Should You Pull? Lunar War Guaranteed Ultra Festival

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Article by Kairyu

Should You Pull?

Depends on your current line-up. This Ultra Festival Step-UP features a star-studded lineup of your nearest and dearest Friends from the B3 Universe, facing down a attack unlike any other their L1 counterparts have faced. Incident Resolvers turned Lunar War(riors), these Friends still pack a punch in a team, covering the gamut of support, strike, debuff, anomaly setting and barrier breaking roles. While potentially overshadowed by newer Ultra Festival Friends that have been introduced since their first debut, they are still capable of functioning as dependable pillars on your teams.

Expenditure-wise, this Prayer follows the recent trend of exclusive Step-UPs that boast higher and higehr rates of featured Friends as you progress upwards, culmunating in a guaranteed Ultra Festival Friend at the final Step. This will set you back a total of 2,700 God Crystals, from which you will end up with at least one of either Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Youmu, Reisen or Sanae from the B3 Universe. The lack of choice may be daunting to players who are aiming for a specific Friend from the line-up, either due to having already picked them up, or by simply following their waifu instincts and picking the Best Girl of their heart's desire.

To summarize, consider following this Step-UP if:

  • You lack many of the Friends on it
  • You lack Friends that can fulfil their current roles
  • You have the currency, or are willing to spend the currency to pick up anyone from here

Special mention to the increased drop rate for the Ordinary Magician, Members of the Yakumo Family, and Overwhelming Firepower Storycards, all of which are highly coveted by players looking to maximize their loadouts. Players finishing the Step-UP will also get to exchange for one of these cards.

Quick Overview

+ Great Breaks, including P0 Sun and Wood on her basic shots
Having two 0P spammable elemental options in the form of Wood and Sun is already good, but the rest of her kit does well in these elements as well. Wood stands out with 3 breaks on her first spell, which Sun overpowering it with 3 breaks on her second spell and 4 on her Last Word.

+ Great Killer bullet types and amazing damage when at full Spirit Power boost
Reimu might be a defensive-heavy Friend, but she is able to bring this back to dealing damage thanks to high Hard scaling, especially on her Last Word. Said Last Word also contains Killer bullets against Youkai, a rather common opponent in Lost Word. Topped off with her high Yang ATK and DEF buff upon using her Last Word and other setup opportunities, this Shaman can easily summon devastating damage.

+ Fantastic team support, among the best if not the best in keeping a team alive
Just like L1 Reimu, B3 Reimu tries her hardest to be a defensive threat, and her mechanical enhancements only made her better at the job. Her third skill, while having a cooldown of 6 turns, has a long-enduring 3 turns of partywide defensive buffs to ensure that everyone is able to live through the fight. Her second skill, while not healing everyone, is still very good at keeping herself alive due to a 70% heal. Her third characterisitc is even good for this, healing herself by 20% every turn. This combined with her heavy Focus UP helps keep the damage off of the rest of the team, and even lessens it in general.

- 1-1-3 Bullet layout makes her 1-Turn damage mediocre without Spirit Power support
The bullet spread of her Last Word is what mainly holds Reimu back, as she can only reach 2P on turn 1 by herself, meaning that many parts of her Last Word are inaccessible until another turn when being used by herself. This heavily hurts her turn 1 or even early damage output, unless she is being supported by a Power Link Friend or gets Spirit Power from another source.

- Really wants accuracy support for consistency
Strangely enough, Reimu has no Accuracy UP in her kit whatsoever, making her need to rely on other Friends or a story card to help ensure her damaging shots even connect in the first place. Fortunately, both of the above downsides can be solved with support, but still hurt her own farming potential.

+ Good Element access, including P0 Fire and Star on her basic shots.
B3 Marisa might not have elemental coverage on every single bullet of her spells, but her coverage is still nevertheless great. Not only does she have 0P access to her main elements, but her Last Word has 4 Star on it, which is great against any enemy weak to the starry element.

+ Incredible damage output.
As expected from Ultra Festivals, Marisa is easily able to serve a damaging meal, starting off strong with 6 levels of Yang ATK UP upon using her Last Word. She can also boost her own Yang ATK and CRIT ATK/CRIT Accuracy with skills to make her damage output good on her spells. Finally, she gives heavy Accuracy buffs to herself to ensure her amazing damage is consistent.

+ Great support for Yin & CRIT attackers, with decent support for Yang attackers.
+ Can put out a lot of Burn Barriers.
Not only are her Yang and CRIT buffs good, but most of them, particurally on her skills, are partywide. This is especially helpful for CRIT-focused attackers as well as helping out Yang attackers a bit. Her Yin support comes from her the great amount of Burn barriers applied by all of her spells, which inflict Yin-based debuffs to anyone inflicted with them. While her Yin and Yang coverage is smaller compared to CRIT support, it still gives her good utility for many team compositions.

- Bad Spirit Power generation on her shots.
Marisa may be able to increase her Spirit Power via all of her skills, but lacking in Spirit Power generation on her shots means that she will eventually have less Spirit Power to work with or will have to rely on a Spirit Power-restoring story card.

- CRIT DEF support is situational.
The CRIT DEF UP from her first skill can help if a certain target is, for example, targeting one of your Friend's own Killer weaknesses, but those situations are still few and far between. If it truly is an issue, you might as well be defending with Grazes anyway.

+ 0P Moon break on Focus shot
+ Good Moon and Metal breaks on spells
With great access to Moon and Metal across her kit, leaning more toward the former, B3 Sakuya is a very reliable breaker in terms of these elements, with the first Spell Card having 1 Metal at 0P followed by 3 Moon, and the second Spell Card with another 3 Moon, but also with 2 Metal and sealing the deal with 4 Moon and 2 Metal! B3 Sakuya also boasts a Solo-Targeting 0P Moon Focus Shot too, with 2 more Metal available there when boosting, and an All-Targeting Spread Shot with 1 Metal and 2 Moon.

+ Heavy amount of Agility and Accuracy buffs for self and allies
- Teamwide agility buffs limit support potential
B3 Sakuya also has some team support too! She has a large amount of access to Accuracy and Agility buffs for the team, and that seems to be about it for team buffs. While these are some helpful buffs, with Accuracy helping with consistency and Agility maybe helping allies with Slice in their bullets, these buffs, mainly Agility can be excessive due to how often these buffs can be accessed, especially when there isn't much else for B3 Sakuya to bring support-wise.

+ Solo-target Last Word can unleash devastating damage
Among some of the best Solo-Targeting Last Word users with setup, B3 Sakuya will bring a world of pain to the target, supported by high Slice Scaling and potential Killers. As a bonus, if that enemy somehow survives a fully boosted Last Word from B3 Sakuya, they will be Stunned via Impact on Bullet Line 6 (unless they somehow move before B3 Sakuya).

+ Good All-target spells with Freeze anomaly potential
B3 Sakuya's All-Targeting Spell Cards are very powerful, especially for Spell Card standards. Her first Spell Card is a strong card that isn't as reliant on Boosts, while her second Spell Card's potential can be realised with 3 boosts! Both Spell Cards and Last Word have a Post-ATK effect to inflict Freeze anomalies on her enemies, and while she can't break them herself, this can be amazing setup for an ally with Melting bullets.

- Mediocre farming capability
When it comes to Story Card stages, B3 Sakuya just doesn't quite make the cut compared to other units. Event farming isn't as unfortunate depending on the situation, but this isn't too big of a downside overall.

+Great Breaking ability, including P0 Water and Sun on basic shots
B3 Youmu's 0P coverage of Water and Sun is only the base of her great access to these elements. Her first spell boasts 4 Water breaks, her second spell has 3 Sun breaks, and her Last Word tops it off with 4 Sun and 2 Water. Being able to both spam these elements if needed and just dish them out in general makes for a very useful application for many fights.

+Utterly incredible damage in both short and hard fights, both on her Last Word and Spell Cards
Both of Youmu's spells increase her own Yang DEF, an attribute that is able to help increase the damage of her spells even more due to some small but useful Hard scaling. Their damage output in general is just great, especially her Last Word due to bulking up her Yang ATK by a staggering 5 levels for a single turn.

+Solid teamwide buffs, including Yang DEF, Yang ATK, Agility, Accuracy support
As stated above, Youmu's supportive utility is very varied and especially helpful for Yang-focused Friends. Yang DEF and ATK for the whole party comes from when she Boosts and Grazes respectively. Even more Yang DEF is given to the party through her third skill, and Agility is even given by her first skill, which can help Slice-based Friends. Finally, Accuracy is provided by her second skill to make sure everyone's damage output is more consistent.

-Bad Killer bullet types, making CRIT support necessary for maximum damage
Youmu mainly covers soul-like presences or Lunar Capital residents in terms of Killer bullets, generally harming her critical hit output. Without any major CRIT ATK or Accuracy buff access on her own, she needs to rely on other Friends for them. With the buffs she provides back, hopefully it is a rather equal exchange.

+ Above-average mix of Earth and Moon breaks, with 0P shots for both
B3 Reisen stands as a very solid Earth and Moon breaker, already shown by her 0P Earth Spread shot and 0P Moon Focus shot. With 4 Earth breaks on her second spell, 3 Moon on her first spell, and 4 Moon/2 Earth on her Last Word, Reisen is easily great at breaking either element when necessary.

+ Very good turn 1 Last Word damage
While not a frontloaded attack, her Last Word can still do heavy damage right off the bat at 2P thanks to an incredible 5 levels of Yang ATK UP upon use. She even gets 5 levels of Yang DEF UP to support the huge Hard scaling on the attack. Furthermore, she debuffs the targets' Evasion to serve as great accuracy support and hit even more bullets. With already good turn 1 damage, her set-up damage only makes her stronger.

+ Provides good attack and defense support
+ Teamwide Accuracy support in the form of Evasion debuffs
+ Barrier restoration on a skill
Many parts of Reisen's kit are able to provide good team utility. Grazing gives the party Yang ATK UP, she can give the party Yin DEF through Boosting or her third skill, and the Evasion debuffs on her spells indirectly serve as accuracy support to everyone. To top things off, she can even restore a barrier via her third skill and heal the party for 25% of her HP through her first skill.

- Accuracy debuffs are situational
Reisen's spells and skills obsess a bit over debuffing the opponents' Accuracy. While it can definitely get you through some tight scenarios, the debuffs are definitely not as globally useful as what the rest of her kit boasts.

- Mediocre Killer bullet types
Reisen's Killer bullets only target Moon-related entities, something that not a lot of Lost Word foes can say they have. In order to optimize her CRIT damage, she will need support in the form of CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy.

+ 0P Star and Wood breaks on basic shots
Sanae gets two spammable elemental break options in the form of 0P Star on her Spread shot and 0P Wood on her Focus shot. Outside of this, Sanae stands proud as a good elemental breaker, mainly in the Star field due to retaining 3 Star breaks over both of her spells and getting 4 Star/2 Wood on her Last Word.

+ Good Slice scaling values
- Inconsistent damage output due to relying on her own CRIT Accuracy
- Mediocre Killer bullet types
Sanae's damage output is certainly great, as expected from an Ultra Festival Friend, and her high Slice scaling has a good portion to do with it. Sadly, her best damage will have to come out of CRITs, and without good CRIT Accuracy support and good Killer bullets, she won't be seeing super high damage numbers that often.

+Large amounts of healing on Last Word and skills
Sanae stands tall in the support department with plenty of heals spread over her Last Word and second and third skills. Not only is her HP of 6500 already high to take advantage of healing, but her percents are very high to make sure everyone else is fully healed. She even gets her own self-survivabiltiy improved thanks to her third passive, healing herself for 20% every turn and making sure she stands strong. Especially with no elemental weaknesses, it will be hard to take this healer down.

+ Amazing CRIT DEF and Evasion debuffs
Sanae's spells and first skill prioritize in a different type of support: CRIT support. Decreasing all of the foes' CRIT DEF and Evasion will help Sanae get a little more ensurance from her own critical hits, as well as help out allies with their own critical damage and Killer bullets.

Kit Overview


Reimu Hakurei (Lunar War Shaman)

Reimu is an incredibly good tank, nuker, and breaker for harder fights, having a strong argument for being one of the best Friends in the game for them. Between her Focus UP, high firepower, P0 access to Wood and Sun on basic shots, and incredible self-sustain, she'll stay alive for a long while and blast away your foes. She's merely great instead in shorter fights and for farming purposes, but being merely 'great' at your worst areas isn't a bad deal.


Marisa Kirisame (Lunar War Enchanter)

Marisa's simply among the strongest units in the game's history, Possessing superior firepower (in more ways than one), and a ton of support to boot (mainly for Yin and CRIT, and to a lesser extent Yang), she'll obliterate anything in her path, and singlehandedly farm every fight in the game to boot with some manual play.


Sakuya Izayoi (Lunar War Servant)

There’s not much to go wrong with using Servant from the Lunar War; as she proves her worth through maxing her Agility UP by herself and following up with heavy Slice damage as well as elementally breaking foes with a 0P Moon shot and more Moon and Metal breaks. She can also give a helpful boost to Agility and Accuracy to other Friends in need, along with applying Freeze barriers on opponents for the chance of Friends to follow-up with anomaly breaks.


Youmu Konpaku (Lunar War Gardener)

The Lunar War version of Youmu simply does utterly unreal damage in short and hard fights alike, thanks to her dual scaling combined with a 1-2-2 All targeting Last Word and Spirit Power UP on turn 1. She also packs solid teamwide buffs for Yang ATK, Yang DEF, Agility, and Accuracy, and can do some Paralyze infliction for further accuracy support (though it’s not quite enough to use for Breaking purposes).  


Reisen Udongein Inaba (Lunar War Soldier)

Lunar War Soldier, like her Gardener comrade, is a more balanced fighter of the six Lunar War fighters; not outright excelling in one field of combat but instead doing very well in most of them. Offense from a powerful turn 1 All-target Last Word, defense from healing and barrier restoration, and further support from Charging herself and Evasion debuffs. Topped with being able to stay out for long periods with self-healing each turn and no elemental weaknesses, Reisen can guide everyone well in the front lines of battle.


Sanae Kochiya (Lunar War Oracle)

Under the codename of Oracle, Sanae boasts great power from her amazing spread of Star and Wood breaks, plentiful debuffs on the enemies’ CRIT DEF and Evasion, and overall general support in the form of offensive buffs and healing. With a passive that heals 20% of her HP every turn, Oracle is a Friend who refuses to fall down until the job is done.

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