Should You Pull? Festival: Curse & Blessing of Fate

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Article by Meeko

Should You Pull?

If you’re looking for the absolute last word in Yang attacker support, look no further than Sagume. Her sheer DEF DOWN output for Yang is unmatched. This is a Festival pull, and as such Sagume will not be added to the general pool when it is over. 

Quick Overview

+Great damage in short and long fights alike
+Incredible support for Yang attackers
+Good Accuracy support

-Debuffs only last one turn
-Slightly lacking Break potential

Sagume Kishin

Amongst the many divinties the moon pays heed to, Sagume Kishin may be perhaps the oddest choice. She’s part heavenly god, part native god, and even sort of a amonojaku. However, whereas amanojaku rebel against the world, the world itself rebels against Sagume - any time she comments upon a situation, reality itself conspires to make her statement wrong, in utterly unpredictable fashion. Say for example she noted that it was a nice day, whilst the sun was shining - clouds might roll overhead, a monsoon might start, the sun begin blazing to an uncomfortable extent, or more. All that’s for certain is that it would no longer be a nice day. Thus, the danger of Sagume Kishin, and why she does not speak freely - even a single, careless word could invite disaster and calamity.

It is in spite of, or perhaps because of, this awesome power that Sagume Kishin serves the moon as one of its sages - its foremost of leaders. She is also one of its most level headed and pragmatic of leaders - perfectly fine with abandoning plots and allying with even earthlings during the plot of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (if at the behest of an old friend, Eirin Yagokoro). She's a great leader too - well respected by even Reisen Udongein Inaba, whom in general detests the lunarians so much she fled from the moon. Sagume's also known to be particularly popular amongst fans of Sephiroth - must be the one white wing. Funnily enough, in LostWord, she circumvents her normal weakness (that is, careless speech) by simply writing down what she means to say (as portrayed by the message being covered in brackets, [like this]). It must sure be a pain, carrying around a pen and notebook everywhere you go...

In LostWord, Sagume Kishin serves the role of one of the best, if not the very best Yang attacker enablers in the game. This is thanks to two key parts - first, her skill Silent Heron inflicts 3 levels of Yang DEF DOWN (1T) to all targets, alongside self Quick. Next, her Last Word, Arrow of Evil-Slaying, inflicts a further 2 levels of Yang DEF DOWN (1T) to all targets - combined, she can inflict a awe inducing 5 levels of Yang DEF DOWN - for a single, calamitous turn that can wipe away any and all opposition, save those teams which heavily counter Yang attackers (and with strong enough Yang attackers, even then her team can plow straight on through). 

The rest of her kit is still certainly strong, even if not as notable as her lunatic levels of Yang DEF DOWN. Fate Reversal inflicts 2 levels of Evasion and Accuracy DOWN (2T) to all targets - providing solid Accuracy support. The one-winged heron’s Chracter Ability is also a boon - ensuring she’ll partially ignore the damage penalty that enemy resistances provide with a 20% damage increase (this does not negate the resistance, just partially counteracts it). Her Spell Cards are solid as well - Orb Sign: Disorderly Flock’s Duplex Curse inflicts a further 2 levels of Yang DEF (3T) to a single target, alongside 0/1/2/3 Solo targeting Moon Breaks for 3 Spirit Power. Next, One-Winged White Heron raises Sagume’s own Yang ATK UP by 2 levels (3T), allowing her to smite her foes - alongside 0/1/2/3/ All targeting Moon Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power. Finally, on top of the DEF DOWN, Arrow of Evil-Slaying grants Sagume 2 levels of Yang ATK UP (1T) - and technically it has 3 Moon and 3 Star All targeting Breaks at 3 Spirit Power, but why on earth would you ever use it for that? You’d have to be a lunatic - …but I suppose she does come from a lunatic kingdom.

All in all, Sagume is the definitive Yang supporter, and a fantastic addition to just about any user’s box as a result, given that there sure are a lot of Yang attackers. Just trust her when she says she chooses her words with care - you really don’t want her to say “Oh, I’m sure we’ll get plenty of copies of Mysterious Sword Master” and then go on a 1,000 run streak with 0 drops.

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