Should You Pull? 72-Hour Rerun Festival: Gods of Sky and Land

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Should You Pull?

Unless you really want to add these two older Festival Friends to your ranks, No. The third entry in the 48-hour duo-Festival reruns, Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya are returning for a limited time fresh off of their A10 prayer. Unfortunately, unlike Yukari/Kasen and Toyohime/Yorihime, who had their own times to be able to shine, these two Friends are a lot more limited in utility. Kanako is a pretty outdated tank Friend while Suwako is nothing more than an okay Yin nuke with some slight debuff potential.

Given that this is only a 3-day banner, ending at the end of August 10th, there is very little time to decide on going for these Friends. Given the several other strong options via other prayers currently out, it is again difficult to recommend going straight for this prayer over any other one available. At the very least, this prayer attempts to make the process of adding these Festival Friends to your roster via Ascending God Crystal Step-UP. Not only do you receive an easy 10-pull for 60 God Crystals, but the final step of the prayer guarantees two Friends, both of which can either be Kanako or Suwako for the results of 2 Kanakos, 2 Suwakos, or 1 of each Friend. If your main goal is to obtain these specific Friends, this is a decent deal to ensure one of them.

As with other Festival Friends, both Kanako and Suwako can be exchanged for 150 Exchange Points.

Quick Overview

+ Last Word deals solid damage if backed by a Killer, of which Kanako has a wide range (Humans, Dwellers of Water, and Gods)
+ First Spell Card provides 1 Spirit Power, which makes Kanako very flexible
+ Can farm the Chapter 3 Act 1 Story Card in 4 Turns with certain teammates in 2 unit teams
- Kanako deals low damage if she doesn’t hit a Killer target
- Needs time to setup to compare to other nukers, due to relying on Story Cards to provide Yang ATK Up
- Below average Break access
- Fully selfish tank, has no way of keeping her tank alive outside of Focus
- Low Focus values

+ Deals high Solo damage both immediately and at 3 Spirit Power
+ Fantastic Yin DEF Down support
+ Average Break potential
- Needs 3 Spirit Power for full potential
- Spirit Power hungry when attempting to Break

Rival God Overview

Kanako Yasaka

While she might boast about her power and her untouchable Moriya Shrine, Kanako Yasaka (at least her L1 form) is a pretty underwhelming Friend, especially when it comes to modern standards. On the surface, she has the basis of what any good defensive Friend should have: buffing defenses, even both Yin DEF and Yang DEF, on her second and third skills. To ensure the damage is kept on her, she produces Focus UP on her first skill and Last Word, Majesty of God. Her skills even have average cooldowns to allow for her to maintain her defensive buffs. So, where do the issues actually lie?

For one, her defensive buff values in total are just low. She is guaranteed 4 levels for 2 turns at max with her skills. Even if these were higher-valued, she wouldn’t be able to adapt it to combat since she has no Hard scaling to scale up her attacks via defensive buffs. This is something all modern defensive Friends, even the starter Reimu Hakurei, have, making the removal of hers here very confusing. Something she is also missing is a great damage option, as Majesty of God just doesn’t cut it, dealing underwhelming damage unless she hits her limited to Humans, Aquatic-beings, or Gods. Her tanking skills aren’t completely awful, but only having one way to restore barriers and consistently keep up Focus will ruin her potential in longer fights. Combined with her lacking elemental breaks and entirely selfish kit, L1 Kanako stands as one of the more unimpressive Friends in the game.

The one edge that Kanako truly has is her Fantasy Rebirth, and by extension Fantasy Rebirth 2.0, buffs. Not only does Majesty of God gain a hefty amount of extra power to make it good at dealing damage, but her second spell, Divine Pillar: Meteoric Onbashira, provides another barrier layer restored, a much better effect than its initial CRIT ATK DOWN. While having more consistent barrier restoration outside of spells is more favorable, all of these changes make Kanako a much more serviceable Friend. However, being required to spend so much on one Friend to make them decent or good still stands in making them below-average.

Suwako Moriya

Suwako Moriya proves her worth as the Moriya Shrine’s initial god by boasting better power than Kanako, though she still has her limits. Instead of being defensive, Suwako immediately hops into battle, being a pure Yin-based nuke, increasing Yin ATK via her third skill and by Boosting. In addition, she gets some team utility from her second spell, Native God: Froggy Braves the Wind and Rain, by decreasing all foes’ Yin DEF by 2 levels (3T). Along with her second skill’s ability to decrease one target’s Evasion by 3 levels (1T), Suwako has some capability as a decent Yin-based support. Of course, it won’t beat Friends who are fully meant to support teams, but she can still deal great Yin damage off of her Last Word, God of Stone or Wood.

Being a Friend from early on in LostWord’s lifespan, Suwako’s main issue is just not having much to her name. Her skills are very singular and simplistic, her elemental breaks are rather few, and her spells don’t even have that impressive pre-ATK effects. This makes the extent of what Suwako can do rather limited, even if she does her main goal well enough. At this point, she doesn't even have a Fantasy Rebirth, let alone Fantasy Rebirth 2.0, to improve her skills to excel at anything in particular. While it sounds grim, Suwako is still a very serviceable Friend on the offensive that can synergize well with others good at her own expertise.

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