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A spring festival right at the start of the season makes sense, and even the rabbit costumes to an extent, but...swordplay as well? This event Yuyuko Saigyouji organized seems to be over the top, and the characters from many areas of Gensokyo that show up only seem to prove that absurdity. This is probably one of, if not, the most out-there events currently in LostWord Global, and you can bet that the common charms of every LostWord event is there to back it up!

During events, every opponent faced in a battle stage, either generic or a specific Friend, has a unique title depending on the difficulty they are fought on. Usually, higher difficulties have them in quotations to speak their thoughts or in parentheses to hide their inner ones. Tables of all of these special, event-only titles will be provided below, organized chronlogically based on when the stages were unlocked in-game. Additionally, a small plot synopsis is included for each story section to provide context for why each battle is fought in the first place and explaining the reasoning behind some names.

Along with that, there is a good amount of content (outside of the story itself) that is unique to the event itself, including Music CDs, Event Points themselves, and menu dialogue. The menu dialouge is spread out throughout each major section, while the other unique snippets of dialogue will be featured at the end, along with a small reflection on who had the best naming this event.

Curtain Raiser to Dance 2

SummaryYuyuko Saigyouji comes upon a huge mysterious egg and ponders over how to get it to open, even trying to sit on it to let it hatch. After "borrowing" some resources from Kourindou thanks to Rinnosuke Morichika, she decides to hold a great dancing sword festival to motivate the egg to hatch. Along with Youmu Konpaku, three other girls join with their own motives for seeing the egg hatch: Sakuya Izayoi wants to bring whatever hatches to her mistress, Tenshi Hinanawi wants to eat the contents with Shion Yorigami, and Watatsuki no Yorihime to just be a participating judge?

As usual, Marisa Kirisame tries to steal the egg right upon running into it, to which the cast seems to rather nonchalantly react to. Afterwards, they practice their sword dances throughout the night in preparation for tomorrow's festival, with musical accompaniment from the Prismriver Ensemble.

Phantoms: Ghostly entities that take residence in the Netherworld. They are the primary members of the audience for the sword festival, and seem to participate in most of the festival's events...

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Marisa Kirisame Egg-Borrowing Magician “I’m borrowing it until I die!” (My broom needs an update…) Grab the Egg and Fly!
Merlin Prismriver Trumpeter for the Egg (I wonder what will hatch?) “Maybe it will be a big bird.” Pre-Festival Sword Dancing!
Lunasa Prismriver Egg-Shaking Violinist (I hope it’s bright and cheerful.) “A pretty peacock, maybe?” Pre-Festival Sword Dancing!
Lyrica Prismriver Egg-Hatching Keyboardist (Grow up big and strong!) “It might actually be a turtle.” Pre-Festival Sword Dancing!
Phantom (Moon) Phantom Here For the Festival (Swords are dangerous…) “Look! I cut it a little!” Slice and Dice Dancing!
Phantom (Water) Phantom Curious About the Egg (I wonder what’s inside…) (I'll wait for it to hatch.) Slice and Dice Dancing!
Merlin Prismriver Wants to Enjoy Performing Lots of Songs and Bullets! “Be quiet and listen to us!” Slice and Dice Dancing!
Lunasa Prismriver Big Sister Took the Job “Is this really our job?!” (This job deserves a premium.) Slice and Dice Dancing!
Lyrica Prismriver Third-Born Enjoying “Life” “I’m tired but satisfied.” “I'm really tired!” Slice and Dice Dancing!
Yuyuko Saigyouji (Bunny Ghost Hoping for Resurrection) Ghost Excited for the Festival Slice and Dice Dancing! Cut, Cut, and Cut Some More! Slice and Dice Dancing!
Merlin Prismriver Musician in Charge of Trumpets (More battles than songs?) “I like battles and music!” Perfect Sword-Steps!
Lunasa Prismriver Musician in Charge of Violins (Has their movie changed?) “We’re here to perform, right?” Perfect Sword-Steps!
Lyrica Prismriver Musician in Charge of Keyboards “Didn’t we come to perform?!” “This is just a battle of bullets!” Perfect Sword-Steps!
Tenshi Hinanawi (Bunny Bloom Saber Major) Celestial Wants to Cut the Egg Egg Dishes for Shion! “This will be fun to cut!” Perfect Sword-Steps!
Youmu Konpaku (Bunny Ninja Spirit) In Step With a Celestial (I’m a…ninja…) I’ll Be the Celestial’s Shadow! Perfect Sword-Steps!
Watatsuki no Yorihime (Running Rabbit Sword Dealer Moon Emissary Referee (Are these the right clothes?) (I’m used to the clothes now…) Perfect Sword-Steps!
Sakuya Izayoi (Horned Rabbit Silver Juggler) Maid Who Wants the Egg (I could stop time and take it.) (How should I carry the egg?) Perfect Sword-Steps!

Dances 3 to 6

Summary: The first major chunk of the spring festival begins! Many familiar faces are shown, from Reimu Hakurei, who seems to be trying to make a quick buck off the event to Rumia, who appears to just be having a good time like a child. The bunny-clad participants show off their moves (while assaulting the Prismriver Ensemble for the fifth time this event), while Momiji Inubashiri challenges some of them alongside Chen. Yorihime gets to show off some of her techniques as well, perfectly slicing an apple off of Aya Shameimaru's head.

Wolf Tengu: Tengu that usually patrol the Youkai Mountain to protect it from intruders. This time, they are taking a break in favor of cheering on their commander, Momoji!

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Phantom (Metal) Phantom Praises the Pre-Festival A Pre-Festival Festival! “Not right after the festival?!” Let’s Sword Dance
Merlin Prismriver (Aren’t we here to perform?) (But we…) “The Prismriver Ensemble…” Let’s Sword Dance
Lunasa Prismriver Big Sister Having a Battle? (I’m appearing a lot this time!) “...will have a concert soon.” Let’s Sword Dance
Lyrica Prismriver “I’m up for anything if it’s fun.” (Let’s use this to advertise!) “Look forward to it, everyone!” Let’s Sword Dance
Yuyuko Saigyouji (Bunny Ghost Hoping for Resurrection) Bullet-Exercising Ghost Let’s Sword Dance! “I really worked up a sweat!” Let’s Sword Dance
Watatsuki no Yorihime (Running Rabbit Sword Dealer Devising New Training Methods (Moon rabbits should try this.) “A new type of training!” Let’s Sword Dance
Phantom (Sun) Phantom Wants to Hop (The bunny ears are cute.) (The bunny tails are cute too.) Sword Dance Rebuttal
Phantom (Fire) The Sword Festival Looks Fun (Why rabbits…?) (A rabbit-catching festival?) Sword Dance Rebuttal
Phantom (Wood) Egg-Cooling Phantom (I’ll give frostbite!) (An ice-cold egg.) Sword Dance Rebuttal
Merlin Prismriver Egg-Curious Trumpeter (Hurry up and hatch!) (Will it hatch if it breaks?) Sword Dance Rebuttal
Lunasa Prismriver Worried It’s Stopped Growing (I hope no one gets depressed.) (What if it’s a gloomy sort?) Sword Dance Rebuttal
Lyrica Prismriver Poltergeist Wants it to Hatch (Will it hatch now? I can’t wait.) (How long do we have to wait?) Sword Dance Rebuttal
Youmu Konpaku (Bunny Ninja Spirit) Bunny Hop Slicing Gardener Hop and Cut! Hop and Cut! (That was a good workout.) Sword Dance Rebuttal
Sakuya Izayoi (Horned Rabbit Silver Juggler) Perfect Even When Hopping Working While Hopping (It’s not even that heavy.) Sword Dance Rebuttal
Tenshi Hinanawi (Bunny Bloom Saber Major) Hops While Manipulating Earth I Hop, and the Earth Hops Too “I could do this in my sleep.” Sword Dance Rebuttal
Wolf Tengu (Water) Here to Cheer on Momiji “Take them down, Momiji!” (I’ve always been her fan!) Freestyle Sword Exercises
Wolf Tengu (Wood) Here to Prove Her Strength “I’ll defend the mountain alone!” “No, it’s impossible!” Freestyle Sword Exercises
Wolf Tengu (Metal) White Wolf Tengu on Patrol (I’m not slacking off.) “I got lost on patrol, that’s all!” Freestyle Sword Exercises
Momiji Inubashiri Wants to Be the No. 1 Fencer (I’m the best white wolf tengu.) (So many skilled fencers…) Freestyle Sword Exercises
Chen Egg-Throwing Bakeneko (I’ll win and take the egg!) “Lady Ran will praise me!” Freestyle Sword Exercises
Phantom (Earth) First Time Seeing a Ninja (She says “NIN-NIN”!) (Is that the sound ninja make?) Heavenly Ice Sword
Phantom (Star) Phantom Pierced With Kunai (Bullets also flew my way…) (I barely escaped with my life.) Heavenly Ice Sword
Phantom (Sun) Phantom Used to Be a Ninja “She’s a fake ninja!” “Real ninja don’t say NIN-NIN!” Heavenly Ice Sword
Youmu Konpaku (Bunny Ninja Spirit) Pain-Adverse Ninja Gardener “Ninja don’t like getting hurt.” Combination Attacks Are Strong Heavenly Ice Sword
Yuyuko Saigyouji (Bunny Ghost Hoping for Resurrection) Mistress of Hakugyokurou “Running won’t help!” We Still Need More Training! Heavenly Ice Sword
Phantom (Metal) Bunbunmaru Newspaper Fan “The egg-story came from here!” “I’ll write the first article on it!” Pen Mightier Than the Divine?
Phantom (Water) Phantom Here to Give a Scoop (That loses to the big egg…) “I’ll go look for a better scoop!” Pen Mightier Than the Divine?
Phantom (Moon) Phantom Watching Divine Skills Cut Just The Camera Film (I wanna be a moon rabbit.) Pen Mightier Than the Divine?
Phantom (Star) Apple-Hungry Phantom “Rumia ate them all!” “I’ll just eat a cucumber then…” Pen Mightier Than the Divine?
Phantom (Earth) Wants to be Yorihime’s Assistant “I want to be with her on stage!” (Please be my teacher!) Pen Mightier Than the Divine?
Aya Shameimaru Desperate Reporter Life on the Line For an Article (The all-important photo…!) Pen Mightier Than the Divine?
Momiji Inubashiri “I won’t give a scoop for free.” (You face danger for once.) (I was scared I’d get cut.) Pen Mightier Than the Divine?

Dances 7 to 9

Summary: The next segment of the festival is about to begin, but elsewhere in the Lunar Capital, we see Watatsuki no Toyohime fretting over the loss egg? Meanwhile, the sword rabbits are slicing up cucumbers and kappa alike, although the kappa are just fine, as they used camoflauge to fake them getting slashed. After some ninja philosophy with Youmu, Reisen Udongein Inaba and Shou Toramaru start challenging the validity of swords over guns and lasers respectively, battling the swordswomen over which weapon is the best. 

With all of their hard work, the egg is starting to make sounds! Is it about to hatch?

Kappa: Engineers who live by the ravine at Youkai Mountain. Today they are here to help with the festival, using their technology to create some neat party tricks.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Kappa (Wood) Cucumber-Hungry Kappa “Don’t waste cucumbers!” (They’re edible for 3 seconds.) Cucumber Slicing Slideshow!
Kappa (Fire) Cucumber-Carrying Kappa “Keep on cutting!” “Keep on fancy cutting!” Cucumber Slicing Slideshow!
Kappa (Moon) Kappa Scared of Being Cut “Cut the cucumbers, not me!” “I’m not a cucumber!” Cucumber Slicing Slideshow!
Kappa (Water) Optical Camouflage Kappa “My camouflage was cut…!” “Y-You found me!” Cucumber Slicing Slideshow!
Kappa (Metal) Kappa Sideshow Performer “My swim down the river act.” (I ain’t just going with the flow.) Cucumber Slicing Slideshow!
Kappa (Sun) Kappa Ready to be Cut “Nooooooo! You got me!” (Can I win by playing dead?) Cucumber Slicing Slideshow!
Kappa (Fire) Kappa Wants to See Fancy Cuts “This cutting dance is art!” “Be careful when using swords!” How Ninja Vanish?
Kappa (Wood) Kappa Curious About Drones (I’ll ask Nitori how to make it.) (Or I could steal the blueprints.) How Ninja Vanish?
Kappa (Earth) Can Vanish, But Can’t Fly (I wish I could vanish…) (Could I fly if we combine?!) How Ninja Vanish?
Kappa (Star) Can Fly, But Can’t Vanish (I wish I could fly…) (Could I vanish if we combine?!) How Ninja Vanish?
Nitori Kawashiro Kappa With Sword Dance Tech (A sword dancing machine…) “A dancing cucumber cutter!” How Ninja Vanish?
Kappa (Sun) Kappa Curious About Ninjas “I want to learn ninja skills!” “I wanna see what hatches!” How Ninja Vanish?
Phantom (Metal) Swords Are Cool Phantom (I wanted to be a samurai.) “My dream didn’t come true…” Guns Mightier Than Swords?
Phantom (Water) Guns Are Cool Phantom (I wanted to be a gunman.) (But I became a phantom…) Guns Mightier Than Swords?
Phantom (Moon) Phantom Interested in Knives (She’s so precise…Amazing.) (Please teach me your skills.) Guns Mightier Than Swords?
Phantom (Water) Phantom Watching Maid Skills (I want to learn maid skills!) (I’ll visit the scarlet mansion.) Guns Mightier Than Swords?
Reisen Udongein Inaba Guns-Over-Swords Moon Rabbit (Guns are cool, aren’t they?) (Toramaru might understand…) Guns Mightier Than Swords?
Phantom (Fire) Lasers Are Cool Phantom (What are lasers anyway…?) (Their skills are entertaining.) Lasers Mightier Than Swords?
Phantom (Wood) I Want Bishamonten’s Blessing (I want more treasure!) (I got burned by lasers!) Lasers Mightier Than Swords?
Phantom (Star) Phantom Cheering For Shou (Byakuren asked me to do this.) (I have to go give a report…) Lasers Mightier Than Swords?
Phantom (Moon) (Where’s the Sword of Hisou?) (I was made to participate.) Sword of Hisou + Lasers = Hot Lasers Mightier Than Swords?
Phantom (Fire) (Wow, white-hot sword dances.) (Wow, white-hot sword dances.) (I got taken out too soon.) Lasers Mightier Than Swords?
Shou Toramaru Late-Entry Bishamonten Avatar “Beams are cool too!” (Guns aren’t bad either.) Lasers Mightier Than Swords?

Dances 10 to Finale

Summary: Before they can enjoy the hatch of their labor, chaos erupts in the festival plaza, as moon rabbits have begun making a mess in the festival grounds! After confronting them, they find out that Reisen's squad was looking for the same egg they were trying to hatch, as it turned out to be a piece of Lunarian technology built by Toyohime. Just as the inventor is about to get away with the egg, Yuyuko pulls out her secret, forbidden move: the 3-second rule. Toyohime doesn't truly understand this (and neither does anyone else), so they just do a battle of bullets for the machine.

After winning, Toyohime explains that the egg machine makes an infinite amount of egg dishes after the user performs exquisite dances, sounding very similar to the process the Netherworld just went through. As if on cue, endless egg dishes come out of the machine and the area is full of food! It might be a nightmare for those with egg allergies, but for Yuyuko? It's heaven.

Moon Rabbit Soldier/Officer: Rabbits from the Lunar Capital trained for combat. This time thier objective is dire: protect Gensokyo from the knowledge of Toyohime's second mechanical failure!

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Moon Rabbit Soldier (Earth) Digging Moon Rabbit Soldier “The egg might be down here.” “I found a bone instead…” Don’t Stop the Festival!
Moon Rabbit Soldier (Wood) Searching Moon Rabbit Soldier “I can’t find it anywhere…” “The shrine maiden got mad.” Don’t Stop the Festival!
Moon Rabbit Soldier (Star) Rabbit With an Egg Detector “It says the egg’s here…” “But where is it?” Don’t Stop the Festival!
Moon Rabbit Officer (None) Cucumber-Eating Moon Rabbit (I’ll eat them off the ground.) (You shouldn’t waste food!) Don’t Stop the Festival!
Moon Rabbit Officer (Moon) Moon Rabbit Wants Bunggo “I wanna eat bunggo!” (Let’s ask Lady Toyohime.) Don’t Stop the Festival!
Moon Rabbit Officer (None) Dango-Hungry Moon Rabbit (I think I’ll go to Seiran’s) (No, actually, Ringo’s is better.) Oath of the Cherry Garden!
Reisen Under Orders From Toyohime “Don’t interrupt our search!” “I’ll get scolded if I don’t find it.” Oath of the Cherry Garden!
Moon Rabbit Officer (Moon) Rabbit in Awe of Sword Dances “I want to dance like that!” “I’ll be a performer one day.” Oath of the Cherry Garden!
Watatsuki no Toyohime Emissary Wants the Egg Back My Absolute Egg Chef… The 3-Second Rule is Scary… Strange Automatic Machine?
Yoshika Miyako Loyal Egg-Hungry Undead (I’ll get a souvenir for Seiga.) “One egg…two eggs…” Pride of the Hungry!
Rumia Hungry Twilight Youkai “There are soooo many eggs!” “I’m still reeeeeeally hungry.” Pride of the Hungry!
Tenshi Hinanawi (Bunny Bloom Saber Major) Wants to Feed Egg to Shion “Eat lots, Shion!” “There’re so many boiled eggs!” Pride of the Hungry!
Shion Yorigami Wants to Eat With Miss Tenshi “This is delicious, Miss Tenshi!” “I want to try all the dishes!” Pride of the Hungry!

Extra Lessons

Summary: While eating all of the egg dishes was fun, now the crew has an unrealistic amount of eggshells to get rid of. Rinnosuke comes to the rescue once more, suggesting they recycle or repurpose the shells for something else, citing from a book he has (that, of course, gets stolen promptly after being shown off). With that, Yuyuko instructs her rabbits to make medicine for Eientei, which Yorihime gets some rowdy moon rabbits to help with, chalk for Keine Kamishirasawa's class, and some cosmetics for the face. Minor chaos ensues, as with any event's extra, but eventually all of the eggshells are handled.

Toyohime shows up after taking a short rest, asking if she could have the machine back. Naturally, desiring endless egg meals, Yuyuko refuses.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Moon Rabbit Soldier (Fire) Moon Rabbit Tasked by Yorihime (I’ll crush them all up!) (I’m exhausted…) Let’s Make Medicine!
Moon Rabbit Soldier (Earth) Moon Rabbit Called by Yorihime (Today’s training is fun!) (I wish it was always like this.) Let’s Make Medicine!
Moon Rabbit Soldier (Moon) Rabbit Wants Work to be Fun (You have to slack off a little.) (Work in moderation.) Let’s Make Medicine!
Moon Rabbit Soldier (Wood) Eggshell-Fighting Moon Rabbit (Getting hit by eggshells hurts.) (I’ll pick up the scattered shells.) Let’s Make Medicine!
Moon Rabbit Soldier (Star) Eggshell-Crushing Moon Rabbit (This is good stress relief.) “Give me more eggs!” Let’s Make Medicine!
Moon Rabbit Officer (Water) Eggshell-Crushing Commander (There are so many eggshells…) “I’m sick of eggs…” Let’s Make Medicine!
Cirno Ice Fairy Here on Keine’s Behalf On an Errand With Dai! “I’ll do graffiti on the way back!” Let’s Make Chalk!
Daiyousei Fairy on an Errand (Is the chalk ready yet?) I’ll Draw Pictures With Cirno! Let’s Make Chalk!
Joon Yorigami Fancy Makeup Pestilence God Shion Should Use Makeup Too (I want to dress up together.) Let’s Make Cosmetics!
Yoshika Miyako Dolled up Loyal Undead (Seiga’s happy!) (I’m gonna dress up more!) Let’s Make Cosmetics!

Bonus Notes (Miscellaneous Text, Unique Items, and Favorite Title)

Normal Event P: Apparently, gather these strange point items will hatch the egg. Yuyuko made them while fantasizing about what might hatch.
Rare Event P: Hakurei's "bunggo" sweets now on sale at the sword festival. Buy one and see if they really taste as good as Ringo's dango.

4* Story Card: Sword Training?
5* Story Card: Resurrection Prayer
Music CDs: Night of Knights / Knight of Nights (Sakuya Izayoi), BORDER OF STRIKE! (Yuyuko Saigyouji), Unpaid Gardener (Youmu Konpaku), Metal-esque Catastrophe in Bhavaagra (Tenshi Hinanawi), God Slash (Watatsuki no Yorihime)

Each of the generic enemies have pretty creative titles this time around, but my personal favorite is definitely the Sun Phantom in Heavenly Ice Sword. At first, his identity is revealed to be a ninja in the previous life, thanks to his Normal title of Phantom Used to Be a Ninja. However, he uses this information in the later difficulties to disprove Youmu's own ninja title, claiming "She's a fake ninja!" and "Real ninja don't say NIN-NIN!" Youmu is just trying to enjoy her ninja side, and yet this phantom is being so cruel...maybe he deserves to lose this bullet battle.

As for the boss/Friend characters, I am going to cheat this time and elect the whole Prismriver Ensemble, as they get squished into 5 different event stages over 2 days! While some of their titles are rather generic on Normal and Hard, the game becomes self aware from Lunasa Prismriver's Let's Sword Dance Hard apperance: (I'm appearing a lot this time.) Lyrica Prismriver in Perfect Sword-Steps! begins to show fatigue on Hard as well: "Didn't we come here to perform?!" At the very least for them, they got to advertise their concert in the Lunatic difficulty of Let's Sword Dance

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