Should You Pull? Festival: Sweet Dreams

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Should You Pull?

A banner for a versatile Friend with a damaging Last Word and utility from Star breaks and some team support. Doremy’s Last Word finds use in both farming and challenging fights through its ability to guarantee critical hits against most boss characters. Furthermore, access to a Star break at 0P gives her even more use beyond hitting hard. This is also a Festival prayer, meaning she will only be available now or on future reruns. Outside of that, you will have to find Doremy in your dreams.

Quick Overview

+Very strong All Target Last Word that does critical damage against many characters
+Spammable Sure-Hit Star break on spread shot for 0P
+Yang DEF down debuffs to support Yang-focused team
+Power Link to further support team

-Solo Spell Cards with only 2 Star/Earth breaks
-Damage will struggle on enemies that avoid her Killer properties (Non-humans, Youkai, or Lunarians)
-Selfish Attacker- Quick to self means she goes in before any debuff support

Doremy Sweet

Doremy Sweet is the ruler of the Dream World, a mysterious world only accessible through the passage of dreams, as the name would suggest. Baku Youkai such as herself are capable of entering anyone’s dreams in order to learn more about the dreamer. While her powers are limited to the subject of dreams, Doremy is able to create new ones, change the flow of one’s dream itself, or even consume a dream and remove them from the memory of whoever formed it. It is quite terrifying, as she can eat anything ranging from a horrifying nightmare to a pleasant fantasy. Fortunately, she is rather sparing and wouldn’t abuse her power on innocent victims.

Ruling over dreams has provided Doremy with great knowledge, which she is not afraid to use to her benefit in LostWord. This can easily be seen in her All Target Last Word, Pillow Agarta. Exploring the dreams of humans, youkai, and lunarians, every hit of this attack is an ensured Critical hit to effortlessly boost its damage. Even if its spread is 1-3-1, this fact alone makes it a powerful tool for 1-turn farming and an even stronger burst for most difficult fights. Both Yin ATK buffs from her third skill, Dream Diary, and her Last Word itself will also work toward strengthening this Yin-only assault.

This doesn’t mean that Doremy is only good for raw strength. Most noticeable from the rest of her kit is the spread shot Doremy Popping, containing a Star element bullet at 0P to allow for spammable Star breaks in any fight. Her second skill, Dream Soul Manipulation, allows her to use her dream powers to debuff a target’s Yang DEF by 2 levels so her team’s Yang attackers can be more effective. Her two spell cards contribute to getting even more hits in, with Dream Sign: Eternally Anxious Dream increasing her own Accuracy by 2 levels and Dream Sign: Azure Dream Catcher decreasing an opponent’s Evasion by 2 levels for everyone to connect attacks easier.

The main downsides of Doremy come from what she lacks: support. Most of her abilities focus on boosting her own damage and accuracy rather than the rest of her team’s. Having both of her spell cards be Solo Target only isn’t great either, and while they do give 1/2 Star or Earth breaks at 0/1 Spirit Power (Eternally Anxious Dream for Star and Azure Dream Catcher for Earth), it is below average in terms of breaks. 

Neither of these points remove Doremy’s capabilities of demolishing any human, youkai, or lunarian in her sights. As a master of dreams, she is certainly a Friend that will give anyone who uses her the destructive power they desire.