Should You Pull? Prayer “Railroad Judgment Ultra Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Very dependent on the player’s preferences or needs. The Station Master of the Underground Waste Ward has arrived on schedule, and as a Debuff-Class Friend, she will hone in a lot on Yin DEF, Yang DEF and CRIT DEF debuffs on her enemies. Anyone on B3 Eiki’s team benefits from at least one of these three. Speaking of Yin and Yang, we definitely see a strong balance between those two when discussing the Station Master, from her raw stats of both Yin ATK and Yang ATK at 1900, to the aforementioned debuffs and their distributions, to the even spread of bullet line quantity and whether they are Yin or Yang. These kinds of bullet lines are both also neatly organized with one of 2 elements, Yin going to Water and Yang going to Metal. This segues perfectly into her breaking potential which is nothing to sneeze at. Along with her vast Metal and Water breaks, she is also a very handy Poison and Blind anomaly breaker too.

It won’t always be a smooth sailing journey though, since B3 Eiki’s Skill 3 with an 8 Turn Cooldown might be a pain at times (although her other skills are fine in this regard) as well as quantity over quality in terms of how wide-ranged her Killers are. With these obstacles in mind, make sure not to lose track of your destination when you bring her with you on your journey, as she will have her strong moments one way or another.

Of course, we have not one, but two members of the Underground Waste Ward arriving at the same time, as our trusty Yama is accompanied by a certain Ticket Puncher, who has thankfully not been slacking off! Because of this, both Ultra Festival Prayers pertaining to B3 Eiki and B3 Komachi will have a Shared Exchange Rate as well as their God Crystal Prayers providing 20 Fortune Dust, so if you are stuck at a crossroad between these two Waste Ward dwellers and have the Seal Crystals for the occasion, you could definitely alternate between these two if you wanted, depending on how your luck pans out.

And with that said, best of luck to those who are praying that their Yama will arrive safely in their Prayers!

Quick Overview

B3 Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu is a Debuff-Class Friend who has an even spread of Water and Metal elements, Poison and Blind anomaly inflictions/breaks and of course, debuffs, mainly in the form of Yang DEF, Yin DEF and CRIT DEF.

Passage of Debuffs

It’s expected for a Debuff Class friend, but B3 Eiki brings judgment in the form of Yin DEF, Yang DEF and CRIT DEF debuffing, and by a potentially extensive amount from Skills and Last Word. Due to her balance of Yin and Yang, B3 Eiki herself benefits from this, but any other friend can take advantage of this large package of debuffs to reap, whether they are Yin, Yang, or want to capitalize on their Killers from CRIT DEF debuffs.

Passage of Breaks

Should an enemy have to face B3 Eiki, they will have to come face to face with her breaking potential, whether it comes from anomalies or elements. Starting with the latter, she inflicts a good chunk of Poison and Blind anomalies, with Poison inflictions on Skill 1 and her Last Word as well as Spell Card 2 entailing Blind inflictions. These can both be broken by her Focus Shot, Spell Card 2 and Last Word. As for elements, it’s very simple, as they are a fair balance of Metal on her Yang lines and Water on her Yin lines, just like clockwork.

Debuff of Sixty Years…or 8 Turns

In fairness, this is really only an issue with her third Skill which might only find a use one time in a battle thanks to its 8 turn cooldown. Given B3 Eiki’s extensive debuff potential, she could find some use in the endgame of said stage, especially when some enemies on their last gauge don’t have barriers to break, but having to work around her Skill 3 could be tedious. Thankfully, Skills 1 and 2 only have a downtime of 4 and 3 turns, so there could be some balance to be found there in terms of cooldowns on B3 Eiki’s Skills.

Somewhat Lacking Retribution

B3 Eiki is an odd case when it comes to damage potential. On one hand, she can increase her damage from Metal or Water bullet lines by 25% if her bullets hit an enemy that either resists or is weak to the corresponding element of the two above. On another hand, her support is a mixed bag when it comes to how good it can be, because Yang ATK and Yin ATK support on Spell Card 1 as well as minor CRIT ATK (albeit 1 turn) and Spirit Power support on Skill 2 is nothing to sneeze at, but that’s how far the train is willing to travel in that field. On top of that, B3 Eiki will not always be able to capitalize on her CRIT DEF debuffing as her Killers delve more into quantity over quality, with some of her best ones being Undead, Soul, Lunar Capital, Lunarian and Moon Rabbit.

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