Should You Pull? Dancers of the Secret God

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Should You Pull?

If you're in the need for Yin or Yang buffs, Satono or Mai is the girl for you respectively. Both Friends specialize at offensive and defensive buffs of either type, and even have a small amount of Spirit Power and Barrier restoration to boot. This banner may not feature super heavy hitters, but you can't go wrong with helping your other Friends become those heavy forces. This is a General banner, meaning it takes 150 Exchange Points (from pulls) to spark either Friend, and both Friends will join the general pool when the pool is updated in the future.

This banner will have God Crystal Step-UP in deceasing order, meaning 10-pulls can be done with 600 God Crystals, followed by a Free 10-pull, followed by 400 God Crystals, followed by another Free 10-pull, and finally 200 God Crystals.

Additionally, this banner features the 5* Story Card Overwhelming Firepower and the 4* Story Card Behind the Firepower, which can be exchanged for with 50 or 30 Exchange Points respectively and have a higher chance of appearing in pulls.

Quick Overview

+Solid offensive support of Yang ATK and CRIT ATK UP.
+2 Barriers restoration on a Spell Card
+P0 Solo targeting Star on a Basic Shot, with sure-hit to boot
-Barrier restoration being tied to Spell Cards means she runs out of gas in longer fights
-Just average Wood and Star breaks
-Average backloaded damage

+0P Fire on a Focus shot
+Good source of Yin ATK and DEF buffs
+0.75 Spirit Power restoration on a spell and 2 barriers on Last Word
-Solo-target Last Word with average strength
-Mediocre Fire and Star breaks on spells
-Only slight buffs compared to what other Friends currently provide

Story Card Effects (at MLB)
Overwhelming Firepower: When Spell Card is used, Yin ATK 3 levels UP (2 turns). Spell Card's Wood power 15% UP (1 turn). When Spell Card is used, Moon DMG from enemy 15% DOWN (2 turns).
Behind the Firepower: Spell Card’s Laser Bullet power 20% UP (1 turn). When Spell Card is used, Fire DMG from enemy 25% DOWN (2 turns).

Mai Teireida

Lore wise, unfortunately there isn’t a lot going on with Mai Teireida. Long ago, she and Satono Nishida gave up their free will and became Okina Matara’s underlings, for unknown reasons. She’s a bit of a scatterbrain, and she has the ability to draw out people’s vitality by dancing behind them (Meaning: she buffs you by dancing behind you). Other than that though, she’s a great big mystery - but she certainly puts that dancing power to use as a solid supporter!

In general, Mai mostly shines in the support department. Every part of her kit has some support in it - starting with her skills, Opening Chant grants her party 3 levels of Yang ATK UP (3T), Senzai Dance gives her party 3 levels of CRIT ATK UP (2T), and Kagura of Vitality gives 2 levels of Yang DEF (3T) and Agility UP (3T). Her Character Ability gives a further 1 level of Yang DEF UP (1T) for each of her Boosts and 1 level of CRIT ATK UP (1T) for each of her Grazes. 

From there, her attacks round out her supportive kit. For starters, her Spread Shot Star Dream provides a repeatable 1 Solo targeting Star Break for 0P, with guaranteed accuracy to boot for quality of life. Next, Bamboo Sign: Bamboo Spear Dance gives her party a decent 0.75 Spirit Power UP alongside possessing a slightly below average 0/1/2/3 All targeting Wood Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power. Broadleaf Sign: Tanabata Star Festival, her other Spell Card, has lacking Breaks at 2 Star and 2 Wood Solo targeting Breaks in total at 3 Spirit Power, but restores a remarkable 2 Barriers to her party - perfect for fights which need a burst of survivability.

Her Solo targeting Last Word, Daemon of the Seventh Perception, is a bit deceptive. On the surface, having both Hard and Slicing seems extremely appealing - it would let Mai scale with both her DEF and her Agility. Unfortunately, the values are very low - the Hard is 10%/0%/0%/20%/0%/40%, and the Slicing is 0%/0%/0%/50%/0%/0%, meaning it doesn’t hit much harder than Last Words without secondary scaling. Still, it does have a solid 3 Wood and 3 Star Solo targeting Breaks in total at 3 Spirit Power, and it gives her whole party 2 levels of Yang ATK UP (3T) and Yang DEF UP (3T), with her self Quick on Senzai Dance making it easy to use those breaks and buffs. Just don’t expect it to be all that great for farming.

Overall, if you’re looking for more Yang ATK support, or especially a burst of Barrier recovery, Mai’s your dancing gal. Her damage is lacking, but her supporting dances can make up for it in the right situations.

Satono Nishida

Similar to the secretive god she now serves, not much is truly known about Satono Nishida. She holds a godly position similar to Okina Marata, but seemingly relies on the higher god’s power, serving as Okina’s subordinate. Her power allows her to dance behind others in order to draw out other’s mental energy, which can be thought to the power of the mind. This makes her a rather tricky foe, as seen during the Four Seasons incident, where she worked with Mai Teireida to make fairies and other lowly beings go wild with power. That was definitely a dangerous time, but now she can at least use her dancing to support an entire team.

Rather than relying on brute strength, Satono uses her skills to buff specific elements of her team. Sanbansou Chant gives the whole party 3 levels of Yin DEF UP while Kagura of the Mind increases all present allies’ Yang ATK by 3 more levels, both for 3 turns. She even has a bit of CRIT support, seen from her spell, Myoga Blessing: Behind You, decreasing one target’s CRIT Evasion by 3 levels for 2 turns and Bell Chant increasing the party’s CRIT Accuracy by 3 levels for 2 turns. Her own character ability also increases CRIT Accuracy by 1 level for each Graze to help any CRIT-focused Friends in need.

The rest of her kit provides other supportive benefits other than stat buffs. Myoga Ginger: Forget Your Name might make the enemies lose their memory, but it also provides the team with 0.75 Spirit Power, meaning she can provide 1.5 Spirit Power to the party from spells alone. Even her Solo-target Last Word, Daemon of Six Perceptions, plays the supportive role by increasing the party’s Yin DEF by 3 more levels and adds 2 more Barriers to all allies. The Yin DEF can be seen to help her Hard-based bullets of her Last Word, but the values are unfortunately low, at 40%/0%/0%/50%/50%/60%. Still, it isn’t the worst option for Solo-target Last Words, and the extra Barriers can be especially helpful for longer fights.

Otherwise, Satono can play an extra role of support through some elemental breaks. Slow Wave is a Focus shot with a Fire break at 0P, giving her a spammable option if a Fire break is ever required. Two more Fire breaks can be gained at 1P from Myoga Blessing: Behind You, with a Star break attainable at 2P if needed. Her Star breaks are rather underwhelming, but at least Daemon of Six Perceptions 3 Fire and Star breaks when fully boosted.

Overall, Satono is a very good option for any team that needs a bit more Yin ATK or DEF buffs. Damage won’t come all by herself, but she can definitely dance a storm to help other Friends out, especially if they’re a bit skilled in Critical hits.

Oh, and a quick cute note. Mai and Satono’s stats are literally mirrored: meaning that Mai’s Yang stats (1450 ATK and 1190 DEF) have the same values as Satono’s Yin stats and Mai’s Yin stats (1150 ATK and 1010 DEF) are the same as Satono’s Yang. Natural for characters that come in a pair.

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