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Prayer Overview

Touhou LostWord's First Anniversary is kicking off with a mountain of content, including several different Prayers. One of these is the "Lucky Bag" Prayer, which has been done before a couple times in the game's history. Here's the info on the latest and greatest iteration of it.

Starting on May 11th at 4 AM EST (after maintenance), the Prayer runs until 5/27, making for 16 days total. The Prayer costs 300 God Crystals, in which you get a 10x roll which guarantees at least 1 Festival Friend featured in the Prayer (with a small chance for more than 1). This is a 50% discount from the normal 600 God Crystals per God Crystal Prayer. Normal God Crystal Prayers also do not guarantee Festival Friends, but just 1 or more Friends. This Prayer can be done a total of 3 times.

The Friends included in the Prayer include every Festival Friend from the launch of the game up until Saki Kurokoma (early March). However, this excludes most "Universe A" Friends, Except for Reimu (Scarlet), Marisa (Scarlet), and Cirno (Scarlet), for a total of 30 different Festival Friends.

Should You Pull?


For new players, getting 300 God Crystals isn't a very easy thing to do when first starting the game, and it's possible you'd want to save up for the 60 God Crystal pull steps on Ascending Step-UP banners instead, as doing 5 60 God Crystal rolls rather than 1 Lucky Bag roll is flat out 5x more rolls (and 5x more guaranteed Friends), even if the Friend from the Lucky Bag will on average be more powerful. But in the early game, you'll generally want a wider array of Friends rather than just 1 good one, so unless you're buying Nitori's Delivery or something else that nets you God Crystals on a regular basis, it's probably not possible for a Free-to-Play Player. But if you are willing to spend a little, it's a great way to get a guaranteed Festival Friend.

For experienced players, the choice might be a little different. Depending on the percentage of the included 30 Festival Friends you already have, as well as how many God Crystals you have banked, it might be a good opportunity to snag a new Festival Friend. Naturally, like with all Prayers of this fashion, it gets incrementally more dangerous (in the sense that you get a duplicate Friend instead of a new one) based on how many of the included Friends you already have. So if you don't really have many of the listed Festival Friends, it would actually be pretty good value to get a guaranteed one here.

Final Thoughts

Lucky Bag Prayers are generally aimed at small spenders who can afford to part with a little bit of God Crystals here and there, but the value of the Prayer is still quite good all things considered. If you don't have a lot of Festival Friends, the chances you'll get disappointed here are pretty low. But then again, we do have prayers like Yukari (Cherry Blossom) and Alice (Cherry Blossom) coming up within the next week, which may prove to be safer (and smaller) deposits of your God Crystals if you're interested in these Friends, or have enough Festival Friends that the Lucky Bag may be risky. But if you do decide to Pray here, good luck, as always!

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