Should You Pull? Festival: Perfect Boundary of Hibernation and Sleep

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Should You Pull?

Yes. A7 Yukari is an extremely versatile Friend that can farm quite a few Story Card Stages (2-7-1, 3-3-3, 3-11-1, and 3-18-3) as well as excel in all CQ, with the slight exception of Elemental EX due to her element spread. Her damage is very good, only below some of the heaviest hitting UFES, and she has one of the most elementally dense kits in the game, with only 2 traitless bullet lines across all of her attacks.

There are a lot of banners running right now, as one might expect from the 1st Anniversary, but even if you have your main priorities focused elsewhere, like E1 Flandre Scarlet, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do the first step or two on Yukari’s Ascending Step-UP since it’s so cheap.

Quick Overview

+Great overall damage

+Very flexible due to ease of supporting

+Has good teamwide Yin and ACC support

+incredible element density on Spell Cards and Shots alike

-elemental variety limits usefulness in Elemental EX

Yukari Yakumo (Cherry Blossom)

Yukari Yakumo is one of the strongest, smartest and oldest youkai to exist in Gensokyo. Her ability, “to manipulate gaps and boundaries”, comes in many forms, such as being able to escape any situation, teleport at will, as well as teleport many other things outside of herself. “Manipulate” falls under the ability to create and pass through boundaries as well. She is one of the Sages of Gensokyo, and the person who originally proposed the Great Hakurei Barrier as well as aided in its creation over 100 years ago. In the Spring Snow Incident, she was asked by Yuyuko Saigyouji to repair the border between the Netherworld and Gensokyo, and was accosted by Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya in the process, allowing them all to meet her for the first time.

A7 Yukari’s versatility can’t be understated; besides all of the content she can be useful in which was already talked about above, her individual spells and skills are great too. Both of her spell cards provide teamwide Yin DEF 2 levels UP (3T) and Yang DEF 2 levels UP (3T) respectively, and they each have full elemental lines; “Boundary of Humans and Youkai” is AoE, with 2 Star, 2 Water and 2 Earth lines, and “Barrier: Boundary of Life and Death” is ST, with 3 Fire and 3 Metal lines. Both Spell Cards even have some pretty solid Hard scaling, just like her Last Word, Profound Bullet Barrier - Phantasm, Foam, Shadow, and Life”, which has even better Hard scaling, as well as Yin ATK and Yin DEF 3 levels UP (2T) to complement the Hard scaling and the majority Yin damage.

A7 Yukari gives even more teamwide buffs in her skills, with ACC 2 levels UP (1T), Yin DEF 2 levels UP (3T), and Yin ATK 2 levels UP (2T), not even accounting for all of her personal buffs. Yukari uses every stat so well that no kind of support is really wasted on her, making her a solid fit into any team, aside from the fact that she even does good support herself. Yukari’s passive skills are also pretty good, with having both the Yin and Yang ATK versions of the “after being attacked, 1 level UP (3T) both with an 80% success rate, so they’ll be activating often. And to add a little bit of tankiness, her last skill has a 30% chance to negate ALL incoming Yang damage, which can be really strong in some matchups.

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