Should You Pull? Prayer “Devil of the Scarlet Library Festival”

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Article by Minzhire Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

Depends on your needs. The cute little devil of the magic library will support your needs by providing amazing support capabilities that will be worth your time considering. Aside from her powerful supportive methods, having the ability to access most of her primary elemental breaks and inflict plus break Burn and Poison anomalies are part of her strong suits.

Quick Overview

Very good supportive capabilities

The cute scarlet-haired nameless devil gives it her all as a Support unit to support her party by providing a wide variety of buffs. Her Yin-based support capabilities are above average and can be convenient to have if you want to easily set up offensive buffs for the party. She is also able to support the CRIT and Accuracy department via her Spell Cards, which can prove beneficial most of the time due to how crucial both buffs are in having consistent and high damage outputs. For universal support, she is capable of adding barrier layers and granting high Spirit Power to the party, not to mention that she can easily provide 1.50 Spirit Power UP to the party through her skills alone. Her Skills are also good in terms of cooldowns but not as amazing as other Support units.

Disjointed elemental breaks

Her Spell Cards have some fragmented elements embedded within, which is usually not a good sign. However, her Spell Cards and Last Word’s main elements can be easily accessed at 2.00P so it’s a fair trade perhaps.

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