Should You Pull? Prayer “Fairy of the Scarlet Lake Festival”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

If you like funny meme strats. Big wings, big pranks. Daiyousei (Scarlet) retains her legendary status of being that one Friend you invite to parties just to watch her do funny things to enemy teams. Asides from being great for breaking Freeze and Paralyze anomalies, she supports her Yin Friends with Yin and Crit debuffs on the enemy, most hilarious of all being the immense load of Accuracy down, leaving opponents flailing around in the dark screaming about demarcation (citation needed). 

The fun times only go as far as her debuffs are active however, losing their shine once enemies are Full Broken. She also doesn’t do very much for herself, apart from self sufficient Yin buffs. Otherwise, Daiyousei has come a long way as a Friend in Gensokyo, and true to her personality, she will always shine brightest when she’s there to support a team.

Quick Overview

Daiyousei (A6) is a Debuff Friend who scrambles enemy lines with Yin and Crit Debuffs while inflicting and breaking Freeze and Paralyze anomalies.

”Weights are so passé.”

Once known for her proficiency with dropping the Twitter bird onto a single target for 6 Metal bonks, this prankster has embraced modernity, opting instead to apply Freeze and Paralyze Anomalies onto enemy teams which she can then break with Spell Card 1 or her Last Word. 25% less memey, 150% more efficient!

”Where are you aiming?”

Understanding the value of a funny prank, Daiyousei has diversified her skill set, settling on instead blinding her opponents so hard even Rumia would take notice. Her Spell Card 1, Last Word and Skill 1 drop a combined 9 Levels of Accuracy Down on all enemies for 3 turns, meaning they’ll be fumbling around in the dark long after your Friends are done setting up for their afternoon cup of murder.

Poor damage potential

Daiyousei is a selfless debuffer through and through, devoting every little of her kit to herself. While she is technically able to max out her Yin ATK with sustained Focus Shots and continuous Boosting, players wanting to avoid drawn out battles will find that she otherwise lacks relevant buffs to Accuracy and Crit ATK to really hit home her damage.

Debuffs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

With no actual team buffs to speak of, players may find themselves starting back at zero when enemy buffs are thrown off, most commonly due to being Full Broken.

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