Should You Pull? Prayer "Vampire Hunter & Demon's Gate Ultra Festival"

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Article by Alex 393

Should You Pull?

In most cases, recommended. If you do not have a friend who hails from the Hifuu E9 cast, these two friends in question are fantastic choices to help fill that void, and despite them both coming up to a year old at this point, they still hold up very well as Ultra Festival Friends. E1 Sakuya’s Sun and Metal breaks and Spirit Power gain as well as CRIT buffs and a respectable Killer range are not to be underestimated. Meanwhile, E1 Meiling has a great mix of being both a great defender and great attacker. Like the other 4 members of the Hifuu E9 cast also from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, she has a phenomenal Killer range including Gensokyo, Youkai, Doll, Human and God, which can really shine especially in Star-based content via her Last Word. This is also not going over her great Hard Scaling which boosts her power further. It’s safe to say E1 Meiling is up there as one of the better Defense-Class friends even after all this time, with E1 Sakuya more than holding her own with the weaponry she works with.

If you already have some strong Hifuu: Code E9 friends, you might be able to afford to spend your resources elsewhere, but if not, and you have the Seal Crystals, it’s recommended to pick up a powerful friend from this Prayer. This Prayer also provides 20 Fortune Dust when you spend God Crystals here. Are you willing to pray for a Vampire Hunting Human and/or a resilient Gatekeeper? Do you have the resources and the faith that fate will be in your favor? For those who wish to proceed, good luck on your pursuit for these two powerful friends!

Quick Overview

The Legendary Vampire Hunter that is E1 Sakuya Izayoi aims to critically damage her enemies with maxed CRIT ATK And CRIT Accuracy, high Spirit Power gain, and abundant Sun and Metal breaks.

Amazing Power Generation

E1 Sakuya will never be short on Spirit P, with her Spell Cards generating more of it with every use, while her skill keeps her fueled from the get go.

A good spread of elements on her Spell Cards with Sun and Metal

These two go hand in hand as E1 Sakuya can use the power generation that she has with her skills and Spell Cards to break multiple barriers that her enemies would have. E1 Sakuya’s 3/3 spread of Sun and Metal on both her 1st and 2nd Spell Card break multiple enemies with ease.

Last Word Has great Damage Setup

Her Last Word, while not necessarily capable of insane damage on the 1st turn, can deal some great damage with setup. With a high peak due to her Last Word’s back-loaded scaling of 1-1-3, Sakuya can make use of Yang ATK buffs to pump up her damage, as her Last Word only provides her with 2 levels of Yang ATK. However, thanks to her skills and pre-effects on her Spell Cards and Last Word, CRIT buffs are easily capped.

Selfish Character With Little Utility

Ultimately, what holds E1 Sakuya back would be her lack of utility outside of CRIT buffs. While the CRIT buffs that she provides can be really powerful in the right hands, these buffs may not impact the field as much as other buffs due to who can possibly take advantage of these buffs. On top of that, her limited anomaly utility (aside from slight Burn breaking on some attacks) doesn’t help in this regard.

E1 Hong Meiling has the ability to incorporate both offense and defense, as she goes from hard to topple, to a Star-studded Last Word with great Killers and Hard Scaling.

Burn anomaly breaks at 2P of first spell, which also inflicts them

E1 Meiling can easily break barriers right away with her first spell by casting 2 layers of Burn to all foes upon activating the spell. This is followed up with a Burn anomaly break at 2P of the attack, giving her very easy breaks to access whenever they are required. She can even break up to 3 barriers if she inflicts more Burn anomalies during the attack, which has a 50% chance to occur.

Last Word packs a punch with Gensokyo-Killer and Hard scaling

Thanks to E1 Meiling’s high Yin DEF buffs, the Yin-only Hard scaling of her Last Word gives her a very easy way to set up and dish out devastating damage. Combined with even more Yin ATK buffs within her kit and access to Gensokyo-Killer and Youkai-Killer bullets, she can easily kick out the invaders when they are done failing to break her defenses.

Insane defensive utility for self and allies

Not only does E1 Meiling heavily buff her own defenses and increase her Barrier count on her spells and skills, but these buffs are given to allies as well! This would already help their survivability tenfold, but our fellow Gatekeeper makes sure to be a responsible tank and buffs her Focus to high levels to ensure nothing goes by her unscathed. Afterwards, she can quickly heal off any heavier hits with her second skill and go right back to defending.

Rainbow-spread of elements hinders specific elemental utility

While every single bullet line on E1 Meiling’s spells has an element on it, these elements are very “rainbow-like” and target many different weaknesses, making it challenging to truly focus on one weakness of an opponent.Thankfully, this isn’t an issue on her Last Word, having 4 Star and 2 Wood.

Kit Overview

E1 Sakuya Izayoi

The critically acclaimed Vampire Hunter variant of Sakuya Izayoi has maid her mark with CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy buffs that can easily be maxed out, frequent Spirit Power acquisition, abundance in Metal and Sun breaks and even has enough base CRIT Accuracy that if it got maxed out, she wouldn’t even have to worry about her already commendable Killers! She isn’t perfect though, since she does lack natural Yang ATK buffs and is a generally selfish unit with her buffs, so with those in mind, prepare for her accordingly and you will have a fearsome hunter who may still be your perfect outsider!

E1 Hong Meiling

Standing her ground as the Gatekeeper, E1 Meiling appropriately serves as a Defense unit who actually enjoys going on the offense too. With Focus UP for herself, buffing both Yin DEF and Yang DEF for the team and keeping up their Barrier count, she does a very serviceable job as the resident tank of the mansion. As for her offensive side though, she is able to buff the Yin ATK of her allies, and buff her own Accuracy with her first Spell Card. While she likes her rainbow theme in her Spell Cards, you can also enjoy her being able to both inflict and break Burn anomalies with her first Spell Card. And last but not least, her Last Word is able to do immense damage through Yin ATK, Yin DEF, Hard Scaling, CRIT ATK and wide ranged Killers.

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