Should You Pull? Prayer “Spooky Scarlet Spirit Festival”

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Should You Pull?

Might be worth considering, especially if you need a low-cost Healer. The world of A6 just keeps expanding doesn’t it? You could say it is Nether-ending! A-hem. So we have one more new Friend before we enter that month of spookiness, and this pale pink ghost is now our 2nd Healer from the A-Series, let alone A6! However, this is the wrong incident for this ghost to be involved in, so what business could she have here? Was the scarlet mist stopping her plans for the Saigyouji Ayakashi tree? Either way, this ghost with a lantern arrives in the Spooky Scarlet Spirit Festival and comes with an Ascending Step-UP (60 God Crystals on Step 1, 460 God Crystals on Step 5) as well as 2 Story Cards in the Spotlight, one new and one old. So, what does this ghost bring to the table?

Being a Heal-Class Friend, there will definitely be a bit of rivalry with A6 Yuuka, but rest assured that A6 Yuyuko can more than hold her own. From a handful of support, whether it’s from a survivability or offensive standpoint, or being able to pull off some handy breaks, both elemental and anomaly. In terms of breaks, she specializes in Earth and Wood, despite her shots having Water and Wood. In addition, she isn’t too bad when it comes to Poison inflictions and breaks too, with them being inflicted on either 1 enemy, or all enemies, and with both Spell Cards and her Last Word having what it takes to break them. Given this is a Festival Friend we are talking about, this is not too shabby all things considered, and while it’s a niche addition, there is potential to break any other Burn and Freeze breaks through her Last Word at full power.

Speaking of power, one thing you will be familiar with when it comes to A6 Friends like Alice, Yuuka, Yukari and now Yuyuko is their identical Killers, and in this case, this is a positive as Youkai, Scarlet Devil Mansion, Maid, Vampire, Undead, Devil and Magician collectively have the potential to CRIT a solid handful of enemies. In addition, A6 Yuyuko is good at keeping her own important offensive buffs afloat, such as Yang ATK, Yang DEF, Accuracy and maybe Spirit Power in some cases, if Skill 1 is enough for this. However, if you’re not looking for power and want to focus on the Healer role, Skill 3 encapsulates just that. Healing the party’s HP, removing a Bind/Stat Debuff and adding a whopping 3 Barriers for the whole team instead of just the usual 1 or 2 sounds very handy. Her Spell Cards carry on that tradition of healing, like with Spell Card 2’s Post-ATK giving the team another 2 Barriers if that wasn’t enough.

Unfortunately for this ghost, there are a few holes to poke when it comes to the aforementioned power and healing. As great as her Killer range is, A6 Yuyuko alone struggles to capitalize on that as she lacks the CRIT ATK to make her self-sustainability that much better. It’s nothing external support can’t fix, but unfortunately, this Scarlet variant of Yuyuko has mist out on fully taking advantage of her Killers herself. In addition, as awesome as Skill 3 looks from a Healing perspective, the painful drawback is its 8 Turn Cooldown duration. Chances are that this skill will probably only be used on 1 occasion in a specific stage, unless it looks to be a long night of battling with bullets. Regardless, it’s definitely a Skill you’ll have to think carefully about how to get the most usage from it, because 8 turns is far from a short time.

And it’s that time for Story Cards to be in the spotlight again! Coming back as a potentially solid card to bruteforce for her Spell Card 2 is the 5★ card, Undercover Reporter! With a 30% boost in Wood and a 25% boost in Body, given when it arrived, it’s still not too bad for this niche usage, and maybe other Friends can benefit from it in some way, although in some ways it does show its age a bit compared to newer entries. As for the new Story Card, it is a 4★ one called Animal Spirit Mischief, and its 20% boost in Light bullets definitely sounds like a budget option for A6 Yuyuko here, which isn’t the best, but it’s there. Ultimately, these cards aren’t the main draw here, especially since they will appear whenever without you going out of your way to, especially in the long run.

Featured Story Card "Undercover Reporter"!

Featured Story Card "Animal Spirit Mischief"!

As we are close to wrapping up now, A6 Yuyuko is definitely a solid Festival unit, and as mentioned before, she does have that rivalry with A6 Yuuka simply for them both being A-Series Healers. Because of this, if you already have A6 Yuuka, going out of your way for A6 Yuyuko won’t be too necessary as the flower master will have already covered a lot of what the subject here can do. If you’re focused on elements though, that access to Earth makes things a little interesting. Other Festival/Prayer Friends that would be reliable for Earth breaking would be A6 Yukari, L1 Keiki, L1 Momoyo, L1 Narumi, L1 Yamame, L1 Mayumi, L1 Kokoro and L1 Eika. Options from rarities above may include B5 Lyrica, C3 Hecatia and S5 Rin, so if you are concerned about having Earth breaks, the above will be able to fill that void if necessary. Ultimately though, A6 Yuyuko can stand on her own two ghostly feet, and at the very least, a 60 God Crystal Prayer is recommended as that alone for 10 Fortune Dust is nether a bad thing, even with the worst luck. Maybe A6 Yuyuko will spook you! But regardless, we have a strong Festival Friend here that may serve you well, and that’s a bonus for the Yuyuko fans out there!

So with all of that covered, if you wish to follow the light of the lantern held by the ghost in pale pink, best of luck to those who wish to follow through and pray! Hopefully she can reunite with Yukari and Youmu though…

Quick Overview

A6 Yuyuko Saigyouji is a Heal-Class Friend with Bind removal, Barrier Restoration, a little bit of team support, solid offensive power and can inflict and break Poison on enemies.

Unbound Barriers of Life

Being a Healer, A6 Yuyuko has some tricks to help keep the team healthy, like with HP, Barriers and Bind/Stat Debuff removal all on Skill 3. Usually, we see a Skill give a team 2 Barriers, but this one takes it that step further with it being 3 Barriers instead of 2, and if you need more, there is Spell Card 2 Post-ATK to fall back on, albeit it’s 2 Barriers this time, but it will still help in its own way.

Deadly Damage Potential

Like a lot of the A6 Friends who we don’t jump to think of when it comes to the Scarlet Mist incident like Alice, Yuuka and Yukari, A6 Yuyuko shares the same Killers as them, being Youkai, Scarlet Devil Mansion, Maid, Magician, Devil, Vampire and Undead. Mainly carried by Youkai, these can do some good against a good amount of enemies, especially with enough setup. A6 Yuyuko is also rather self-sufficient with Accuracy, Yang ATK and possibly Yang DEF in some cases.

Night Sakura of Poison Anomalies

A6 Yuyuko is also able to do her part to help out by inflicting and breaking Poison anomalies on her enemies. Right off the jump, she can inflict a specific enemy with 5 Poison anomalies and break them with her Solo Spell Card 1 at 2P (2 layers on all enemies on Skill 1, 3 layers on Spell Card 1 Pre-ATK). An alternative would be to use her Spell Card 2 if 3P is reachable, as it will be able to break 2-4 Poison anomalies on all enemies, depending on who is targeted individually for Poison anomalies. As an additional bonus, her Last Word is capable of breaking Burn, Poison and Freeze anomalies all at 3P.

CRIT ATK was Nether Found

The one thing stopping A6 Yuyuko from thriving in self-sufficiency is her lack of CRIT ATK, which would be so useful to her given her solid Killer range. That said, that is the only thing she is really missing out on if she is looking out for herself, otherwise, her supportive capabilities are fine at best, with Spirit Power on Skill 1 being rather helpful and may struggle with stacking up the team’s Yang ATK and Yang DEF from Grazing and Boosting, but CRIT ATK is ultimately the main issue here.

Skill 3 Takes a While to Blossom

As useful as Skill 3 is, an 8 Turn cooldown is just not something we can just ignore since in most scenarios, we can probably only see this Skill being used once. You aren’t going to want to use it straight away to really make use of those 3 Barriers given to the team, and it is also the only source of Party Bind/Stat Debuff Removal, so it really is a case of “use it wisely” because 8 turns is a long time. It’s like waiting for the Saigyouji Ayakashi to be in full bloom…

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