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It's time for a game...within a game?! Of course, the characters don't know they're already in a gacha, so no need to overload their minds with overwhelming news...but nevertheless! We take a return to Gensokyo Isle from Chapter 1 of the Main Story, in which the Yukari Yakumo of that world has created a VR-like game (played on retro consoles, somehow...) to occupy all of the returning characters while the world repairs itself. Unfortunately for her, it seems like an unknown intruder has made their way into the game, stealing Yukari's avatar and forcing her to reside within your journal. Will this mysterious, hacker-like force turn this peaceful simulator into a killing game??!! Or...just keep the same, school-like competition theme? Either way, it's up to us and the Yakumo Student Council to get to the bottom of things while obtaining all foes' EXP and item drops!

Every event in Touhou LostWord comes with exclusive Music CDs, Story Cards, and other unique event-only items for players to collect. Additionally, every stage plays with the theme of the event and names every opponent in a unique manner for every difficulity! For the sake of preserving these limited-time items and content (which only will reappear in event reruns), this article will mainly cover the names of every foe met while providing extra notes at the end. A small story synopsis will accompany each section to contextualize the reason you fight certain Friends, so expect event story spoilers as you read ahead. It should be expected, given the identity of the final foe is basically spoiled already.

And one more extra detail! The title of this event, Yakumo's Ambition, is slightly different from its original translation in JP. The original title was "危機開会," which when spoken aloud sounds similar to "Kiki kaikai," an old shoot-em-up with a character who may look very similar to Reimu...

The main stages of the event seem to contain references to several real-life games as well! Try spotting them all as you progress in the event, either through playing or reading here!

The first Main Event Dialogue for Yakumo's Ambition.

Episodes 1-2

Before entering the world of this virtual siumlator, Yukari assigns you to fight off the physical members of her student council! This is to introduce Yukari's ability while in the journal: anyone that you fight and beat gets recorded in the journal, describing their role and some pretty embarrassing facts about the council member. After being teased by their own master, the Yakumo Student Council begins to make their move, being stopped by the mysteirous Kasenman and Fairy Adventure Club on the way to their destination: the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The Reimu Hakurei of this world (remember, this is not L1 but instead the school universe) ends up challenging the Yakumo Student Council in a battle for the MC, although most of the Hakurei Student Council seems pretty bummed out to fight...

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Ran Yakumo (Elegant Vice President) Reliable Vice President Please Battle With Me Cool and Dependable is Popular One Billion Bits
Chen (Calm and Composed Secretary) Willful Secretary Go Easy On Me! Popular Helper Amongst Clubs One Billion Bits
Phantom (Moon) Innocent Bystander 1 (So this is school life.) Prefers Kasenman En Route 1-1
Phantom (Fire) Innocent Bystander 2 (Where’s campus life?) Prefers Okinaman En Route 1-1
Kasen Ibaraki (Unparalleled Head Prefect) Kasenman Can’t Allow Disorder High Support From the Kids En Route 1-1
Rumia Adventure Club Leader Whether in Water or Darkness Surprisingly Friendly En Route 1-2
Daiyousei Adventure Club Treasurer Let’s Try Our Best Hidden Madonna En Route 1-2
Cirno Adventure Club’s Strongest The Name Was Adventure Club I Have A Lot of Band-Aids En Route 1-2
Luna Child Moon Division Member I Want To Leave Also Student Librarian Hakurei Student Council!
Sunny Milk Sun Division Member I Really Want To Leave Cute Sleeping Face Hakurei Student Council!
Star Sapphire Star Division Member I’m Leaving Nickname Is Trickster Hakurei Student Council!
Clownpiece Hell Division Member What Was Everyone Doing? Individual DodgeBall Winner Hakurei Student Council!
Aunn Komano Dog Division Member Cleaning Up Is a Pain She Smells People Hakurei Student Council!
Reimu Hakurei (Carefree Class Representative) President’s Divine Authority Being President Is…a Pain Not Enough Budget Hakurei Student Council!

Episodes 3-4

The Yakumo Student Council enters the mansion, only to find them immediately surrounded by the residents wearing...radically different clothing? It seems like one main theme from this event is that all of the opponents prefer wearing different event costumes from the past, utilizing them to create various club themes. After defeating them, the council gives chase to Remilia, hoping to create an alliance to make figuring out what was going on easier, but Kasenman returns while harshly judging Flandre's morality. Remilia is found shortly after, but Youmu and Yuyuko suddenly appear in her room, as it appears that a hole to the Netherworld is right under Remilia's bed! A side-effect of the island restoring seems to be gaps between various locations in Gensokyo. But hey, that should make sleepovers a lot easier at least!

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Meiling (Chinese Maid for the Day) Maid History is a Secret Zzz… No Memory of Class Scarletvania
Sakuya Izayoi (Lightning-Fast Maid) Maid of Maids Wake Up Good Grades But Jokes in Class Scarletvania
Patchouli Knowledge (High Dexterity Maid for a Week) Magic Maid Taking a Break After This Tearful Time-Out Examinations Scarletvania
Koakuma (Descendant of Darkness) Basically a Maid I’ll Prepare Some Tea Library Makes You Look Good Scarletvania
Remilia Scarlet (Maid Mistress) President is a Lady Maid *smug face* The Grape Juice Scarletvania
Flandre Scarlet (Devilish Helper) Rowdy Maid (She seems to like it.) Fastest Festival Cleaning Scarletvania
Devil (Metal) Innocent Bystander 3 Time for Work! Prefers Yuugiman En-Route 3-1
Koakuma (Descendant of Darkness) Librarian I’m Changing Right Now Also Good At PE! En-Route 3-1
Patchouli Knowledge (High Dexterity Maid for a Week) Basically Head Student Librarian H-Hold On a Minute Rumor In The Locker Room En-Route 3-1
Fairy Maid (Earth) Innocent Bystander 4 Are you Lost? Prefers Suikaman En-Route 3-2
Flandre Scarlet (Devilish Helper) Moral Level 5 We Must Combine Moral Power The Incinerator En-Route 3-2
Kasen Ibaraki (Unparalleled Head Prefect) Moral Level 530000 Hey! Where Are Your Morals?! No One Knows My Identity En-Route 3-2
Sakuya Izayoi (Horned Rabbit Silver Juggler) Actually in the Juggling Club Put This Apple On Your Head Rumor of Disappearing Knives Netherworld Village
Youmu Konpaku (Shivering Maid Samurai) Samurai Maid Ingredients I Can’t Cut… Rumors Spread Fast at Festival Netherworld Village
Remilia Scarlet (Trick or GRRR!) Noble Clothing Club Sakuya Dressed Me Up Everyone Loves Her Netherworld Village
Yuyuko Saigyouji (Stationary Ghost) Cute Clothes Loving Club It’s Cute! You’re Also Cute Netherworld Village

The second Main Event Dialogue for Yakumo's Ambition.

Episodes 5-6

Yuyuko offers to help her friend Yukari in resolving this minor incident, but once she invites the council over to the Netherworld, they are assaulted by the...bunny club? While they are cute (and plentiful), the Yakumo Student Council refuse to give up the MC and continue on their travels. While Kasenman has found her ally of Okinaman RX, the more important side-encounter this time is the appearances of Fujiwara no Mokou, Kaguya Houraisan, and Keine Kamishirasawa, wearing weird clothes and speaking in even stranger accents! While suspicious for sure, the group focuses on reaching Eientei to ask for help from the council of Lunarians. While the enemy council makes it difficult to reach them, a pep talk from Chen is more than enough to motivate the trio into meeting up with the Eientei Council and battling once more over the MC. It seems like this group also is composed of fans of Eirin Yagokoro....

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Seiran Former Dango Club President That’s Not Fair, Ringo! Unpopular Very Spicy Dango Inaba Bayonet Saga
Reisen Former Dango Club Help Bunny I Tried Making a New One! How Does It Taste? Inaba Bayonet Saga
Ringo Former Dango Club Captain Seiran Was Looking Away New Dango is Solidly Popular Inaba Bayonet Saga
Watatsuki no Yorihime (Running Rabbit Sword Dealer) Former Kendo Club Captain Yes, I’m a Rabbit Tough Training Gives Results Inaba Bayonet Saga
Medicine Melancholy (Rabbit-Eared Soldier) Former Health Club Captain Hold Still! I’ll Heal You! So Many People Enjoyed It! Inaba Bayonet Saga
Tewi Inaba (Happy Patissiere) Former Entrepreneur Captain I Dug It Up God of School Entrepreneurship Inaba Bayonet Saga
Reisen Udongein Inaba (Rabbit Soldier) Former Health Committee Extra Medication (Bullets)! I’ll Disinfect Your Wounds Inaba Bayonet Saga
Yuyuko Saigyouji (Bunny Ghost Hoping for Resurrection) This Should be an Official Club So Many Rabbits! Crazy About Rabbits Lately Inaba Bayonet Saga
Youmu Konpaku (Bunny Ninja Spirit) Mystery Anything Club Member Beam From My Sword! Do Anything Possible… Inaba Bayonet Saga
Fujiwara no Mokou (Fiery and Solitary Student) Mokou? How Should I Call Myself? This Isn’t Mokou! En Route 5-1
Kaguya Houraisan (Brilliant Sheltered Beauty) Kaguya? I Speak Like a Lady, No? This Isn’t Kaguya! En Route 5-1
Keine Kamishirasawa (Wise and Intelligent Trainee Teacher) Keine? Don’t I Have a Funny Accent? This Isn’t Keine! En Route 5-1
Fairy (Water) Innocent Bystander 5 Transform! I’m Just Joking Prefers Tenshiman En Route 5-2
Big Fairy (Wood) Innocent Bystander 6 Here I Come Too! Prefers Kasenman En Route 5-2
Kasen Ibaraki (Unparalleled Head Prefect) Kasenman We Need to Have Moral Power Has Another Transformation En Route 5-2
Okina Matara (Student Leader Behind the Scenes Okinaman RX Moral Power…? Was an Enemy, Now an Ally En Route 5-2
Watatsuki no Toyohime (Backdrop for the Moon Companion) Club Member Number 1 Changing Is a Divine Ritual! Popular For Her Receptiveness Double Moon Legend
Sagume Kishin (Angel of Taboos) Club Member Number 4 [Number 2 and 3 are…] Window-Side Most Beautiful Double Moon Legend
Eirin Yagokoro (Patron Saint of Learning) Sewing Club Enthusiast Specialize In Needle and Thread Always Top Grades Double Moon Legend

Episodes 7-8

After making an alliance with the Lunarians, the group finds themselves within an arena surrounded by a Grassroot Youkai Network (no, not the actual one, just an impostor...) along with many other cheerleader Friends. They escape their wrath admist the chaos, getting into some scuffles with Momiji's and Hatate's clubs on the way to their next location. Their location in question is the Nemunoki, in which Suika has been forced to serve as a waitress while other familiars attend the restaurant. These attendees include club spies who have valuable information regarding the incident, but that info is delayed by sudden news about trouble at Moriya Shrine! Another allience is planned between clubs while Kanako Yasaka leaves to check the shrine, but before the Yakumo Student Council could leave, another fight over the MC ensues...

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Daiyousei (Thousand-Year Candy of Longevity) Candy Eating Club Vice Captain Chitose Candy! Maybe Best Wife Strongest Flowers
Cirno (Fairy Floss Fairy) Candy Eating Club Captain Jealous of My Cotton Candy? Best to Be Next to In Summer Strongest Flowers
Rumia (Koakuma-Like Youkai) Candy Eating Club Vanguard Give Me Some Candy! Best Satisfaction Nap Provider Strongest Flowers
Clownpiece (The Goddess of Hell’s Favorite) Candy Eating Club Second This Candy Is So Spicy Open Border Thinking Play Strongest Flowers
Shion Yorigami (Bill Paid For With Cheer) Literal Hungry Spirit This Is Edible Grass Wants to Eat More Strongest Flowers
Lily White (Spring is the Season of Growth!) Candy Eating Club Mainstay Hina Candy Is Here! Herald Committee Startup Strongest Flowers
Joon Yorigami Shion’s Secret Guardian Cute Sister… Into Nutrition Education Strongest Flowers
Yuuka Kazami (Cheerleader of the Four Seasons) Former Unbeaten in Hometown Cute Fairy… Secret Fairy Protection Strongest Flowers
Letty Whiterock Only a Big Sister in Winter Cute…Cute… Desire to Protect and Control Strongest Flowers
White Wolf Tengu (Sun) Patrol Team Member 1 I Love Working Prefers Kasenman En Route 7-1
White Wolf Tengu (Water) Patrol Team Member 2 I Love My Leader Haven’t Watched It Yet En Route 7-1
White Wolf Tengu (Star) Patrol Team Member 3 I Want To Go Home Prefers Okinaman En Route 7-1
White Wolf Tengu (Metal) Patrol Team Member 4 More Budget, Please! Anime Adaptation, Please En Route 7-1
White Wolf Tengu (Sun) Patrol Team Member 5 More Club Activities, Please Prefers Original Kasenman En Route 7-1
White Wolf Tengu (Moon) Patrol Team Member 6 I’m a Vice Manager Candidate Prefers Suikaman En Route 7-1
White Wolf Tengu (Wood) Patrol Team Member 7 I Love Her Playfulness Prefers B-Type Suit En Route 7-1
Momiji Inubashiri Patrol Club Manager I Need To Get a Grip…! Most Hidden Fans En Route 7-1
White Wolf Tengu (Earth) Patrol Team Member 8 I Love Her Sleeping Face Yukariman Lovers First Draft En Route 7-1
Crow Tengu (Moon) Paparazzi Team Member 1 I Prefer the Manager! Prefers Giant Kasenman En Route 7-2
Crow Tengu (Metal) Paparazzi Team Member 2 I Prefer the Vice Manager! Prefers Combined Kasenman En Route 7-2
Crow Tengu (Fire) Paparazzi Team Member 3 The Manager Gives Me Candy Prefers Tenshiman En Route 7-2
Crow Tengu (Water) Paparazzi Team Member 4 The Vice Manager is Stylish Supports Cassette Arm En Route 7-2
Crow Tengu (Wood) Paparazzi Team Member 5 The Manager Is Cool Too Haven’t Watched It Yet En Route 7-2
Crow Tengu (Sun) Paparazzi Team Member 6 The Two Don’t Get Along? Prefers Okinaman En Route 7-2
Crow Tengu (Star) Paparazzi Team Member 7 They Should Go on a Date Prefers Yuugiman En Route 7-2
Hatate Himekaidou Newspaper Club Vice Manager What Are You All Saying? Professional Stay-At-Home En Route 7-2
Crow Tengu (Earth) Paparazzi Team Member 8 You Can Do It, Vice Manager Prefers Yuugiman En Route 7-2
Merlin Prismriver Code Name: Pink Pearl Are You All Happy? Walking Good Luck Youkai Boss
Lunasa Prismriver Code Name: Black Diamond Are You Relaxed? Embodiment of Security Youkai Boss
Lyrica Prismriver Code Name: Ruby Red Are You On a Roll?! Warm Ticket Returning Hands Youkai Boss
Benben Tsukumo Code Name: Amethyst Y-Yaaay Only Harsh During Training Youkai Boss
Kogasa Tatara Code Name: Aquamarine Wooooow! Has Hidden Receptiveness Youkai Boss
Yatsuhashi Tsukumo Code Name: Imperial Topaz Ready? Woo Hoo! Childhood Friend Vision Youkai Boss
Nemuno Sakata Proprietress What’s Your Order? Additive Secret Sauce Youkai Boss
Mamizou Futatsuiwa King of Regulars More, Please! Tail Bigger Than Expected Youkai Boss
Suika Ibuki (Night Parade of 100 Maids) Waitress W-Welcome! Smaller Than Expected Youkai Boss

The third Main Event Dialogue for Yakumo's Ambition.

Episodes 9-A

The trouble at Moriya Shrine turned out to be Fujiwara no Mokou, who is seen setting the shrine abalze while the Yakumo Student Council spies on the scene. Sanae Kochiya quickly hypothesizes that the fire is a fake and the shrine is actually not on fire, to which the Impostor Mokou compliments the human god for figuring out. This doesn't stop the fire from driving everyone on the scene to insanity, forcing them to fight the Yakumos while Mokou escapes. After resolving the issue, they pursuit the suspect while passing through Nitori's club and Hina Kagiyama, still determined to provide her energy drinks to anyone passing by. Mokou accidentally traps herself within Kasenman's secret hideout, to the point that she can't even tell if she turned everyone around her insane. The MC's group is able to take advantage of the confusion to finally catch up and at least fight Mokou, even if she escapes in the end.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Hata no Kokoro (Not So Cheerful-Looking Cheerleader) Code Name: Jewel Box Come At Me! So Many Cute Bento Future Shrine Moriya
Hatate Himekaidou Newspaper Club Vice Manager Cooperation?! Face Was Red Future Shrine Moriya
Aya Shameimaru Newspaper Club Leader Let’s Cooperate Vice Leader Didn’t Understand Till The End Future Shrine Moriya
Kanako Yasaka Science Club Honorary Leader (What? A Robot?!) Particle Accelerator Shimenawa Future Shrine Moriya
Sanae Kochiya (Naive Science Club Student) Science Club Leader Go! Moriya Robot! Out-Of-The-Box Grades Future Shrine Moriya
Suwako Moriya Science Club Secret Leader (I Didn’t Prepare a Robot!) Hat Is an Optical Resonator Future Shrine Moriya
Kappa (Earth) Invention Club Member 1 The Manager Was With Hina Wants Kasen-Verse En Route 9-1
Kappa (Wood) Invention Club Member 2 The Manager Spoke of Hina Prefers Giga-Hand Cassette Arm En Route 9-1
Kappa (Star) Invention Club Member 3 The Manager Was With Momiji Prefers Kasenman Cannon En Route 9-1
Kappa (Fire) Invention Club Member 4 A Manager and Hina Duo? Prefers Hijiri Rider En Route 9-1
Kappa (Metal) Invention Club Member 5 A Manager and Momiji Duo? Prefers Space Kasenman En Route 9-1
Nitori Kawashiro Invention Club Leader Did You Bring It? Improved Cucumber Varieties En Route 9-1
Hina Kagiyama (Misfortune Exorcising Cheerleader) Nagashi-Bina Club Leader It’s Nice And Cold Also in the Ballet Club En Route 9-2
Yoshika Miyako Yoshocker Member Grrr! I Want To Eat It! Usually in Detention Great Hermits of Fantasy
Komachi Onozuka (Happy-To-Listen Cheer-Up Guide) Cheering Club Member You Can Still Do It Skips and Takes a Nap Great Hermits of Fantasy
Seiga Kaku Modifying Monster Nyan Nyan Subject Combine Grand Yoshika Lives in a Secret Science Lab Great Hermits of Fantasy
Kasen Ibaraki (Unparalleled Head Prefect) Kasenman Betrayal Did You Really Betray? Strongest Hero Great Hermits of Fantasy
Tenshi Hinanawi (Bunny Bloom Saber Major) Tenshiman Betrayal You Must Be Lying…! Best Hero Great Hermits of Fantasy
Okina Matara (Student Leader Behind the Scenes Okinaman RX Betrayal I Shall Defeat You Secret Hero Great Hermits of Fantasy
Fujiwara no Mokou (Fiery and Solitary Student) Mokou? This Body Is Always Hot The Real Mokou Is Hotter Great Hermits of Fantasy

Episodes B-C

Trouble is soon found elsewhere thanks to the other suspicious imposters. Kaguya Houraisan is found messing with Old Hell, specifically the Komeiji sisters and Yuugi Hoshiguma. After a small skirmish there and meeting up with other student councils wandering through Old Hell, the crew exit out and find themselves at Myouren Temple. Fortunately for them, the third trouble-maker is found here as well, messing with the temple's residents before making a hasty exit. After settling the frenzied Buddhists, Yukari Yakumo decides enough is enough and makes an announcent to meet at Yukari's office for the final confrontation.

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Yuugi Hoshiguma (Kabukimono of the Former Capital) Yuugi, the Part-Time Leader Please Take Your Leave Yuugi, Test-Wearing at Home Underworld School
Satori Komeiji Visible President I Got The Same Memory Again Sister Comedy Duo as a Hobby Underworld School
Koishi Komeiji (The Wandering Rose) Hidden Vice President Thank You Very Much! Unexpected Straight Girl Underworld School
Kaguya Houraisan (Brilliant Sheltered Beauty) Kaguya? This Body Is Very Hard Real Kaguya Is More Princessy Underworld School
Marisa Kirisame (Dauntless Problem Child) Bumped at the Corner I’m Late! Blazing Star From the Corner En Route B-1
Hell Spirit (None) Innocent Bystander 7 (Don’t involve me in this…!) Fundamentalist En Route B-1
Alice Margatroid Hit at the Corner Ouch! Was Bad if It Wasn’t Alice En Route B-1
Hell Spirit (Moon) Innocent Bystander 8 I’m Not a Dream Soul…! Prefers Amazing Kasenman En Route B-2
Doremy Sweet Late Sweet I Didn’t Oversleep Dealing Unauthorised Things En Route B-2
Hell Spirit (Star) Innocent Bystander 9 I’m Not a Bad Vengeful Spirit! Hollywood Version Kasenman En Route B-2
Shou Toraman Jewel Tiger Treating Me Like a Kaijin? Been in a Television Version Yie Ar Namusan
Byakuren Hijiri (Rabbit-Eared Biker) Hijiri Rider Ride to Learn the Truth Becomes a Friend at the End Yie Ar Namusan
Minamitsu Murasa Ship-Sinking Mitchy Submarines Are Strong…! Been in a Movie Version Yie Ar Namusan

The first Extra Event Dialogue for Yakumo's Ambition.

Episodes D-F

Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya, and Reisen Udongein Inaba (who you might recall as the incident resolvers of another incident...) meet up outside the office along with the Yakumo Student Council, prepared to face the imposters and their boss. As it turns out, the identity of both were the same: Hecatia Lapislazuli! She stole Yukari's avatar, in which she changed back to her old self with help from Rinnosuke Morichika, and placed her other consciousness into the imposters in an attempt to take over this world...but why? To make her own film for the people of Hell, of course! Movies and games are pretty similar to themselves nowadays, no? Hecatia is quick to make the final fight harder on the MC, overloading the journal with game data in an attempt to forceibly log out the incident resolvers. Will the MC be able to stop her before they go Hollywood?!

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Kaguya Houraisan (Brilliant Sheltered Beauty) Fake Kaguya Temporary Moon Body More Conceited Than Original Supreme Ruler of the School
Fujiwara no Mokou (Fiery and Solitary Student) Fake Mokou Temporary Other World Body More Feisty Than Original Supreme Ruler of the School
Keine Kamishirasawa (Wise and Intelligent Trainee Teacher) Fake Keine Temporary Earth Body More Dynamite Than Original Supreme Ruler of the School
Fujiwara no Mokou (Fiery and Solitary Student) Hecatia (Other World) Aiming For Hell Academy Award Hecatia Wings Can Fly Sansara Deva
Kaguya Houraisan (Brilliant Sheltered Beauty) Hecatia (Moon) Best Leading Actor Award Hecatia Love is Hell Love Sansara Deva
Keine Kamishirasawa (Wise and Intelligent Trainee Teacher) Hecatia (Earth) And a New Revenue Record! Hecatia Ears are Sensitive Sansara Deva
Watatsuki no Toyohime Space Lady Toyohime Earth Art Is Interesting Caramel Popcorn Megami Shinsei
Sagume Kishin Lunar Battlefield Sagume W What Else Are There? Cola Megami Shinsei
Watatsuki no Yorihime Magic Sword Master Yorihime So May Themes Hot Chips Megami Shinsei
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Tanuki Warning! This Is Also Interesting Popping Candy Megami Shinsei
Kanako Yasaka Legendary Warrior Kanako I Watched It All Night Hot Dog Megami Shinsei
Byakuren Hijiri Miss Byakuren Any Subscriptions? Is Curry at Movies OK? Megami Shinsei
Kaguya Houraisan (Brilliant Sheltered Beauty) Kaguya’s Great Adventure Story Was Nice Unknown Pull-Back Toy Megami Shinsei
Fujiwara no Mokou (Fiery and Solitary Student) Bamboo Knight Mokouman Stage And Artwork Were Good Pamphlet Megami Shinsei
Keine Kamishirasawa (Wise and Intelligent Trainee Teacher) Keine Explosion And The Music Was Great Poster Megami Shinsei

Extra Episodes

The movie is created anyway, though this time after surrendering the virtual world to Yukari and with consent from Mokou, Kaguya, and Keine. This doesn't mean that the filming process goes smoothly though, as Hecatia has decided that the best movie for Hell is a romcom filled with action and love triangles! The three actors try their best to perform, but the situation is so insane that they inevitably crack, forcing Hecatia to perform her punishment: Acting Class! Think of normal class, except it requires the MC to beat up the students in battles of bullets. Why are we consenting to this anyway...?

Character Normal Hard Lunatic Stage
Fujiwara no Mokou (Fiery and Solitary Student) Lead Actress Mokou “How did this happen…?” Hell Academy Award (Fire) Sin
Kaguya Hoursaian (Brilliant Sheltered Beauty) Lead Actress Kaguya “It’s fun, but…” Hell Academy Award (Moon) Eternity
Keine Kamishirasawa (Wise and Intelligent Trainee Teacher) Lead Actress Keine “What’s with this director?!” Hell Academy Award (Village) Torture

The second Extra Event Dialogue for Yakumo's Ambition

Bonus Notes (Miscellaneous Text and Unique Items)

Event Points from the Yakumo event. The Event P is marked with chalk!

Normal Event P: Points dropped by participants in the Great Student Assembly...Points? This isn't a game!
Rare Event P: Strangely-shaped boxes that have been buried in various places. There's a reward for collecting them.

4* Story Card: Burning Love Letter?
5* Story Card: Top Student Council Trio
Music CDs: Danmaku Breakdown (Yukari Yakumo), Indigo Dance (Ran Yakumo), The Troublesome Black Cat's Travelouge (Chen), HELP ME, ERINNNNNN!! (Kaguya Houraisan), Crazy Keine (Keine Kamishirasawa)

Additional Note: Why do the listing of generic stages and Episode numbers go from 9 to A or other letters instead of going to 10? This is a reference to specific codes, in which over 10 (0-9) digits are required, in which letters are used to represent numbers larger than 9. For instance, A would be 10, B would be 11, and onwards. This is usually seen in 16-Bit, or Hexadecimal, coding. 

The third Extra Event Dialogue for Yakumo's Ambition.

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