t completely flawless. Firstly, Power Link is her only real form of team utility. Additionally, her ability to break Barriers is pretty poor, given her low number of elements.

With that said, her strengths still vastly outweigh her weaknesses, and Toyohime is an extremely solid pick up.

Youmu Konpaku

Youmu Konpaku is a half-human, half-youkai girl who was born to the Konpaku clan, a race of half-human, half-phantoms. What that means is, essentially, she has a ‘phantom half’ following her around (which typically takes the form of an amorphous wisp, but can transform into a translucent version of Youmu herself for a time) nicknamed ‘Myon’ for lack of a official term (after a sound she’s made in the past), and has a much longer lifespan than the average human, on account of being half-youkai. Youmu herself was trained as a servant for Yuyuko Saigyouji, like her ancestor before her (Youki Konpaku, who left for unknown reasons and is generally otherwise unknown and unimportant). Youmu’s life could be said to be essentially that of a samurai or a servant - she tends to the gardens of Hakugyokurou, instructs Yuyuko in swordplay (though the ghost princess rarely listens), cooks and cleans for Yuyuko, cuts down Yuyuko’s enemies - in other words, if it’s something Yuyuko wants or needs, Youmu is there to serve. Outside of this, she is a fairly simple woman (and frankly, kind of dumb), scared of ghost stores (in spite of being half phantom and serving a ghost…?), and diligent and straightforward - if it exists, she’ll cut it down with her two swords: Roukanken, a long katana which can cut down virtually anything, and Hakurouken, a wakizashi with the power to dispel confusion (normal humans cut by it will just be hurt and a smidge uncomfortable, and phantoms and the like will ascend to nirvana instantly). 

In LostWord, Youmu takes the role of an attacker with some team support with a simplistic kit, befitting her simplistic nature. Everything revolves around her All targeting Last Word: Matsuyoi-Reflecting Satellite Slash. It reduces both the Yin & Yang DEF of her foes by 1 level each (with a 80% chance for one more of each) for 2 turns, with a 2-2-1 layout which makes it well suited for farming or longer fights alike (though take care if using it for the DEF DOWN, as Youmu lacks Quick or any Agility UP, meaning she may not necessarily move before her teammates, and it only has a 2 turn duration). It is also fully Slashing, meaning that the 50% Slashing DMG UP Story Card, which is fully farmable from Chapter 3 Act 1’s final stage, gives it a tremendous boost. Complimenting this, her Character Ability, Capable of sword fighting, gives her 1 level of Yin ATK UP for a turn upon Boosting, and 1 level of Yang ATK UP for a turn upon Grazing. Additionally her skills further compliment this focus on offense: Dual-Wielding Technique  gives her 2 levels of Yang and Yin ATK UP (with a 80% chance for one more each) for 1 turn, and Result of Training gives her 1 level of Yang and Yin ATK UP (with a 50% chance for one more each) for 3 turns. 

However, she’s not yet fully a sword master. Both of her Spell Cards have a below average amount of Metal breaks at 1/2 Breaks for 0/1 Spirit Power, and the mixed nature of her Last Word means it’s harder to scale her past her initial values (though proper use of her character ability combined with her skills can give her at least 8 levels of Yin & Yang ATK UP in longer fights where she has setup time). Overall though those aren’t huge issues, and it’s hard to go wrong with Youmu - she’s a half-phantom here to fight for me and you! Do keep in mind Youmu Konpaku is due for a Rebirth in the future, which will offer her a fairly massive boost in power for harder fights, at the cost of becoming a more expensive farmer (in Spirit P costs). 

Ran Yakumo

Ran Yakumo is the shikigami of Yukari Yakumo - typically in Japanese myth, shikigami are spirits summoned by a "Onmyoji" (a Japanese sort-of magician), who can best be compared to the concept of familiars. Unlike the usual shikigami, Ran’s kitsune body was converted into a shikigami by Yukari. As such, she serves as a servant to the gap sage, and dutifully carries out her orders - when she’s not busy forgetting her place and acting on her own terms. Outside of serving her master, Ran enjoys going to the human village, shopping for fried tofu, and calculating various mathematical equations.

Her primary selling point is her uncommonly powerful All Last Word, Nasu and the Three Takadas' Killing Stone. Dealing a devastatingly powerful amount of damage at a mere 1 Power, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Ran is one of the strongest attackers in the game where damage output is concerned - coming only second to Yuyuuko Saigyouji. Fully skilled out, she can hit a whopping ten stages of Yang ATK Up on turn one just by herself, between her second skill Shikigami Service, her third skill Work of a Nine-Tailed Kitsune, and her Character Ability, Capable of using shikigami. She has the Yang ATK and bullet damage to back it up too. If that wasn’t enough, her Last Word can, if you need her to Break, unleash four different Earth Element bullets upon all foes at once. She’s also easy to support with debuffers, as she can give herself Charge to move last from her third skill, Youkai Power Focus.

A perceptive player may already see the major flaw in her kit. In terms of team support, Ran is lacking. None of her skills buff her team - the best she can do is provide 3 turns of 2 Accuracy Up from her first Spell Card, Shikigami: Chen. This has a host of issues - the Spell Card itself has no Elements, her speed is somewhat middling meaning she will often move after your other units, and it eats up a turn that could have been spent on other things. She also has no Elements outside of her Last Word, meaning you are forced to choose between Breaking and dealing damage with Ran. Lastly, while this is somewhat minor due to Def Down generally being the superior form of support, Ran’s 10 stages of Yang ATK Up mean she gains no benefit from Yang ATK - only Yang DEF Down or a Full Break will benefit her. It will also be some time before she can benefit meaningfully from Accuracy support, as there are currently no Story Cards in global that can buff Earth bullet DMG. 

Still, she hits so hard that it’s still recommended you pull for her. Just make sure not to expect anything but damage, and a lot of it, and Ran will serve you as well as she serves Yukari. She will also get a buff to do as much damage as even Yuyuko in the form of a farmable Story Card from Chapter 3 Act 2 on Oct 20. 

Shou Toramaru

Long ago, Shou Toramaru was a tiger youkai, born from the confused ideals of Japan as to what a ‘tiger’ truly was. Seeing as how peasants living in Japan could never possibly hope to see such an exotice animal, myths about tigers were born, and thus so was Shou. However, this belief could not be held forever - eventually, the common folk would learn what a ‘tiger’ was, and with it tiger youkai myths would die out. Shou’s savior, Byakuren Hijiri, struck a deal with the war god Bishamonten - allowing Shou to become his avatar which, in turn, firmly solidified Shou’s existence. Nazrin, a high ranking follower of Bishamonten, was dispatched to follow Shou - and in time, the two became valued members of Myouren temple. Of course, Nazrin isn’t - really, officially a part of their group, but just about every fanwork considers her to be a part of them.

As for her personality, Shou is a rather calm, dignified, and composed woman on the surface, the worthy avatar of Bishamonten in every regard. However, if you’re buds with her, she’ll be willing to show more of the tiger underneath, to the point of being willing to fly into fits of emotion. She’s also a bit of a glutton and a drinker, in spite of the tenets of buddhist faith.

For powers, Shou’s something of a paper tiger herself - that spear she’s got? It’s just to help her look calm and dignified; she has no idea how to actually use it, and utilizes it more as a walking stick. The real power she holds comes from the Pagoda she holds - it’s one of Bishamonten’s own, and lets her serve as a conduit for the war god’s powers. Not only that, but it lets her fire lasers at the ground to create jewels, gems, and crystals of all sorts! Sadly, she can’t make Seal Crystals, but she can devastate your foes.

First and foremost, Shou is a selfish attacker. This is reflected in her Skills: Dharmapala’s Staff provides her with 1 Spirit Power UP (and self Speed down but this is negligible), Trident provides her with 2 levels of Yang ATK UP for 2 Turns (and 3 Focus up...what a intimidating stick), and Prabhutaratna’s Pagoda provides her with 2 levels of Yang ATK UP for 2 turns alongside Charge. Combine this with her charge ability giving her 1 level of Yang ATK UP for 1 turn with each boost, and she's decidedly offensively focused. This is further reflected in her attacks, although she does have some Break utility. Most notably for Breaks is her Focus Shot, Tiger Tamer, which provides her with 1 Solo targeting Sun Break at 0 Power (with Sure-Hit too, as a nice perk). Next, her Spell Cards: Jeweled Pagoda: Radiant Treasure provides her with 1 level of Yang ATK UP for 3 Turns (with 1 more guaranteed if you Boost it 3 times), combined with a lackluster 0/0/1/2 Solo targeting Metal Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power. To further her offensive presence (and give her some extra fuel for Breaks), Light Sign: Absolute Justice gives her between .5 and 1 Spirit Power UP, depending on how many boost are used, with an average 1/1/2/3 Sun breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power on top of that.

The crown jewel of this dazzling array of attacks would be her All targeting Last Word, Pagoda Tank. Without time to setup, it’s nothing impressive, clocking in at a rather slightly average amount of power. It does have the benefit of a lot of human Killer at turn 1, which makes it good against 1 boss farms with a human foe (unfortunately, 2+ boss waves tend to almost never comprise of entirely humans, making it less useful for multi-boss stage farming). Where this Last Word shines is in harder fights, due to its backloaded nature allowing Shou’s damage to reach glittering heights, especially once Chapter 3 Act 2 is released providing her with a useful Story Card. 

Overall, Shou’s a stellar attacker in longer fights, especially if you can put her against some humans. She’s not such a great farmer unless, again, you put her up against some humans...really, that kind of makes her a poor member of the Myouren temple, which seeks to unify human and youkai under one roof, but she’s a good Friend all the same.

Suwako Moriya

Thousands of years ago, Suwako Moriya was a goddess who had a pretty relaxed life, if not as relaxed as she’d like. She was the ruler of a small kingdom, having brought the curse gods named the Mishaguji under her control. Fearsome beasts, they plagued the lands, until Suwako tamed them and turned them to aiding harvests instead. The people rejoiced, and she ruled over them from a time, until gods attempted to invade her land. Suwako used a vast array of steel weapons to fight them, which made her unbeatable until Kanako Yasaka invaded, and rusted her entire arsenal with a thin vine. Suwako then conceded to Kanako, and let the goddess attempt to rule. Kanako soon realized the folly of attempting to control the Mishaguji, much less managing Suwako’s people, and was forced to strike a deal with the other goddess. Kanako would be the face of the shrine, Suwako would handle the divine services, they would share faith, and Suwako would be free from all of the pesky bureaucracy matters she was never a huge fan of. And at some point they also took in one of Suwako’s distant descendants as their shrine maiden!

Some time in the future, humans stopped believing in gods, Kanako decided to move the Moriya Shrine to Gensokyo, and Suwako got dragged along for the ride, in the events of Mountain of Faith. Whilst Kanako has been considerably ambitious since, Suwako’s mostly just continued to do what she’s always done: provide their worshippers, followers, and anyone else who strikes a deal with the shrine with divine services, and otherwise just lax off and party. And perhaps the occasional scheme of her own too - she can’t let Kanako have all the fun!

Whilst as friendly and lighthearted as one can be, and a bit of a trickster to boot, Suwako isn’t to be taken lightly. On top of the ability to control the earth, being able to fling rocks, jade, water, and even sprout trees at her will, Suwako still controls the Mishaguji as well. This grants her access to some rather nasty curses - you definitely don’t want to get on her bad side. Thankfully, that’s a rather hard thing to do, so long as you don’t offend frogs or something. On that note, she’s not actually a frog or connected to them in any way, in spite of her clothes and general aesthetic - she just really likes those hoppy amphibians! If you want a better look at her abilities, give Touhou Hisoutensoku a look, she's a playable character in it and it does a good job of portraying the fun-loving goddess.

In LostWord, Suwako’s the current benchmark and standard which all other Solo nukers are compared to. Her Last Word, God of Stone or Wood, deals devastating damage in both one turn as well as for extended fights - making her perfect for farming and challenge fights alike. She's also much more self reliant than other attackers - thanks to Cursed God, Suwako gives herself 3 Levels of Yin ATK Up for 3 Turns and Charge to boot, making her easy to support. Combine this with Power From The Sky, which gives her 1 more Spirit Power right away and pairs wonderfully with her Character Ability, Capable of creating earthiness, for another 2 Levels of Yin ATK Up and she's already at 5 Levels of it right away! Lastly, Wisteria of the Tenryuu River gives 1 target 3 Levels of Evasion Down for 1 turn, meaning she requires no Accuracy support and can use a Yin ATK Up Story Card instead, for a potential 8 Yin ATK Up on the first turn alone!

That's not all Suwako brings to the table. Native God: Froggy Braves the Wind and Rain is among the stronger Spell Cards in the game. Primarily, it gives all targets 2 Levels of Yin DEF Down for 3 Turns, which not only lets her Last Word reach incredibly high levels of damage, but also supports any Yin teammates as well. Additionally, if you find that you need to go for a Full Break instead, it has 2 Water and 2 Wood Breaks on All targeting at 3 Spirit Power, which is some fantastic coverage.

Overall, Suwako’s a potent Solo nuker who brings some good Yin support to the table. Just don’t say anything bad about frogs, or else your entire bloodline might be cursed! Or she might just let you off with a vague threat and a demand for some Ramune.