Should You Pull? Epic Prayer “Magician on Vacation”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

Recommended. The Magician on Vacation is surfing her way into the hearts and minds of players everywhere with an immense serving of team support and a tenacious will to remain alive in all firefights. Marisa greatly enables all teams (with Yang attackers benefiting greatly), while keeping them alive at all costs. Her ability to drag enemy fire through increased Focus while throwing up a dozen Barriers and recovering damage taken through multiple sources makes her a great wall to put up against her enemies. Her kit greatly compliments Reimu (C3), which is also currently running for the next week. Plan out your spending well!

Quick Overview

Marisa is surfing into your lives as a Support-class Friend that stands firm against all opposition, empowering almost everything under the Gensokyo sun!

Amazing Star and Water break, with some Earth thrown in for change

The Magician on Vacation packed a suitcase filled with Star and Water, with features on almost every single line of her attacks. The exception is her Spread Shot, which replaces Water with Earth Breaks instead.

Fully enables attackers with buffs for most offensive stats as well as waves of Spirit P

Almost anything Marisa does will provide a buff to her team. Using Skills? Using Spell Cards? Even Boosting and Grazing will endow her team with some form of Yang ATK, Yin ATK, Crit ATK, Accuracy and/or Agility buff. This all comes with a bountiful source of Spirit , ensuring her team is ready for fun in the sun all day!

Doubles as an immense tank with Team Barrier recovery with strong personal HP recovery mechanics

Marisa’s seemingly unstoppable drive to enjoy her holiday comes in the form of incredible HP Recovery from most Anomalies, as well as her attacks. She can also put up multiple sources of Barriers for her entire team, prolonging any session in the water as long as she wants.

Great utility with anomaly breaks and stun

Marisa can break Freeze and Paralysis anomalies with her attacks, as well as guarantee a stun on a single enemy with a 3P Spread Shot

Personal damage is lacking

Marisa unfortunately falls short on her offensive, lacking broad Killers that set her apart from the top of the chaff.

Little Laplace's Demon

[Numbers in brackets are buffs at Max Limit Break or stat sticks at Max Enhance]

  • All targets' CRIT DEF 2 [3] levels DOWN (2T)
  • Adds 1 layer to Party's Barrier
  • HP +60 [+410]
  • Yin ATK +48 [+98]
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