Should You Pull? Prayer “Cyberpunk Puppeteer Ultra Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Only if you are fond of Alice in Cyberland. Our 5th variant of Alice Margatroid is here, and it’s our first Ultra Festival Alice too! This time, B5 Alice takes the role of a Support-Class Friend who specializes in good amounts of Spirit Power, Accuracy that can potentially be maxed out, and some other handy buffs like Yang ATK, CRIT ATK, Yang DEF and Barriers. She also uses Burn and Paralyze anomalies for multiple uses, whether it be to help her heal up, or just simply inflict and break them when dealing with enemies. Her Ultra Festival Prayer comes with an Ascending Step-UP starting from 60 God Crystals and ending at 460 God Crystals, with 2x Fortune Dust for any God Crystal Prayers!

Of course, you’ll have to take precautions should you bring this variant of Alice with you, because there are a few things holding her back. Firstly, her range of Killers isn’t very high, as she has ones like Soul, Machine, Moon Rabbit and Lunar Capital to work with. Secondly, her anomaly potential is actually very risky if her allies end up susceptible to Burn and/or Paralyze anomalies, especially the latter since losing a turn from being Stunned can be tough. There could be ways around this like Grazing, or to just bring Friends that don’t suffer any negative effects from them. The third and final caveat isn’t a surprise, but we take a trip to Rainbowland once again, but this is to a lesser extent especially compared to previous variants. This is because there is a clear lean towards Metal in Seven Colored Puppeteer’s bullets, but she still has to juggle 7 elements which can be a pain.

To those who are still looking to pick up the tech-savvy puppeteer from her Prayer, good luck to those who opt to go ahead with this Prayer!

Quick Overview

B5 Alice Margatroid is a Support-Class Friend who keeps the team going with Spirit Power, Yang ATK, CRIT ATK, Yang DEF and Accuracy buffs.

Very Helpful Support

B5 Alice comes with all kinds of high-tech support to help the team. These include Barriers, Yang DEF, Yang ATK, CRIT ATK, a good amount of Spirit Power, and even Accuracy buffs that can be stacked up! This can be achieved via her Skill 1 which has a cooldown rate (2 turns) lower than the duration of this effect (3 turns) meaning it’s definitely possible to max out this stat if you give this engineer long enough to perfect the team’s aim!

Atelier of Anomalies

There is a lot that B5 Alice can do with Burn and Paralyze anomalies. She could use them to inflict and break barriers on enemies, using them to heal her own HP by 5% as per her ability, or even subject allies to it, which the correct ones will definitely appreciate if they benefit from it. With Spell Cards providing an accessible way to both inflict and break an anomaly at once, you’ll definitely find a benefit in that field.

Double-Edged Anomaly Sword

Not only does B5 Alice inflict 2 different kinds of anomalies to her team, but the RNG aspect in them is a pain to work around. 2-3 Layers of Burn and 2-3 Layers of Paralyze, a good chunk of Friends in the game will most likely suffer from at least one of these inflictions, although it might be possible to work around in some situations, and maybe Grazing can help in some cases, but some allies may find it dangerous to be hit by these anomalies, especially if they were to lose their turn as a result of being Stunned from Paralyze.

Limited Killers

B5 Alice generally struggles with dealing damage, as her Killer range isn’t very good (Soul, Lunar Capital, Lunarian, Moon Rabbit, Machine, etc) meaning she can’t capitalize on her CRIT ATK she can build up. That said, having both Hard and Slice scaling to work with, and both being used in her Last Word will help a bit at least.

Alice in Rainbowland (Cyber Edition)

Granted, this Alice variant isn’t the most excessive when it comes to how rainbow-themed her bullet line elements are, especially since there is a clear emphasis towards Metal overall, but even then, she cannot take advantage of that specific element as much as some other units due to other elements getting in the way.

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