Should You Pull? Prayer “Friendly Firefly”

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Should You Pull?

Only if Waifu. What’s not to love about Wriggle? The Touhou character with the Rider Kick tendencies is here to light up your life as a highly requested fan-favorite among bug lovers! Wriggle is the final piece left to completing a full Imperishable Night roster; a must-have for series collectors!

That said, Wriggle’s performance as a Friend is middling at best. She does just enough to enable teams to hit enemies with EVASION, Yin DEF and Crit EVASION debuffs, but there are others who do it better. She applies several Anomalies to enemies and can reflect several more, but finds it difficult to consistently break most of them. Though Wriggle is a Debuffer, she will require help from others to perform at her best.

Quick Overview

Wriggle is a Debuff-Class Friend who inflicts various anomalies on her enemies to sow chaos among their ranks.

Supports Yin teams via debuffs

Wriggle’s various debuffs to enemy Yin DEF, EVASION and Crit EVASION and buffs to team Agility helps Yin attackers shine, especially if their attacks feature Slicing bullets.

Anomalies are her playground

Wriggle inflicts Poison and Burn via Spell Cards, and can reflect Poison and Blind back at opponents. Her Shots and Spell Cards break Poison, Burn and Blind

Lacks Spirit P generation to constantly hit her Anomaly breaks

Two out of three of Wriggle’s Anomaly breaks are locked behind her 3P Spread Shot and Focus Shot. With only one skill giving her 1P every 4 turns, she has to rely on support to hit those levels while maintaining her output each turn.

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