Should You Pull? Prayer “Bazooka Bunny Detective Ultra Festival”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

If you like your bunnies hard boiled. Continuing the trend of bunnies dropping in on the Year of the Rabbit comes our second contender for a hare-m filled Friend Box. Ringo (B3) does it all. Anomaly breaks, Yang ATK support, enemy ATK debuffs, even some personal Evasion thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately it feels more like a mini dango sampler than a full course meal. She doesn’t come off strong in any particular category, except for her wildly strong Anomaly breaks which can render entire teams weak in their knees (from the Paralyze that came before). Her damage is a little lacking, and her defensive options are offset by the fact that they get cleaned out with Full Breaks, which she is apt to do given her penchant for breaking barriers.

If you need a serious Anomaly breaker, or simply like the serious aesthetic of this bazooka wielding bunny, go for Ringo. Otherwise, feel free to look ahead into the horizon. I’ll bet more bunnies are due to come soon…

Quick Overview

Ringo (B3) a Technical-Class Friend who balances a range of roles, supporting Yang teams, increasing her side’s survivability and dropping heavy Anomalies on both allies and enemies alike.

Major Anomaly Gamer

Ringo drops Paralyze on enemies with two of her Spell Cards, while breaking them with all of them. She can also land Burn with her Focus Shot, with her Last Word breaking those as well.

Stun lock meta

The ever useful guaranteed 3P Stun on a Spread Shot makes Ringo ideal for scenarios where you need to stall for a few turns.

Enables Yang attacking teams

Ringo can boost your team’s Yang ATK and Crit ATK via Skills, Grazing and Spell Cards.

Low defensive synergy

With part of Ringo’s kit dedicated to lowering enemy Yang and Yin ATK, you will likely have to deal with situations where those debuffs get wiped when she, or any of her Friends inadvertently Full Breaks the enemy. This is especially easy to do, with her penchant of dropping and breaking Paralyze barriers on her opponents.

Lacks damage

Ringo’s Last Word suffers the unfortunate side effect of being divided cleanly in half by both Element and bullet type. A minor setback, given that there’s a card that buffs both bullet types at once, though with stronger Story Cards likely to show in future, this may limit her growth potential. Her lack of Killers cements this as well, targeting a very specific niche of enemies only.

Beware team inflicted Anomalies

Ringo’s electrifying personality may not be appreciated by all Friends. Bring along allies who benefit from Paralyze barriers, or be careful with popping Skill 1 in battle, lest someone ends up being stunned mid-turn.

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