Should You Pull? 48-Hour Rerun Festival: Sisters of Peaches & Swords

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Should You Pull?

If you really want the limited Festival Friends. Just like the 48-hour Yukari Yakumo and Kasen Ibaraki Prayer, this prayer serves as an easy way to obtain the Festival Friends Watatsuki no Toyohime and Watatsuki no Yorihime. Just like those previous Festival Friends, however, this prayer is more of a way to obtain some Friends that are slightly outdated when it comes to the meta. As this prayer only lasts for 48 hours, you have to know for sure if you want to go for these Friends and be prepared if you want to spark them for 150 Exchange Points, otherwise you will miss out on them.

Also similar to the Yukari and Kasen Prayer is the special deal with this prayer’s Step-UP. On the fifth step, not only are you guaranteed 2 Friends on the final step, but either Toyohime or Yorihime are guaranteed to show up! In practice, this can mean you get two Toyohimes, two Yorihimes, or one of each Friend! This is a great way to either obtain both limited Friends or get an easy Limit Break or duplicate of one of the Friends. Even if their viability has dwindled since their release, they still have good use in specific circumstances.

Quick Overview

+ Good Turn 1 Damage
+ Slightly high set-up damage
+ All Spell Cards are Yin Only, allowing her to do damage outside of her Last Word relatively better than other attackers
- No utility
- Almost no Breaks
- Damage has fallen off compared to better Friends

+ Great damage when properly set-up
+ All Spell Cards are Yin Only, allowing her to do damage outside of her Last Word relatively better than other attackers
+ Varied elemental coverage on Last Word at P3
- Weak Turn 1 damage
- No elements on Last Word until P2
- Purely selfish attacker
- Damage has fallen off compared to better Friends

Sisterly Overview

Watatsuki no Toyohime

Watatsuki no Toyohime, one of the Lunarian princesses from the Lunar Capital, takes advantage of her ability to warp between the Earth and the Moon to serve as an offense-focused Friend in Touhou LostWord. With a great spread of Killer Bullets on her Last Word, Toyotamphimeia Machikanensis, including Human-Killer, Youkai-Killer, and Gensokyo-Killer, Toyohime can very easily dish out damage against any foes with these race tags. She also attempts to monopolize on her foes’ weaknesses by heavily buffing her own Yin ATK via spells and skills so she gets off even more damage. She even comes with her own Accuracy support by buffing her own Accuracy to ensure most of her hits connect. 

Unfortunately, while blessed with great fortune her entire life, this does not really extend to her kit’s practicality. Toyohime is entirely selfish, only buffing her own offensive stats and leaving nothing for the rest of the party. Additionally, with only Yin ATK UP as her only real offensive buff, she doesn't even have the tools to truly monopolize off her Killer Bullet critical hits and will require outside support. Her elemental access is also very lackluster, including a wide variety of elements but without a good amount of any type. Overall, Toyohime will serve you very well with the right setup but will need some support to even reach that threshold.

Watatsuki no Yorihime

Watatsuki no Yorihime is the opposite of her sister in many ways: a serious personality to bounce off Toyohime’s carefree one, a physical fighting style compared to Toyohime’s magic, and, in LostWord’s case, setup damage compared to Toyohime’s easy immediate damage. Yorihime’s Last Word, Yamata no Orochi Install, has a 1-1-3 bullet line spread, meaning she really wants to be at 3P to do most of her good damage. She does have a skill to grant her 0.75 Spirit Power, but she will still definitely need at least 1 turn to reach the 3P required. However, with Gensokyo-Killers at 3P, along with small Slice scaling throughout the attack, Yorihime can definitely end up doing a hefty serving of pain once prepared. 

Although they differ a lot, Yorihime shares a similarity with her older sister in that she lacks any team utility. All of her spells and skills only serve to buff herself and no one else. She also seemed to inherit Toyohime’s issues in the elemental breaking department, as she has the same lacking amount and is even locked behind 2P to access elements on Yamata no Orochi Install. This leaves both Toyohime and Yorihime only being great for their damage potential. Even when other Friends may be able to get to higher damage totals than these two, the sisters definitely have their moments to shine, especially when they are easy to set up on Yin ATK-focused teams.

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