Should You Pull? Festival: Loyalty vs. Schemes

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Should You Pull?

Maybe. Unlike previous prayers that include both a Festival and General Friend, the two featured units on display are quite powerful. The Festival Friend, Yachie Kicchou, is primarily a strong Yin-based nuke with some Wood breaks and a forte at farming the Witch of Scarlet Dreams story card. Even as a General Friend, Mayumi Joutouguu shines as a Yang attacker with plenty of Accuracy support, Earth breaks, and even team utility. Thanks to the higher rating of the present Friends, as well as the featured 5* story card, Thunder Beat, serving best as an Energy bullet booster, this prayer stands out as a good pre-1st Anniversary Prayer.

Of course, the competition it has is still tight. E9 Remilia Scarlet, as any other Ultra Festival Friend would, stands as the top-meta pick out of the current selection. Water EX is just about to wrap up, making its Festival perhaps less ideal. However, the other Festival + General prayer, Aunn Komano and Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, still remain, with Yachie and Mayumi lasting until May 13th, 2 days longer than the other prayer. Furthermore, A6 Sakuya Izayoi and A9 Aya Shameimaru are striking back with a refreshed Ascending God Crystal Step-UP, even though Yachie and Mayumi will run with one as well. There’s also the 8 Festival Friends on the Festival Collection to consider, but at the very least these two can stand their own ground as great Friend picks.

Yachie can be exchanged for 150 Exchange Points, Mayumi for 100 Exchange Points, and Thunder Beat for 50 Exchange Points. Yachie will be unavailable until a future rerun, while Mayumi will only return once she is added to the General Prayer Pool. Thunder Beat is already in the pool, but this is a nice way to obtain more of this special story card.

Quick Overview

+ P0 Water on Focus Shot.
+ Powerful Last Word, especially when paired with her best story card.
+ Useful Wood Breaks.
+ Very solid Yin DEF and Agility Support for the team.
- Somewhat lackluster break potential aside from Last Word.
- Using Graze for Yin ATK buffs can be problematic with only 1 barrier restoration.

+ P0 Earth on Focus Shot.
+ Very good Last Word, especially when paired with her best story card.
+ Good access to Earth and Metal elements.
+ Decent YANG oriented support for the team.
+ Can sustain her own Accuracy.
- Low turn duration and bad cooldown of Skill 2 gimps her potential to support the team.
- Has low potential in story card farming.

[Numbers in brackets are buffs at Max Limit Break or stat sticks at Max Enhance]

  • Energy Bullet power 15% [30%] UP (1T)
  • Wood power 15% [25%] UP (1T)
  • DMG from tsukumogami 25% DOWN (3T)
  • Agility +45 [+125]
  • Yang DEF +15 [+55]

Yachie Kicchou

Yachie Kicchou is the Matriarch of the Kiketsu Family, and leads the pack of Otter Spirits. She is one of the three Matriarchs, the others being Saki Kurokoma of the Kiega Family, and Yuuma Toutetsu of the Gouyoku Family. Yachie can be very deceptive in how she approaches who she may deem as her adversaries, with a respectful exterior, but a stone cold interior. She is a Jidiao (Tortoise-Dragon) who is capable of making her opponents lose the will to fight back, which worked to her favor when confronted by the heroine in the events of Touhou 17: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature. Prior to these events, this tortoise-dragon sent a horde of beast spirits to scout out humans capable of fighting Keiki Haniyasushin and her haniwa army. She may have been a stage 4 boss, but she more than proves her worth as a Matriarch of her respective organization. Approach her with caution as you may be unable to resist her demands!

In Touhou LostWord, Yachie is many things, but lacking isn’t one of them. Starting off solid with P0 Water on her Focus Shot, Spinning Slice, and some solid general access to Water and Wood, but leans more toward the latter, especially with her Last Word. Speaking of which, Ambush in the Dark is incredible for taking advantage of Story Cards such as Protection of Cerpinus and Thunder Beat. This is because this Last Word has 6 Lines of Energy and 6 Lines of Wood, although with the former card, that grants an Agility increase, which Yachie takes advantage of as well, thanks to her Slice Scaling being present there too. The Pre-Atk in this is somewhat interesting too. It gives all enemies 2 Layers of Burn and 2 Layers of Poison. This isn’t going to be the most effective effect of them all if the target(s) in question are weak to Wood or full broken, due to not being able to take advantage of the anomaly effects, but the potential in this attack will still get the job done! That being said, if the enemy isn’t one of the mentioned above, these effects could come in handy for debuff potential, and her Killers that appear in the bullets will help a lot. But enough on the Ambush in the Dark, let’s go over her Spell Cards, starting with her first one, Tortoise Sign: Tortoiseshell Hell, which will increase Yachie’s own Yin ATK and Yin DEF for 2 turns. Her second Spell Card, Dragon Sign: Dragon Crest Bullets, is able to grant her whole team 2 stages of Agility, lasting 3 turns, both of these cards have solid setup potential, thanks to her Hard and Slice scaling,

Yachie’s Skills are very handy for a bit of team support and selfish buffs. Her first skill, Clever Scheme, increases her own Accuracy by 2 stages and gives all of her teammates 2 stages of Agility, both lasting 3 turns, meaning the Accuracy buff makes attacks more consistent. As for Skill 2, Dragon Tortoiseshell, is good for increasing Yachie’s own Spirit Power by 1.00 as well as increasing the Yin DEF of all her teammates by 2 stages, also lasting 3 turns. The Spirit Power boost is very helpful due to granting immediate access to 5 of her Last Word’s bullet lines. Lastly, Skill 3, Dragon Twin, is a rather selfish, but beneficial buff, as it increases Yachie’s own Yin ATK and Yin DEF, both by 2 stages, both lasting 3 turns, as well as a Barrier increase, to help her survive in longer fights a little longer. All of these buffs lasting 3 turns are very handy for maintaining the buffs for her and her teammates.

To wrap things up, Yachie has a lot of neat qualities, from great damage potential when paired with her best Story Card choice for her Last Word, to serviceable support for her team Agility and Yin DEF buffs, to even Yin ATK buffs when grazing. This alongside her Skill 3 work hand in hand, taking advantage of the teamwide graze boost. While these aren’t the biggest highlights of what Yachie can do, these are still very handy if you’re steamrolling through a new batch of event/story stages. Speaking of stages, Yachie is one of the main choices for the 2-7-1 stage, thanks to her Wood break potential. Her Spell Cards both have 2 lines of Wood, Water and non-elemental, which are pretty solid, but can’t rely on anomaly breaking unfortunately, not that it phases her too much. Overall, Yachie Kicchou is definitely not going to let you down if you bring out her potential. Prepare for her to leave her enemies unable to fight back!

Mayumi Joutouguu

Mayumi is a Haniwa, a ceramic soldier of Keiki Haniyasushin’s army, and second in command to the goddess herself. They reside in the Primate Spirit Garden in Hell, their purpose being to liberate the human spirits oppressed and enslaved by the beast spirits. Saki Kurokuma, Yachie Kicchou, and Toutetsu Yuuma, the leaders of the Wolf Spirits, the Otter Spirits, and the Eagle spirits respectively. Her ability to convert loyalty to strength is unmatched in the animal realm, with the endless number of soldiers Keiki can produce, and this has led them to overwhelming victory against the animal spirits.

In Touhou LostWord, Mayumi proves herself as the powerful Haniwa soldier she is, worthy of being second in command. Starting off with her elemental access, she has solid access to the Earth and Metal element, primarily Earth as proven by her Focus Shot, Haniwa Infantry, which can be accessed easily at 0P, as well as her Last Word, Warrior of Burial Mounds, which consists of 4 Earth elemental lines. On the topic of her Last Word, the Mysterious Sword Master story card is currently the best card that she can equip as most of her bullets are Slash type. If you do not have that card, she can alternatively use Keystone which boosts her Earth elemental lines. Her Last Word’s Killer range is quite specific, leaning mostly on the animal realm, fairies, spirits, and soul-like presences.

When it comes to her spell card, the first spell card, Haniwa: Archer Haniwa, provides 3 ACC UP for 2 turns and at 1.00P, it allows access to the guaranteed 1 YANG DEF DOWN for 3 turns as well as a 25% chance to inflict Poison to her target. Her second spell card, Haniwa: Fencer Haniwa, has the Pre ATK Effect of 2 YANG DEF DOWN for 3 turns with a 25% chance to Stun the enemy at 3.00P. Both cards have a good setup potential due to its effects.

Mayumi’s skills are mostly selfish with some team support for your YANG based party. The first skill, Haniwa’s Focus, gives her 2 ACC UP which lasts for 3 turns as well as Charge which allows her to go last in the attack priority order. Her second skill, Battle Cry, gives the party 3 YANG ATK UP for 1 turn and 2 YANG DEF UP for 2 turns, which is very good but the turn duration is not that long so make sure to use it when you need it or if you can extend its duration. Lastly, her third skill, Endless Stamina, gives her 1.00P UP and recovers 60% of her HP allowing her to survive better and have extra power to fight.

Overall, Mayumi is a great General Friend with good damage potential and a bit of team support for your YANG oriented party. She shines as one of the great picks for 3-3-3 and a future story card stage as she can do these stages at the cost of 8 SP (Max Limit Break and No Awakenings).

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