Should You Pull? Anti-Misfortune Grand Prix Festival

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Should You Pull?

Maybe. It's not a bad Prayer, as Yuuka and Shion have aged decently well for ~1 year-old Festival Friends, and Parsee is impressively strong for a general pool Friend. However, the other two are older Friends, so if you're an experienced player, it's possible you already have Yuuka and/or Shion, and considering that Parsee is general pool, she can be pulled from any Prayer after she is added to the pool in a couple months, and there will always be new Friends worth saving for rather than spending Seal Crystals on reruns.

However, this Prayer, being mostly a rerun, does feature Ascending Step-UP, so pulling on the first Step which only costs 60 God Crystals and nets you at least 1 guaranteed Friend is never a bad option, unless you really aren't interested in any of the featured Friends. Whatever you choose, good luck!

Quick Overview

+0P Water Spread Shot
+0P Sun Focus Shot
+Impressive element density
+Lots of good debuffs for any Yin-based team
+Good turn 1 damage due to self Spirit P buff

-Charge from Skill 2 can work against Parsee if trying to apply debuffs before other party members attack
-very low Yang DEF

+High and mostly front-loaded damage which partially ignores elemental resistances
+All Spell Cards are All targeting, very useful in farming and Arena alike

-Minimal utility
-Unimpressive Elemental Breaks as of 2022

+Devastatingly powerful Yin DEF DOWN debuffs
+Strong Solo last word that's also 3-1-1, making her good for farming 1 enemy stages and solo boss fights

-Breaks are only Fire and of poor density compared to recent Friends

Parsee Mizuhashi

Parsee is an above average Yin attacker for a general pool friend, with an impressive suite of AoE and single target debuffs including AoE Dodge down, AoE Crit DEF down, and lots of Yin DEF down across Shots and Spell Cards, not to mention her boost effect is party-wide Yin ATK UP. Her Shots and Spell Cards aren't especially front or backloaded, making her good for average length fights, but not especially unsuited for long fights either. Her Skill 2, Jealousy Supply, boosts her Spirit P by 1.5, allowing her to reach most of her bullet lines on turn 1, making her turn 1 damage (and therefore farming) not half bad either.

Aside from being plenty good at farming with her more than sufficient turn 1 damage, Parsee really doesn't have much trouble fitting into high level content Yin-based teams either. Her selection of debuffs and buffs are universally useful, and most of them are level 3s that last 3 turns, which is about as good as it gets outside of obviously overpowered Friends like Epics, who have access to 4 turn buffs/debuffs. Not to mention Parsee's element density is pretty much on current day Festival Friend level, with even her Shots having lots of element access, so she's helpful with barrier breaking as well. Her weaknesses are few, outside of relative frailness (which isn't exactly uncommon for damage-focused Friends), and her synergies are many.

Yuuka Kazami

For farming purposes, Yuuka is at her strongest against one-enemy stages in spite of having an All targeting Last Word, Blooming Beauty - Master Spark, due to the single targeting nature of her skill  but can still blast through most multi-enemy stages. She also comes with the added perk of two rather strong All targeting Spell Cards, which gives her a number of uses in other stages.

Solo Stage Farms: 2-7-1, 3-3-3

For harder fights, Yuuka mostly serves as a selfish nuker. Whilst she has a small amount of utility in her skill Alkaloid inflicting 2 levels of Evasion DOWN (1T) and 2 layers of Poison (2T) to a single foe, she’s mostly just here to use her Last Word, Blooming Beauty - Master Spark, to inflict a ton of damage. In longer fights or in multi-wave content such as the Arena, she can also squeeze out extra damage between Flower Sign: Blossoming of Gensokyo  granting her 3 levels Accuracy UP (2T), Fantasy: The Beauties of Nature granting her 1 Spirit Power UP upon use, and the extra Spirit Power UP from Capillary Action and Roses have Thorns

Otherwise, her only utility is to be found in Breaks, which are overall lackluster. Whilst she has 0P Solo targeting Wood on a Basic Shot with Illusory Spring Flowers, it’s otherwise a dismal showing: Flower Sign: Blossoming of Gensokyo inflicts only 2 Wood and 1 Star All targeting Breaks for 3 Spirit Power total, and Fantasy: The Beauties of Nature inflicts 2 Star and 1 Wood All targeting Break for 3 Spirit Power total. Her Last Word, Blooming Beauty - Master Spark is somewhat better about this, being a total of 2 Star and 2 Wood All targeting Breaks for 2 Spirit Power, but that’s giving up a lot of damage. 

Shion Yorigami

For farming purposes, Shion is restricted entirely to Solo friendly stages, but does a spectacular job of them. Between her front loaded Last Word and her DEF Down, there’s little she can’t farm. Helping this further are Human and Younger Sister Killers on her Last Word - a wider range than you might think, though typically they’re extremely overkill.

For harder fights, Shion’s one of the best debuffers in the game, particularly for Yin attackers. Between all of her skills, you're looking at all enemies eating 2 Burn Barriers, 2 levels of Yin & Yang DEF DOWN, and 2 levels of Evasion DOWN - an unfortunate cocktail of debuffs for any set of foes, and can easily let you avoid needing to go for a Full Break in many fights. To back this up, her Solo targeting Last Word, The Lost 20 Years, deals incredible amounts of damage and applies a further 3 levels of Yin DEF DOWN against a single target - highly useful for taking out a priority target. Lastly, she also has a average amount of Fire Breaks, if you’re looking to squeeze even more value out of her - both of her Spell Cards have 1/1/3 Fire Breaks for 0/1/2/ Spirit Power (with Mischance Scatter having All targeting and Poor Sign: Super Poverty Bomb having Solo targeting).

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