Should You Pull? Prayer “Bunny Rebellion Strategist Ultra Festival”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

If you enjoy strategic plays. Starting off the Year of the Rabbit comes the bunny with the goods. Decked out in her Kong-Mingesque (Zhuge Liang for those of you more familiar with the original) outfit, Tewi takes all the best parts of the original and adds a splash of uniqueness that stays true to her original persona.

Her L1 variant’s penchant for landing Anomalies has been refined, adding on a series of easy-to-achieve Breaks that will mess up enemy teams. In addition, she’s taken a page from Eirin’s book, applying a variety of Heals, Bind/Debuff/Anomaly Cleanses and Barrier Recoveries that will keep her Friends healthy for as long as you need.

True to her Strategist persona however, she merely sets the board in your favor, leaving the cleanup to others. Tewi lacks damage to carry out heavy operations on her own, and will want hard hitting Friends to capitalize on the destruction she’s wrought on the battlefield. Preferably ones who don’t mind being free of Anomalies, as she has a penchant of cleaning up lock, stock and barrel via her 3rd Skill.

Quick Overview

Tewi is a Heal-Class Friend who can remove Barrier statuses, Binds and Debuffs from your party with startling frequency while empowering Yang teams to rain terror upon her enemies..

Team stays clean and healthy

For such a debilitating trickster, Tewi keeps her own team clean, with a 2T cooldown on cleansing team Barrier Anomalies and Healing HP on her 3rd skill. She has multiple other sources of team Healing as well as team Barrier Recovery, allowing her to stretch out battles in her favor as long as she needs.

Enemy teams will buckle under Anomalies

On the other hand, enemies will fall before Poison and Paralysis, while she sweeps up by breaking those in a variety of ways. If you have someone to land Freeze, she can collect that as well, breaking the whole lot through her Last Word.

Dual source of Bind/Debuff Cleansing

Somewhat unique to Tewi is her multiple sources of Bind and Debuff Cleansing, split between her Skill 1 and 2. This has a strategic purpose, allowing you to ride out multiple waves of Binds while knocking them all out without having to wait for a Cooldown to end.

Slow innate Accuracy gain

Tewi’s Accuracy gain is somewhat unorthodox, locked behind her Spell Cards and mostly require Spirit P expenditure to unlock. Keep some Acc support handy in the form of Story Cards or Friends.

Lacks damage

Tewi is a good example of a Heal-Class Friend who excels in her specialty, while falling short in others. Her lack of Killers is compounded by her odd spread of Elements, with Wood being the only one tying them all together. Don’t expect Tewi to mop up. That job will fall to her teammates who follow up on her tricks.

Team Anomaly Cleansing is a double edged sword

With the increasing number of Friends who benefit from Anomalies, Tewi’s doctoring may have less than the desired effect when paired up with the wrong teammates.

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