Should You Pull? Prayer “Gate Administrator Ultra Festival”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

If you want to gatecrash parties with your Yin Friends. Move over Meiling. A new Gatekeeper has descended, bringing with her a cooler, slicker new doorway that she uses with brutal efficiency. Hecatia is supremely good at buffing team Yin ATK, enabling Hard and Slice attackers as well with Yin DEF and Agility buffs. She provides Accuracy and Spirit P to enable attackers in general, and her defensive qualities are nothing to sneeze at, with the ability to regenerate Barriers with frightening speed. These barriers also contribute to her buffing capabilities, allowing her entire team to easily hit the 10 Yin ATK cap by Turn 2 with the right setup!

As an attacker, she holds her own with both Hard and Slice scaling on her bullets, as well as powerful Killers that are well suited for challenge content. While the Moon serves as her primary domain, she also wields Star and Sun bullets, which either helps or hinders her damage output, depending on how you like your elements spread out. This doesn’t stop her from being a powerful Barrier breaker, with the ability to land and break Paralyze anomalies on ALL enemies efficiently.

Smash that Prayer button and bring this Stargate Administrator into the fold. She’ll serve you well!

Quick Overview

Hecatia Lapislazuli (B3) is a Support-Class Friend who bolsters attackers of all types, keeping them safe from harm while also exterminating any daring enough to attempt to cross her threshold.

A Gate to Powerful Offensive Buffs

Stored within this form of Hecatia is a bountiful source of buffs that lean towards Yin attackers. She can easily max out party Yin ATK and DEF levels (great for Friends who have Hard scaling) via a combination of Skills, Spell Cards and Graze/Boosts. Slicing Friends also benefit from Agility buffs, and Yang attackers aren’t left behind with her Spell Card 2 providing Yang ATK buffs. Additionally, she fills out team Accuracy and provides a constant source of Spirit P, providing teams the firepower they need to excel.

A Defensive Gatekeeper

Meiling now shares her unique role with Hecatia, who brings defensive buffs and other forms of protection to the table. Asides from giving her team Yin DEF, she can also reduce Moon Damage to the team by 50%, and recover team Barriers. Additionally, Hecatia takes 35% less damage from Youkai enemies; leaving a broad swathe of Gensokyo unable to do more than dent her exterior.

Shockingly Broken

Hecatia breaks Paralyze barriers with frightening efficiency. Spell Card 2 will inflict and break 2 layers of Paralyze on all enemy targets, while her Last Word doubles this, inflicting and breaking 4 whole barriers at once. This is very certain to result in entire teams being Full Broken, leaving them open to retribution from her teammates should any survive the initial hammerfall.

Unfocused Elements

Hecatia struggles with carrying the mantle of her three roles, which materialize as Moon, Star and Sun bullets. This lack of focus means that she’ll be dividing her damage potential between elements that may not be effective against enemies, reducing her total output.

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