Should You Pull? Prayer “Gatekeeper of the Scarlet Night Festival”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

If you like a precarious balance between offense and defense. Hot on the heels of her Lunar counterpart comes a more familiar class of youkai doorstop that stands before our protagonists, demanding that they beat her to a pulp before gaining entry into the Scarlet Devil Mansion. This gorgeous variant of Meiling is literal Speed, and will share all that Agility with her party members to help keep intruders out as long as she possibly can.

But while she tries to perform both an offensive and defensive role, she isn’t particularly amazing at either. As an attacker, she lacks critical buffs, scaling and killers needed to land hard hits on the enemy. As a defender, she is unable to draw attention to herself, instead spreading her fan of influence a little wider while keeping a majority of her defensive buffs to herself.

As with all things Qi, Meiling will perform spectacularly as long as she has the right balance (of Friends and Story Cards) to fill the gaps in her kit. Keep her needs in mind if you choose to welcome her!

Quick Overview

Hong Meiling (A6) is a Speed-Class Friend specializing in Yin and Crit DEF debuffs while supporting Yin teams with relevant buffs.

Great Wall of China

Meiling has multiple ways of reducing damage, from skills that reduce Wood and Star element bullets by 45% to passives to allow her to take 25% less damage from Humans. She also provides party Barrier recovery through her Spell Card 2.

Swift as a Coursing River

While Meiling works best with Yin teams, she is especially good at ramping up Agility buffs for her Friends. With the right Story Card load out, she can cap team Agility in a single turn, combining buffs from her Last Word, Skill 1 and Grazing, all of which provide Agility.

A Lack of Focus

While Meiling has many ways of reducing damage to herself, she is unable to draw enemy fire as she lacks Focus buffs. Make sure your Friends don’t neglect to graze, especially when not covered by her protective buffs.

A Lack of Damage Potential

While she excels in providing Agility buffs, she is unable to capitalise on them very well, with low Agility scaling on her attacks. She makes up for this with bonus damage from effective Elements, but this is somewhat stymied by her somewhat rainbow coloured bullet lines. Furthermore, she lacks Yin ATK buffs to reach the upper limits of her damage, requiring help from Friends or Story Cards to do so.

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