Should You Pull? “Butterfly of Blue Skies Pick Up Prayer”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

Only if Waifu. It is difficult to understate this Fairy’s qualities as a desirable character. A mystery wrapped in an enigma, Eternity has the honor of being one of very few Stage 1 bosses that stands out as more than a filler character to be soundly beaten, unrelated to the Incident. Unfortunately, none of her hidden standings translate well in battle, with little to offer teams besides Yin buffs, Element breaks and some survivability. Go with this beloved Butterfly if you love her for what she is, or for the precious Fortune Dust that comes with her Step UP.

Quick Overview

Eternity takes on the role of a Support-class Friend here in Touhou Lost Word, helping Yin-focused teams excel with various buffs to power their attacks.

Supports Yin teams via buffs

Eternity keeps her team running via buffs to ACC and Yin ATK. She also buffs Agility as well as Yin and Yang DEF to help with Slicing and Heavy bullets.

Defensive options keep teams going strong

Eternity can recover both Barriers and HP for her teammates, keeping them going through long firefights.

Zero Anomaly Interactions

Where most modern characters can manipulate Anomalies in some way through buffs or breaks, Eternity stands out like a sore thumb with no interactions with Anomalies whatsoever. Her simple nature means you’ll be sticking to your bread and butter when it comes to her.

Lacks offensive power

Element breaks aside, Eternity doesn't contribute very much in the way of damage, due to her lack of notable Killers and Crit enhancements.

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