Should You Pull? Epic Prayer “Beach Baller & Summer Surfer”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Worth considering depending on your box. It’s finally Summer again, and this time, our carefree, yet epic Shrine Maiden and Magician in question have returned…this time, during Summer time and not when it’s nearly Winter! These two are definitely on the stronger side of C3 friends, with C3 Reimu having all kinds of ways to make herself a strong friend, from great Killers (and by extension, great damage), to very useful Water and Wood breaks, to Freeze breaks, to insane Spirit Power gain via multiple means, she is definitely not slacking! Meanwhile, the Magician on Vacation is arguably one of the best Supporters in the game. Her ability to go so hard with all kinds of buffs, while also being able to extend Yang ATK and Yin ATK via her Skill 1 every other turn, she just does so much in the field of concentrated support, it’s insane! Granted, her Killer range isn’t the most impressive, and it looks like that’s her potential shortcoming, but even then, that hasn’t stopped her from being such a vital supporter regardless of the situation while also breaking Freeze anomalies as well as providing Star and Water elemental breaks!

You know what else is back alongside these two? It’s our faithful and familiar cards, Mountain of Faith and Little Laplace’s Demon! The former serves as an alternative to a card like The Witch of Scarlet Dreams but with a slight boost to Light bullets and a slightly more favorable Yang ATK stat stick. Meanwhile, the latter has some similarities to Moriya Anniversary, but instead of a single enemy being subjected to the CRIT DEF reduction, it’s on all enemies instead, while also keeping the slight Barrier utility for the team. While these cards aren’t the most important if you already have the alternatives, they could have their uses here and there.

Featured Story Card "Mountain of Faith"!
Featured Story Card "Little Laplace's Demon"!

As usual, our Epic friends require 400 Exchange Points in order to be secured. each for one time only, with our Story Cards in the spotlight requiring 50 Exchange Points. This Prayer also comes with 20 Fortune Dust per God Crystal Prayer, and lasts until June 16th.

Now that we are wrapping up, best of luck to all who want to have a ball in this wave of pulls for this pair of humans living it up in the Eternal Summer!

Quick Overview

C3 Reimu Hakurei is here to spend her days playing games featuring her modified Yin-Yang Beach Ball to her heart’s content as a Speed-Class Friend that’s ready to rumble!

Amazing Wood and Water breaks, with 0P Water break on all Shots

Every bullet from this beachside shrine maiden features either Wood or Water elements, meaning you’ll have breaks for days. Couple this with her 0P Water breaks of both shots and you have a super soaker that any kid would love to get from the Patron Saint of Learning for Xmas!

Great Base Stats can go Towards High Slice Damage

C3 Reimu is naturally endowed with big guns, with a staggering 1940 Yang ATK and 1560 Agility at max. This works perfectly with a full Yang kit and strong Slice values especially on her Last Word!

Powerful and Non-Stop Yang ATK and Agility Support

C3 Reimu’s multiple sources of team enhancements culminates in a crazy 1 Turn Cooldown on Skill 3, which constantly boosts Yang ATK and Agility for her entire team.

Great Utility via Anomaly Breaks and Stun

C3 Reimu can break Freeze and Paralyze anomalies with her attacks, as well as guarantee a stun on a single enemy with a 3P Focus Shot.

Some Buffs will Freeze Allies, Impeding them

Her zealous dedication to gaming leaves her allies in the dust, inflicting Freeze barriers on them alongside other positive buffs. This can be turned around with a team that synergizes with Freeze anomalies instead!

C3 Marisa Kirisame is surfing into your lives as a Support-Class Friend that stands firm against all opposition, empowering almost everything under the Gensokyo sun!

Amazing Elemental Breaks

The Magician on Vacation packed a suitcase filled with Star and Water, with features on almost every single line of her attacks. The exception is her Spread Shot, which replaces Water with Earth Breaks instead.

Brings Vast Offensive Buffs for the Team as well as Waves of Spirit Power

Almost anything C3 Marisa does will provide a buff to her team. Using Skills? Using Spell Cards? Even Boosting and Grazing will endow her team with some form of Yang ATK, Yin ATK, CRIT ATK, Accuracy and/or Agility buff. This all comes with a bountiful source of Spirit Power, ensuring her team is ready for fun in the sun all day!

Tanking Potential with Team-wide Barriers and strong Personal HP Recovery.

C3 Marisa’s seemingly unstoppable drive to enjoy her holiday comes in the form of incredible HP Recovery from most Anomalies, as well as her attacks. She can also put up multiple sources of Barriers for her entire team, prolonging any session in the water as long as she wants.

Stun + Anomaly Utility is very handy.

C3 Marisa can break Freeze and Paralysis anomalies with her attacks, as well as guarantee a Stun on a single enemy with a 3P Spread Shot.

Personal Damage is Lacking

C3 Marisa unfortunately falls short on her offensive, lacking broad Killers that set her apart from the top of the chaff.

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