Should You Pull? “Cozy Charcoal Furnace Ultra Festival”

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Should You Pull?

Maybe. If you adored the bird brain with one hand perpetually on the nuclear launch button before, you'll absolutely love her Gothic Victorian variant. Unlike Rin Kaenbyou (S5), recharging takes a bit longer with Utsuho skill wise, but are powerful and will last you long enough to make an impact during battles. She's got amazing Fire and Wood breaks, and can extend her breaking with Burn anomalies which she then Incinerates from sight. This hellfire raven packs a heavy punch, which are unfortunately stunted slightly due to her niche killers. Other than that, she's a solid attacker, who works very well together with Rin who is running alongside her.

Quick Overview

S5 Utsuho Reiuji is an Attack-class Friend who can support the team with CRIT buffs, Spirit Power buffs, and Defense debuffs.

Strong skills and pre-attack effects

Utsuho's skills enable her to easily reach 3.1P in 1 Turn while providing the party with CRIT, Accuracy, and YANG ATK buffs. Her Spell Card 1 and Last Word's pre-attack effects also enable her to debuff enemies' defense.

Powerful Breaking Ability

Thanks to her ability to reach 3.1P in 1 Turn and the fact that she can inflict Burn to her enemies, she will have an easier time reaching the full potential of her barrier breaking abilities whether it be through elemental breaking or through anomaly breaking.

Lackluster damage

While she has strong skills to boot, her niche Killers and disjointed debuffs resulted in her damage being lower than expected.

Be wary of party Burn inflicts

Just like S5 Rin, her 3rd skill has the side effect of inflicting Burn to the party, which is usually unfavorable due to the negative effects it brings. However, this is not a problem if her party is immune to it, and even turns into a boon if they benefit from it.

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