Should You Pull? Epic Prayer “Spontaneous Summer Shopper”

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Article by Kairyu Delta_Rune
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Should You Pull?

Maybe. Koishi (C3) is in tune with the bargain hunting aunties of legend in her quest for the perfect souvenirs. These savings from her relentless shopping sprees translates into an immense source of Spirit P that she funnels to her team, keeping them revved up for any battles they may face on the store floor. She's also stocked to the brim with a cornucopia of Freeze Anomaly breaks, which when paired with Elements will allow her to easily Full Break any enemy in a single turn. She falls short on the follow through though, lacking powerful killers to end her foes the way others can. Some Crit ACC and ATK support will help her overcome these weaknesses, so bring a Friend along to the fight. After all, bargain hunting's more fun in pairs or threes!

Quick Overview

Strong anomaly breaks

While she may have a primary focus on Star elements, Koishi’s barrier breaks are at their best when utilizing anomalies to break. With strong access to Freeze anomalies, she can full break with ease an enemy on the first turn, assuming they are weak to one of her elements.

Powerful Power support

One powerful utility tool she has is her ability to provide the party with a large amount of power. With her 2nd skill providing the party with 1.2 P, she augments this further with her Spell Cards and Last Word providing more power, allowing her teammates to be more liberal with their boosts.

Disjointed skills

While she functions as a YANG nuker and accordingly buffs YANG ATK, her DEF DOWN skill debuffs YIN DEF - this allows her to function with YIN teammates, but will be less useful in YANG-oriented teams where she is stronger.

Lack of powerful killers hamper her damage potential

Despite her strong initial burst of damage, her lack of powerful killers limits her growth on setup

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