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Should You Pull?

Maybe. As the title of the Prayer suggests, this Prayer's main appeal is to provide strong Friends for the Moon EX Battle Stage, co-running with the stage until April 21st. It is a spiritual successor of the Moon Elemental Festival, to the point of having three out of four of the same Friends: Eirin Yagokoro, Sagume Kishin, and Iku Nagae. Instead of Watatsuki no Yorihime, Eirin has told her to take a break and replaced her (begrudingly) with Yukari Yakumo. Along with the Friends, the 5* story Card Standing Behind You makes an appearance to be a good Moon-based damage booster for any Moon spell card.

As these Friends (and card) are relevant to the current Battle Stage, this banner has a clear sense of relevance. However, B2 Junko and B3 Reisen Udongein Inaba and Sanae Kochiya are lurking around as potential meta pick-ups (with B3 Reisen having Moon elements for Moon EX as well!). While not meta, A12 Byakuren Hijiri can still look appealing for some players hunting for the rarer A-Type Multiverse Festival Friends. Finally, the short-running 300 Seal Crystal Ultra Festival is looming in the background as well, leaving alongside B2 Junko. With the Moon EX Prayer having the longest runtime (tied with Lunar War Solider and Oracle), you at least have some time to make a decision.

This Prayer includes an ascending God Crystal Step-UP, meaning 60 GC can be spent for 10 pulls and 10 Fortune Dust, with the price increasing by 100 GC for the next 4 steps (60, 160, 260, 360, 460). Additionally, all of the featured Friends are Festival Friends, meaning 150 Exchange Points are required to exchange for each Friend. Standing Behind You can also be exchanged for 50 Exchange Points.

In spirit of the first Moon Elemental Festival, the following will rank each Friend based on their Moon break accessibility. Of course (especially considering the lowest-ranked Friend), these Friends' use goes very far beyond their Moon breaks and should not be purely judged by this list

If you want more information on how to tackle the Moon EX stage, check out the article below!

Quick Overview

+Powerful AoE and Yang damage
+P0 Wood/Water breaks on her shots.
+Can inflict up to a total of 7 Paralyze Barriers on all foes
+Last Word possesses 2 levels of 2 Yang DEF DOWN
-Applies Paralyze barriers to her allies
-Weaker in longer fights, where she must spend Barriers to survive and thus cannot benefit from her character ability

+Great damage in short and long fights alike
+Incredible support for Yang attackers
+Good Accuracy support
-Debuffs only last one turn
-Slightly lacking Break potential

+Fantastic amount of Healing and Barrier restoration
+Great Poison Barrier support, for either Anomaly Breaks or supporting Yang Attackers
+Last Word can deal a lot of damage if given a turn to set up
+Possesses the always handy Power Link
-Poor Barrier Break potential
-Backloaded Last Word
-Hard to support due to mixed Last Word

+ Unparalleled team-wide Barrier restoration, restoring 2 Barriers every 5 turns team-wide
+ Access to Earth on a Basic Shot at 0 Power
+ All targeting Spell Card with 2 Earth and Sun Breaks at 3 Power
+ Very solid damage on All Last Word at 3 Power
- Last Word deals low damage at 1 Power
- Utility is entirely defensive, leaving her somewhat lacking for shorter fights

[Numbers in brackets are buffs at Max Limit Break or stat sticks at Max Enhance]

  • Spell Card's Moon power 15% [30%] UP (1T).
  • CRIT ATK 2 [2] levels UP (2T)
  • DMG from younger sisterly prescenes 25% [30%] DOWN (3T)
  • Yang ATK +35 [+95]
  • Yin ATK +25 [+85]

Moon Accessibility

4. Yukari Yakumo
No Moon breaks at all? Then what's even the point of her here! Well, outside of being an enemy of the Moon herself, Yukari's purpose is not to perform element breaks in general (having very little Earth and Sun in the first place), but instead be a great defensive help. As a Friend who heavily increases her own defenses (moreso Yang than Yin) and can heal her HP and the party's Barriers, Yukari is one of the Defense-type Friends that can survive the increased damage that comes to her when she increases her Focus. In more challenging such as this, Yukari's survivability will do much to assist herself as well as the rest of your heavy-hitters. So don't be sad if you got this Moon-lacking Friend, as she will glady show you there's a lot more to Moon EX than getting your Moon breaks organized.
Total: 0 Breaks

3. Iku Nagae
A pretty weird case, as Iku's Last Word comprises entirely of Wood breaks instead of Moon. Fortunately, both of her spells contain 2 Moon breaks apiece, and combined with the breaks on her Spread and Focus shot totals to 10 breaks. On the other hand, her first spell is the only 0P Moon break access she has, with the rest of her kit requiring from 1P to 3P for an additional break. Iku definitely makes up for a lack of Moon breaks with wider utility, seen even through a fully Wood Last Word.
Electrostatic Guided Missile: 1 Break (2P)
Veils Like Water: 1 Break (3P)
Fish Sign: Dragonfish Drill: 2 Breaks (0P, 3P)
Thunder Sign: Elekiter Dragon Palace: 2 Breaks (1P, 3P)
Total: 8 Breaks (2 on shots)

2. Eirin Yagokoro
Eirin is another strange case, as unlike Iku she holds no Moon breaks on her basic shots but technically has 11 Moon breaks upon using both of her spells. All of her spells have a Moon break at 0P, with a majority of her other ones requiring 3P. Still, she can provide a bit more Moon power than Yorihime, and even restore Barriers while she is at it. And the more Moon, the better.
Curse of the Heavens: Apollo 13: 2 Breaks (0P, 3P)
Revival: Seimei Yuugi -Life Game-: 2 Breaks (0P, 3P)
Heaven Spider's Butterfly-Catching Web: 3 Breaks (0P, 2P, 3P)
Total: 11 Breaks

1. Sagume Kishin
Sagume definitely dominates the most in Moon breaks out of the 4 Friends here. While the singular Moon breaks mean little in the grand scheme of things (though 1P breaks are certainly better than the 2P/3P of Iku), every one of Sagume's spells has 3 Moon breaks each! The costs for all of these breaks might be Spirit Power heavy, but the totals reveal that Sagume can boast up to 17 unique Moon breaks all by herself. With extra Star element in her Last Word and extra debuff utility, Sagume is a great pick for any foes with a weakness to Moon as well as many other situations.
Taboo Words: 1 Break (1P)
Naval Mine Yin-Yang Orbs: 1 Break (1P)
Orb Sign: Disorderly Flock's Duplex Curse: 3 Breaks (0P, 2P, 3P)
One-Winged White Heron: 3 Breaks (0P, 2P, 3P)
Arrow of Evil-Slaying: 3 Breaks (1P, 2P, 3P)
Total: 17 Breaks (2 on shots)

0. Standing Behind You
Sadly, story cards can't exactly have breaks on them. However, this card still gets its use for Moon-based Friends by increasing the damage every Moon bullet of a spell by 30%, meaning your Moon attacks will pack a bigger punch. It even increases CRIT ATK by 2 levels (2T), which can be a decent boost for some Friends that rely on critical hits more.

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