Should You Pull? Prayer “Perfect Magicians Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Mostly recommended. Following in the footsteps of the Perfect Shrine Maidens Festival featuring 2 powerful, yet freezing Reimu Hakurei variants (A7A, A7B), we have 2 Ordinary Magicians looking to use their magic and firepower to resolve the Spring Snow Incident. To tell these two star-studded magicians apart, A7A Marisa Kirisame (Cherry Blossom: Magic) is the Attack-Class Friend who likes to use her Magic Sign Spell Cards and Star-themed bombs to get through all her obstacles head on, while A7B Marisa Kirisame (Cherry Blossom: Love) is the Destroy-Class Friend who loves her lasers such as her signature Master Spark. Hats off to her (literally)! Just like with the previous Reimu-themed Prayer, this one will entail an Ascending Step-UP as well as 20 Fortune Dust for every God Crystal Prayer. So how do these 2 Marisas fare in the game?

These two are quite good in terms of what they can bring to the table, and there are some similarities here and there such as great Killers, but what A7A Marisa can do differently includes her Freeze anomaly inflicting/breaking, Star breaks, and self sustainability with Yang ATK, CRIT ATK, Spirit Power and Accuracy. She does however buff her Yin ATK which ends up going to waste as she is a Yang-based unit, plus these are selfish Yin ATK buffs meaning she can’t even support Yin allies with them. As for A7B Marisa, she has some Spirit Power to keep her going, CRIT Accuracy and even some CRIT ATK, while also using Specular bullets, Fire breaks and Burn anomaly inflictions/breaks to her advantage. She does however struggle with specific kinds of buffs for herself, as she will need external support especially with Yang ATK and Accuracy. What these two have in common in terms of something they lack is support, although to some extent, A7A Marisa does have slightly more ways to help the team compared to her A7B counterpart. To sum them up though, A7A Marisa is more well-rounded with A7B needing more help to really bring out the best in herself.

Of course, any caveats mentioned above should not stop Marisa fans from wanting to pick up these two (extra)ordinary magicians, as some will want to get up to 7 different variants! If you decide that you want these Marisas to steal your precious Coins, Seal Crystals (and maybe God Crystals too), best of luck to those who wish to go forth on the Perfect Magicians Prayer!

Quick Overview

A7A Marisa Kirisame is an Attack-Class Friend who has Star, Water and Fire breaks and can buff her offensive stats such as Yang ATK and CRIT ATK very well.

Flashy Firepower

A7A Marisa is what you’d expect in an attacker, has Yang ATK, CRIT ATK, Accuracy, Spirit Power and a great Killer range (includes Youkai, Soul, Fairy and Winter) to blast away her enemies! While her support has some selfish traits, she proves she can be very self-sufficient when it comes to doing what she set out to do, and if her elements are effective, they even get a 30% boost!

Breaks and Tricks

Speaking of elements, she has a great amount of Star breaks, with Fire and Water bullets laced in. Due to the winter season, that’s not it as her f-f-firepower comes with some Freeze anomaly inflictions and breaks! Her inflictions come in the form of her Skill 2 and her Spell Card 1 and her Freeze breaks are performed via Spell Card 2 and Last Word. She has a few other magic tricks up her sleeve which include healing her own Barrier anomalies, providing the team an extra Barrier from Skill 2, and takes 35% less damage from both Missile and Light bullets thanks to 2 of her Passives!

A7B Marisa Kirisame is a Destroy-Class Friend who loves her firepower in terms of CRIT buffs for herself, CRIT debuffs on enemies, Burn anomalies and lots of Fire breaks.

Critical Spirit

Being able to reach 3P with just her Skill 3 is a great way to jumpstart A7B Marisa in battle, and more natural Spirit Power coming from Spell Card 1 helps a good bit too. On top of that, having the Killer range she does, most notably having Youkai means she will be able to land Critical Hits on a good portion of enemies, and as a Destroy-Class Friend, she has effects that boost her CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy while debuffing the enemies’ CRIT DEF and CRIT Evasion, making these Critical Hits the more impactful.

Flaming Firepower

A7B Marisa has firepower, not just in dealing damage, but with her Fire breaks and her Burn anomalies she can inflict and break! While her main element is Fire, she also has Star and Wood breaks to a much lesser extent, although we won’t see a whole lot of use in them compared to Fire. An enemy can receive 4 layers of Burn via Spell Card 1 and have them broken in the same turn assuming A7B Marisa is at 3P with this attack, and Burn anomalies on all enemies can also be broken via her Last Word.

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