Should You Pull? Prayer “Perfect Shrine Maidens Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Recommended. It’s a double Reimu banner, and with our first A7A and A7B friends arriving, it might be confusing to tell them apart, but A7A Reimu Hakurei (Cherry Blossom: Spirit) is the Technical-Class Friend who decided on using her ofuda. Meanwhile, A7B Reimu Hakurei (Cherry Blossom: Dream) is the Speed-Class Friend who opts to use her sharp needles. What ends up bringing these two together is their eagerness for the overbearing winter to end, and for a pair of burgeoning incident-resolving Reimus, their performances in Touhou LostWord are quite strong as Festival Friends, and with an Ascending Step-UP as well as 20 Fortune Dust per God Crystal Prayer, it’s going to be hard for quite a few players to pass up these Hakurei Shrine Maidens.

To quickly go over these two, A7A Reimu does her job very well with her raw Yang ATK power, just as great Freeze anomaly breaks and is an all-rounder, whereas A7B Reimu wastes no time with her also great power, low cooldowns, quick supply of Spirit Power and handy Poison anomaly utility. On top of that, both of their Killer ranges are quite good, and they both enjoy their huge Wood elemental quantity. If it came down to the wire in terms of who was better overall, A7A Reimu might just be the superior shrine maiden, although it’s a very close one. If you can only get one of them and not both, you won’t be disappointed with whoever comes your way.

And with that said, to those who are prepared to Pray for these two Reimus, best of luck to those who wish to be blessed by these Eternal Shrine Maidens!

Quick Overview

A7A Reimu Hakurei is a Technical-Class Friend who takes advantage of Freeze anomalies, Wood Breaks, and great damage potential you’d expect from the Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise.

Powerful Shrine Maiden Spirit

A7A Reimu comes up as a well rounded option if you need to exterminate some annoyances in your way. She has a high Yang ATK of 1870, solid amounts of Spirit Power to work with, buffs in Yang ATK and a bit of CRIT ATK, great Killer range and a 25% boost in power if her elements (mainly Wood) are effective against the enemy. On top of that, she can provide a little support along the way, such as Accuracy, Yang DEF, Spirit Power, Yang ATK and a Barrier.

Fantasy F-F-Freeze?

Despite the weather conditions not in A7A Reimu’s favor, she is very good when it comes to Freeze anomaly utility, such as if it’s inflicting herself with them, and by extension buffing her defensive stats via Ability. However, she can also inflict them upon enemies from Skill 2 or Spell Card 1, she can easily break them when using her Spread Shot, Spell Card 1 and Last Word. On top of that, she can even manage to remove Binds/Stat debuffs after using her Spell Card 1!

Might Need Help With CRIT ATK

Due to how well-rounded A7A Reimu is in terms of her kit, there aren't a whole lot of downsides. However, she doesn’t have a whole lot of CRIT ATK to work with (barring her Last Word), and while she does have a little CRIT DEF debuffing to work with on her Spell Card 2, she will need Story Cards and external support to bring out the absolute best in her potential.

Somewhat Selfish Skillset

While the support that A7A Reimu does provide is by no means bad, it’s certainly not the best either, especially when you look at her Skills. With slight team-wide Barriers, Yang DEF and Accuracy, as well as Yang ATK and Spirit Power elsewhere, you can definitely use these to help the team out, but you may find that other friends are also great at benefiting the team while being great Friends in their own right.

A7B Reimu Hakurei is a Speed-Class Friend who breaks the ice with Poison anomaly utility, great power and immense Wood breaks.

Spring in Reimu’s Step

A7B Reimu has some great damage potential when it comes to what Killers she can access, as well as being able to buff Yang ATK, Agility, Accuracy and Spirit Power. She also has a very large amount of Wood bullets to work with too, and on top of that, she can also grant Barriers to the team via Spell Card 2 if necessary.

No Time to Cool Down

Having 2 Skills with a 3 Turn cooldown duration and another Skill with only 2 Turns is definitely very helpful, and with effects such as Agility, Accuracy, Yang ATK, and most importantly, Spirit Power to take advantage of, A7B Reimu will usually be finding herself ready to go when it comes to Spirit Power gain!

Poison Pitfall

A7B Reimu can be very awkward to handle when it goes about her way of using Poison anomalies. With her being capable of inflicting Poison to her allies every 2 turns, it can really hurt any Yang allies she is with. That said, if paired with friends who can benefit from it, this can be a positive thing. Aside from that though, she does have some slight Poison anomaly breaking utility on Spell Card 2.

Struggles with Fundamentals like Support and CRIT ATK

While A7B Reimu does have quite a bit of Agility and Accuracy support to work with, those can only take you so far, especially if they don’t have the longest durations. Her Yang ATK is selfish, and her Spirit Power support is very minimal, but on top of it all, she is completely missing any form of CRIT ATK which would help a lot when hitting Killers (although CRIT DEF debuffing on Spell Card 1 could help out in some situations).

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