Should You Pull? Epic Prayer: Boundary of Sand and Sea

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Should You Pull?

As always with Epic characters, a huge maybe. As another Epic character, C3 Yukari holds the claim of useful utility paired with the ability to output a great deal of damage by herself. With her skills, she boasts the unique ability to dispel 2 debuffs or binds. At the same time, she can even boost damage from herself and her allies with her ability and skills.

In addition to the featured Yukari is a combination of 4 different 5* story cards, specifically Ordinary Magician, Members of the Yakumo Family, How Irrational..., and Mansion of Memories. The first three listed are good Yang ATK buff cards, to which Yukari will likely take great advantage of. Mansion of Memories is more geared toward Yin ATK support thanks to its partywide buff. However, all of these cards are great and have their own uses, and provide a (very) small "safety net" to pull for while going for Yukari.

Some alternative banners that are also running are worth consideration however. E1 Hong Meiling, in particular, is notable due to her powerful defense and nuking capabilities. The other banners like B3 Sanae Kochiya and L1 Ichirin Kumoi banners are less desirable due to the large gap of power that Yukari can provide for the team. 

C3 Yukari’s banner will last until August 19th. While she herself may be a powerful boon to your team, be aware that she herself cannot be exchanged for. By pulling on this banner, you take the risk of possibly not getting her, no matter how many times you pull. The only thing you can get from Exchange Points from this prayer are the 5* story cards, with all of them costing 50 for a copy.

Quick Overview

+Top tier utility
+Great first turn damage with even better setup
-She does not self heal her own binds or debuffs with a passive

[Numbers in brackets are buffs at Max Limit Break or stat sticks at Max Enhance]

  • Yang ATK 2 [3] levels UP (2T)
  • Laser Bullet Power 15% [25%] UP (1T)
  • CRIT ATK 1 level UP (2T)
  • Agility +21 [+81]
  • Yin ATK +39 [+99]
  • Yang ATK 2 [3] levels UP (2T)
  • Water Power 10% UP (1T)
  • DMG from Sun 15% [20%] DOWN (2T)
  • Agility +30 [+90]
  • Yang DEF +30 [+90]
  • Yang ATK 2 [3] levels UP (2T)
  • Sharp Bullet Power 15% [20%] UP (1T)
  • Wood Power 10% [15%] UP (1T)
  • HP +100 [+400]
  • Yang ATK +40 [+100]
  • Party's Yin ATK 1 [2] level(s) UP (2T)
  • Focus 2 [3] levels DOWN (3T)
  • Energy Bullet Power 15% [20%] UP (1T)
  • HP +70 [+370]
  • Yin ATK +46 [+106]

Yukari Yakumo (Boundary of Sand and Sea)

Yukari performs phenomenally at farming. With her Last Word, Profound Bullet Barrier - Water, Currents, Foam, and Bubbles, she can deal a great amount of damage while providing utility to help farm more challenging stages. Combined with her buffs from her ability and skills, Yukari can farm nearly every relevant story card stage to date. 

Yukari contributes greatly in challenging content through her utility, healing, and incredibly damage output. Her most notable utility comes through her skills, with her 2nd skill, Gap Hammock, she provides the team with 3 levels of CRIT ATK and Yang ATK for 4 turns, while providing herself with 1.25 P. Combined with her 1st skill, Triple Service, she can cleanse any debuff or bind inflicted on the party, heal them for a substantial amount, and provide herself with 0.75 P, which allows her to reach 3P on her first turn. Her 3rd skill, Blue Hawaii, gives utility by utility not only removing another debuff or bind from the party, but also healing 2 barrier anomalies and providing 2 barriers. While the barrier anomaly heals may be useful for a fair majority of characters, be aware that this may come at a detriment to friends that benefit from self-inflicted anomalies. Thanks to her ability, Capable of manipulating boundaries (Beach), Yukari provides the team yang atk on boost and crit atk on graze, further increasing team damage output.

Yukari’s spell cards are as complex as she is.  For example, her 1st Spell Card, Border Sign: Boundary of Sea and Sky, provides the party with 2 levels of Yang ATK and 3 levels of Yang DEF for 3 turns. This spell card also heals 3 barrier anomalie. This spell card also provides a total of 2 levels of Accuracy for 2 turns, 3 levels of CRIT ATK, and inflicts 3 layers of Freeze for 3 turns. Her 2nd Spell Card, Border Sign: Boundary of Waves and Ripples, gives her 3 levels of Yang DEF and Accuracy for 4 turns (to a maximum of 6 Yang DEF from bullet line 100% effects at 3 boosts) while also restoring barriers for the party. Finally, her Last Word gives the team 2 levels of Yang ATK for 4 turns while also inflicting the enemy with 2 levels of Yang DEF down for 4 turns, fully healing the team, removing a debuff or bind, and reducing water damage taken by 50%.

For barrier breaking, Yukari has an emphasis on Sun and Water breaks with a bias towards Water. With a P0 Water and Sun break on her focus and spread shots respectively, Yukari has a 3/3 spread of Water and Sun on both her spell cards. She can also break freeze anomalies with her spread shot, 2nd Spell Card, and Last Word, as these all have thawing in their bullet lines. Alternatively, you can also use a mix of her focus shot and a 1 boost spread shot to infinitely break barriers from one enemy. Finally, her Last Word breaks 6 barriers weak to Water elemental attacks.

While she dons a swimsuit to relax, make no mistake. Yukari holds up with the best of the bunch. With a great mix of utility, damage, and barrier breaks, sit back and relax with Yukari (while she pretends to be younger than she is)