Should You Pull? Epic Prayer “Tropical Trip-Planning Telepath”

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Article by Kairyu Delta_Rune
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Should You Pull?

Maybe. Satori (C3) takes her vacations seriously, and will defend every moment of it with all she's got. This Defense-Class Friend can put up colossal sandcastles around her party, keeping them safe within multiple protective layers, from base Yang and Yin DEF buffs to barrier recovery, healing and even outright negating damage from Liquid and Water bullets. Where she falls short are her own self buffs, lacking sources of Yang and Crit ATK to bolster her own output. She also suffers from her wide range of Elements, which hampers her ability to focus down any particular target in favor of a more generic assault on as many types as she can hit.

Ultimately, Satori is a strong Friend who will keep your teams alive longer than most. If you're looking to turn turtle on the beaches of war, bring this vacation seeker along with you.

Quick Overview

C3 Satori has come to defend your team with barriers, defense ups, and focus to boot.

Great survivability for both herself and the party

Satori has a good deal of Yang defense and can heal herself with her 1st skill. Combined with her 3rd passive reducing damage significantly at full HP, her 3rd skill outright nullifying damage from Liquid and Water bullets, and more barrier restorations on her 1st skill and Spell Cards, she can survive some brutal hits while helping the team with Focus.

Provides a lot of barriers and defense ups for the team

She provides multiple barriers with her 2nd spell card, 1st spell card, and Last Word. At the same time, she can also provide more defense ups with a strong preference to Yang on her 2nd skill, Spell Cards, and Last Word.

Awkward barrier breaking

One major problem that Satori has would be her elements, or lack of focus on one element. Without anomaly breaks to help supplement this, Satori fails to effectively strike what she wants to nuke easily.

Lacking in self buffs

Her only source of YANG ATK UP comes from her 3rd skill, not to mention that she has no source of CRIT ATK to take advantage of her damage. This results in her effective damage can be weaker than anticipated without external support.

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