Should You Pull? Prayer “Blue Bunny Crimebuster Ultra Festival”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

If you want to Hammer Time your opponents. There’s very little going against Seiran as a Friend. Good Moon/Water damage coupled with fearsome Agility scaling and a wide range of Killers allows her to obliterate her opponents with ease. She has good utility with Freeze and Paralyze breaks and a guaranteed 3P stun on her Focus Shot for funny stun comps that strategy channels are sure to have a ball with. On top of that, she covers the basics with her Friends, sharing Accuracy, Yang ATK and Crit ATK buffs with her team while debuffing the enemy in equal measure. Her uniform is shiny and her hammer is large.

This bunny is as elite as they come. Don’t miss her!

Quick Overview

Seiran (B3) is a Speed-class friend who supports Yang Agility teams with Water and Moon elements while stopping enemies in their tracks with Freeze and Paralyze anomalies.

Powerful Damage Synergy

All of Seiran’s knowledge comes to bear with the plethora of synergies in her kit geared towards inflicting pain. A combination of Yang ATK and Crit ATK buffs for herself and debuffs on her enemies gives her a good head start while her Agility scaling lends her a good burst of speed. Her ability to deal 30% more Water and Moon damage on enemies weak to those elements will leave her opponents rooted to the spot as the hammer comes rushing down, the moment of impact made sweeter by the range of killers she has, which include Youkai, Kaiju, Moon Rabbit, Fairy, Machine and God. There won’t be much left to clean up when she’s done with her opponent.

An Anomaly in the Ranks

Seiran is able to manipulate both Freeze and Paralyze Anomalies to her favour, distributing them among her enemies and breaking them in wide sweeping ALL attacks that cover her Spell Card 1 and Last Word. She can do the same on a single enemy that has Burn applied to them with her Spread Shot as well.

Stunning Presence

Players looking to devise stall based strategies will enjoy Seiran’s ability to guarantee a stun on her 3P Focus Shot. This works well with her high base Agility stats and Agility buffs, ensuring she can pin enemies down before they have time to even blink.

Could use more buffs

Seiran has a decent kit to start with, but it doesn’t give her very many levels, even when maxed out. She can use a Friend or Story Card to help boost her levels of Yang ATK, Crit ATK and Agility further to maximize her output.

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