Should You Pull? Epic Prayer: God-Summoning Shaman

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Should You Pull?

A Great Maybe. F1 Reimu is the first example of a new type of Friend for Touhou LostWord: Epic. She has by far the highest amount of total stats compared to every other Friend, even Ultra Festivals. On top of that, her kit is filled to the brim with ridiculous buffs and utility. Reimu’s previous versions in the A6 and B3 universes may have done well in both Wood and Sun breaks, but F1 Reimu takes those elemental breaks to a whole different level, boasting 0P breaks for both elements and even fitting in some anomaly breaks. She can get herself up to 3P at the start of battle, cripple foes to benefit both herself and her team, and just dishes out the greatest amount of damage in a short amount of time. With all of these factors combined, F1 Reimu is definitely the current best Friend in LostWord Global.

But, as with any great power, there is an even greater catch. Unlike any other Friend in LostWord that can be exchanged using Exchange Points, F1 Reimu is “not sparkable,” or cannot be exchanged for. This means that pulling on this banner requires awareness that you need to find Reimu within your prayers, as there is no safety net for racking up enough Exchange Points. There is a campaign for 130 1st Anniversary Rituals to act as 130 free pulls for this prayer (with information linked below), but these pulls do not contribute toward Exchange Points on the prayer and do not guarantee a single Friend, let alone F1 Reimu. With that, the value of these rituals do not relate to the value of pulling on ths Prayer.

The co-running banners to F1 Reimu are somewhat irrelevant, since she is just the best Friend in terms of a meta-pick. However, for those concerned if these Epic Friends will dominate the meta and make everyone else irrelevant, this really should not be a concern. E1 Flandre Scarlet, although not present, is an Ultra Festival Friend that can build up to similar damage numbers as F1 Reimu with enough setup. She may cover different elements compared to Reimu and needs that setup time, but Flandre gets more room to grow since she does not get to 3P right away, which actually leads to her performing more damage on Fully Broken opponents. Due to E1 Flandre being still sparkable (although at 250 Exchange Points due to being an Ultra Festival Friend), the game’s balance is still in check. Besides, this being a game only focused on taking down enemies means there are still many viable Friends for clearing challenging content.

F1 Reimu’s prayer will be around until July 15th, giving you approximately 3 weeks to try for her if you desire. And while Reimu herself is not exchangeable, her prayer comes with a whopping 4 different story cards: the 5*s Youkai Mountain Anniversary and newcomer Underworld Party Night, the new 4* Bunny Break, and the always-popular 3* Miracle Mallet. Underworld Party Night is an especially good Solo-target debuff card, as long as you do not have access to Anniversary at the SDM. The 5*s will cost 50 Exchange Points to obtain, Bunny Break at 30 Exchange Points, and 20 for Miracle Mallet.

Quick Overview

+ Insane overall damage with her shots, spell cards, and Last Word
+ Power generation is no problem with her Spell Cards and skills
+ Tanky due to her passives and 2nd skill
- Best slot not available in Global yet
- Her barrier anomalies can serve to be a detriment to the team

Story Cards: Numbers in brackets are buffs at Max Limit Break or stat sticks at Max Enhance

  • Target’s CRIT DEF 2 [3] levels DOWN (3T)
  • Target’s Yin DEF 1 [2] level(s) DOWN (3T)
  • Energy Bullet power 15% [20%] UP (1T)
  • Agility +25 [+85]
  • Yin ATK +35 [+95]
  • Spirit Power 1.50 [2.00] UP 
  • Body Bullet power 15% [25%] UP (1T)
  • DMG from Kappa 25% [30%] DOWN (2T)
  • Agility +15 [+55]
  • Yang DEF +45 [+125]
  • Target’s CRIT Evasion 1 [2] level(s) DOWN (2T)
  • Restores 20% of user’s HP
  • Agility +18 [+68]
  • Yin DEF +22 [+72]
  • CRIT ATK 2 [3] levels UP (2T)
  • Agility +10 [+50]
  • Yang DEF +10 [+50]

Reimu Hakurei (God-Summoning Shaman)

Universe F1 Reimu Hakurei, the "God Summoning Shaman", is a true enigma. Not only do we know very little about her Universe, but we hardly understand her motivations, or her end goal, or even the full extent of who she is working with to achieve those goals. But one thing is for certain; she has traveled through countless Universes chasing the Lost Word incident, and has the experience to back it up, both in battle and in composure. She is mostly like the Reimu we know, but the incident has worn on her; she is serious, to the point, and blows through any youkai in her path.

For farming, Reimu is one of the strongest characters to date. Unlike other characters, Reimu has a unique advantage where every single piece of her kit contributes to her damage output. As a result, she is usable even when she has no limit breaks or awakens. With her Last Word, Fantasy Nature - Destruction, she can easily output a level of damage that obliterates most enemies in her path. This level of destruction is made possible by her skills, abilities, and last word's pre-effects that give her just about every kind of support she would want to maximize damage. As a result, Reimu is not only a powerful character when it comes to farming events, but she can also farm nearly every story card stage by herself to date.

Befitting the one who wishes to resolve the Lost Word incident herself, Reimu is no slouch when it comes to resolving challenging content. While Reimu can reach her cap due to her powerful skills and ability, she can still throw out damage that compares to the best of the bunch after setting up - no need to sacrifice setup potential for turn 1 damage. Her 1st skill, Hi no Kagutsuchi, raises the party’s CRIT ATK and Accuracy by 3 levels for 3 turns. However, this comes at the cost of inflicting 2 layers of Burn anomalies to the team for 4 turns. Reimu’s 2nd skill, Ame no Fuyukinu, serves as a way to augment her survival by giving herself 2 barriers and providing the party a 50% damage reduction against Youkai enemies for 2 turns. However, this comes with another penalty -  inflicting 2 layers of Freeze anomalies to the team for 4 turns. Reimu’s 3rd skill, Takemikazuchi, gives herself 2 P, inflicts 3 layers of Paralysis anomalies to one target for 4 turns, and inflicts 2 levels of CRIT Evasion to all enemies for 4 turns. Though her team may suffer side effects from these skills, Reimu’s ability, Capable of manipulating auras?, turns these self-inflicted anomalies into a benefit. Every anomaly aside from Poison and Blind instead augments her Yin ATK, Yang ATK, CRIT ATK, and CRIT Accuracy even further. As a result, her buffs can be capped on the 1st turn. 

Reimu’s spell cards are also no slouch. With her 1st Spell Card, Bewitched Weapon: Merciless Purification Rod, she not only gains 1.5 P instantly, but can provide the team with 3 levels of Agility for 4 turns. Her 2nd Spell Card, Divine Arts: Omnidirectional Dragon-Slaying Circle, provides the team with 3 levels of Yin DEF for 4 turns and inflicts 3 layers of Paralysis to all enemies for 3 turns. All of these Spell Cards not only have good utility, but can also deal a significant amount of damage by themselves even without any Limit Breaks. With that as an advantage, she can use these Spell Cards to support the team or set up her Last Word even further as it has both Slicing and Hard scaling. 

Reimu is a specialist when it comes to Sun and Wood barrier breaks. Not only does all her Spell Cards contain 3 Sun and Wood breaks, but her 2nd Spell Card can be used to break Paralysis anomalies on her enemies, which synergizes with the pre-effect and her 3rd skill. Reimu can also break burn anomalies on both her 1st Spell Card and 2nd Spell Card. Finally, Her Last Word boasts a full 6 Sun breaks.

Ultimately, Reimu can fill a lot of roles by herself. While she may not be a forgiving character to obtain, she will be able to serve you well if you can acquire her. Be sure to stay a bit wary of her though. She is still competing with you to resolve the incident!

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