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Should You Pull?

No. Not if you are looking for the next top-tier unit to strengthen your roster. That said, if you do love these characters, there is a lot to like about this banner, especially given the time it will take for the new units to enter the general pool. We have a familiar face with the Were-Hakutaku Keine Kamishirasawa, alongside two new faces, with the Wicked Hermit Seiga Kaku and Yuki-onna Letty Whiterock. Keine is a powerful Yang DEF unit with access to some focus, and has a potent All Last Word, though she performs best with Yang ATK support. Seiga also boasts an All Last Word, though her drawback comes in the form of it and all of her spellcards being backloaded to 1-1-3. Seiga can also inflict some nasty statuses on her own team, fitting for the Wicked Hermit. Letty is an ice-cold Solo Yin Nuker, with strong Yin DEF capabilities, to round out Keine’s Yang DEF. Letty scales well with those buffs and won’t disappoint if you invest in her.

This banner will have a God Crystal Step-UP in ascending order, starting at 60 God Crystals and increasing by 100 with each roll, making it a very valuable banner.

This banner, alongside Sekibanki, introduces the new exchange point rate for General Units, that being only 100 Exchange Points as opposed to the old 150 Exchange Points.

Since Keine Kamishirasawa has had her own Should You Pull in the past for her opening banner, she will not be featured here.

Quick Overview

+Solo target Yin nuker
+Self barrier recovery
+Some Yin DEF up

-Takes a turn or two to reach full damage potential
-Does not provide any utility to the rest of the team besides ACC down on targets
-No Focus Up as a defensive unit

+Yin Last Word comprises of purely Energy and Star bullets
+8 guaranteed levels of self-Agility UP
+Fast recharge on debuff skills
+4 Earth and 3 Water breaks on spells
-Backloaded Last Word (1-1-3 spread)
-Primarily selfish buffs
-Endangers party with self-Focus DOWN and Poison anomalies

+Rather high damage All targeting Last Word that can farm
+Extremely high levels of Yang DEF UP support
-Fairly modest top end for damage without Yang ATK support
-Low Focus UP for a tank.
-Element access is below average, unless willing to use Last Word for Breaking.

Letty Whiterock

Letty Whiterock is a winter youkai, choosing to essentially hibernate during the other seasons of the year. Like her disposition, her role in Lost Word is limited, but given specific conditions, she can shine like the snow.

Her normal shots are somewhat mediocre, her All spread shot Cold Wave has two water breaks at 2P and her Solo focus shot North Wind has one water break at 0P, two at 1P, and three total water breaks at 2P. Her spread shot does inflict Acc DOWN on its targets, as well as having Spring, Summer, Autumn, Flower, Fairy, and Insect killer, but otherwise, they do not stand out in any major way.

Her two spellcards: Solo targeting Cold Sign: Lingering Cold and All targeting Mystic Sign: Table Turning are in a similar situation, her Solo targeting card has a water break at 0P and three total at 3P. However her All targeting card only has a water break at 2P and a second at 3P. Her Solo Water breaking ability is alright but her All water breaking isn't great and can be surpassed by other units. Her spellcards' secondary effects both focus on accuracy, her first spellcard can lower her opponent’s accuracy, and her second raises her own accuracy and again lowers her opponent’s.

Her Last Word: Crystallized Silver is Solo targeting with a tiny amount of hard scaling on bullets 3-6. This makes her role in most fights a Solo Yin nuker who needs a couple of turns to reach maximum damage. All her bullets consist of Mass shots, so given the correct story card such as The Secret God of the Sky she can hit like an avalanche.

Her hard scaling bullets showing up on the last three lines of her Last Word, as well as her reliable AoE water breaks being on 2P, makes Letty a rather Spirit Power hungry unit.

Her defensive ability and skills however somewhat complement her role as a backloaded nuker. Her ability which makes her Capable of manipulating chill gives one level of Yang DEF, Yin DEF, Crit DEF, and Crit EVA per each barrier of freeze she is inflicted with, as well as a level of Yin ATK up when she uses graze. White Breath is her first skill, giving two stages of Yin ATK up, and two barriers of self-freeze. The next two, Invisible Youkai and Midwinter Water both provide two stages of Yin DEF up, and a barrier and 1P, respectively.

All in all, a general pool, solo targeting Yin nuker with little scaling, limited water breaks, and almost no team utility. Pull on this banner for Letty only if you need a niche filled, or of course, if you love the character.

Seiga Kaku

While it can be said that many people in Gensokyo act for their own interests, Seiga Kaku is definitely one that first comes to mind. As a devout follower of Taoism, she often tries to convert others to her religion as well, with her most notable success coming from converting Toyosatomimi no Miko into a saint. As a wicked hermit, she has acted twisted even before entering Gensokyo, as it is said that she faked her death to escape her family and practice Taoism. The person she is most sweetest toward is Yoshika Miyako, a revived jiang shi that acts as her bodyguard. Even if she acts kind toward others, it is hard to fully trust someone with a gleeful personality that can easily travel through walls.

For her attacks, Seiga’s normal shots aren’t too notable. Yigui is an All-target Focus shot that has 1 Fire break at 1 Spirit Power, Water at 2, and Wood at 3, but is rather costly for one elemental break. Her two spells fare a lot better, having 4 Earth breaks on Hermit Arts: Wall Runner. While decreasing a single target’s Agility by 2 levels is not so impressive, Path Sign: Tao Fetal Movement supports herself instead, with 2 levels of Focus DOWN and Agility UP. It also includes 3 Water breaks that can target all opponents, which is also helpful. Finally, Wormhole Prophetess is a Last Word composed solely of Energy and Star element bullets, making it a pretty powerful All-target Yin nuke. It is also her only party-wide buff of 2 levels of Agility UP with a 20% chance of an extra level. Seiga’s intensive Agility UP buffs are to serve her Slicing scaling on her spells and Last Word, which provide some additional damage.

As for skills, Wicked Senjutsu and Illusionary Arts focus on debuffing opponents. Wicked Senjutsu is 2 levels of Evasion DOWN on one target while Seiga drains their speed to raise her Agility by 2 more levels. Illusionary Arts drops all targets’ Agility a bit more, but more importantly is the 2 levels of Yin DEF DOWN. Spirit Manipulation is rather unique, giving 2 barriers of Poison to the entire party while buffing Seiga’s Yin ATK by 2 levels. While this seems harmful, Seiga herself gets 1 level of Agility, Accuracy, and Evasion for each Poison layer thanks to her character ability. Other Friends may benefit from the Poison as well or just be immune, but either way it only lasts for 1 turn. All of these skills’ effects actually last for only 1 turn, but the cooldowns for all of them are low enough to be easy to spam. Specifically, Illusionary Arts has a cooldown of 3 turns and the rest are 4 turns.

In total, Seiga guarantees 8 levels of Agility UP if Path Sign: Tao Fetal Movement and Wormhole Prophetess are used consecutively! This does not consider the small chances of extra Agility UP on her Last Word’s bullet lines, which can even end up maxing her Agility. The last notable part of her kit is another part of her character ability: not only do Poison anomalies provide Accuracy UP, but each Boost as well. Combined with the Evasion debuff, Seiga sets herself up to hit hard rather easily.

The primary downside of Seiga comes down to her spells’ bullet patterns: as all of them are 1-1-3. This means she is a very backloaded Friend that will need a heavy amount of Spirit Power to take advantage of most of her kit. Additionally, the Focus DOWN can accidentally make the rest of the party suffer from additional All-target damage if you aren’t careful. Even if the Poison from Spirit Manipulation only lasts for a single turn, that is more than enough time for an enemy to hit an anomaly break if they have access to one, and otherwise it can still be an inconvenient bit of damage and Yang debuff. Still, these points aren’t enough to hurt the manipulative hermit at what she does best: speed through before anyone gets suspicious and hit somewhat hard.

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