Should You Pull? Purrfect Pets of Former Hell

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Should You Pull?

If you're looking for a top notching Yang All targeting nuker with 0P access to Sun on a basic shot in the form of Utsuho Reiuji, or a pawsome Yin supporter with 0P access to Moon on a basic shot in the form of Rin Kaenbyou, this is a great banner. Both friends are extremely strong, although of the lot Rin has more evergreen value, as being a supporter nuker hybrid means she'll always scale at least reasonably well for the forseeable future. This is a general banner, and both friends will be added to the general pool at some point when the banner is over.

The Story Card on Rate Up, Mega Flare, isn't so great for Okuu herself but is a solid Agility UP card for other Slicing attackers, and the Sun & Fire DMG UP on it is decent, plus it's a solid Yin & Yang ATK stat stick. More of a nice bonus than anything else.

Quick Overview

+Purrfect levels of Yin DEF DOWN & Burn Barriers
+Solid Breaks, including P0 Solo targeting Moon on a basic shot

-No Accuracy UP
-Low levels of Yin ATK UP

+Extremely strong All targeting Last Word for farming or longer fights alike.
+Provides Agility UP for the entire team, though this is of limited use.
+Can provide Yang DEF DOWN on a priority target or two.
+0p All targeting Sun Breaks on a Basic Shot

-Overall average Breaks

Rin Kaenbyou

If you're looking for a pawsome friend, look no furrther than Rin Kaenbyou (or Orin as she prefers, she ain't fond of long names). A lighthearted kasha who's friendly to human and youkai alike, she and her best friend Utsuho Reiuji (whom she nicknamed Okuu) were once vagabond animals within former Hell. One day, the two came across Satori Komeiji whom took them in as her beloved pets, and they've been utterly loyal to her since. Sure, that lead to Utsuho accepting a offer of power from a strange god during the events of Subterranean Animism that caused Rin to have to signal the surface to beat up her bestie to calm her down, but hey, these things happen. 

Outside of her furrocious loyalty and friendly demeanor, Rin's got the ability to carry away corpses, and to control and talk to spirits. Sure, that sounds mundane, but she drives her corpse carrying cart with unparalleled speed! Don't worry though, she'd never kill you - if there's a reason for danmaku, she and the fairies cosplaying as zombies who tag around with her might rough you up a bit, but outright murder? She's a cat, not a criminal! She'll simply wait for you to die and then collect your corpse to dump into the gigantic furnace in former Hell. 

In LostWord, this clawsome cat's main claim to fame is being one of the best Yin supporters in the game. This is due to the sheer abundance of Yin DEF DOWN she has access too - for starters, her skill Vengeful Spirit User inflicts 1 level of Yin DEF DOWN to all foes for 3 turns. This is further backed up by her Spell Card, Youkai: Blazing Wheel inflicting 2 layers of Burn to all targets for 3 turns, for furrther Yin DEF DOWN. Lastly, her blazing fast Morgue Street Grand Prix - Dead Heat has her racing in to inflict, 2 more levels of Yin DEF DOWN to all targets for 2 turns, backed up by her skill Corpse Cat Cart giving her Quick and making sure she'll always go first (save for faster units who also have Quick). Such a pawsome assault will cart any foe off to a early grave!

Beyond that, this speedy kitty will Break not only your vases, but also your opponents Barriers. That is, if they're weak to Moon especially, thanks to her Spread Shot, Nitrous Dash, zooming in with 1 Sol targeting Moon Break for 0 Spirit Power - purrfect for scratching up any Moon Weak foe. Additionally, Cat Sign: Cat's Walk has 1/2/2/3 Solo targeting Moon Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power, and Youkai: Blazing Wheel has 1/2/2/3 All targeting Fire Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power (but why would you use it for that purpose when its Burn barriers are so strong?). Lastly, whilst it's more of a last resort rather than something you'd leap to, given the Yin DEF DOWN, Morgue Street Grand Prix - Dead Heat still has All targeting 4 Moon and 2 Fire Breaks for 3 Spirit Power, enough to make Moon and Fire weak enemy teams hiss in pain. 

Other than that, Rin has some not too shabby damage herself, thanks to the 1 level of Yin ATK UP for 1 turn her character ability provides her with every boost. This isn't quite good enough to make her a good farmer per se, but when December 17th rolls around, the Burn on her second Spell Card combined with an Accuracy Story Card and a Heavy DMG UP Story Card will let her claw her way to the top of any farm! Until then, that's probably her weak spot, that and her general lack of ATK UP meaning she needs to rely on Story Cards and teammate support for it - not a huge problem, given how easy that is to accomplish.

Overall, so long as you can put up with her cat puns and rather morbid sense of - well, everything, Rin is a cat-tastic friend who won't let you down! Not until you die, at least, then she'll let your corpse down into her cart.

Utsuho Reiuji

Utsuho Reiuji, alongside her best friend Rin Kaenbyou, was once a lowly beast youkai within former hell. Then, one day Satori Komeiji took the two of them in, and they’ve been fiercely devoted to their mistress ever since. They lived a simple life for a time, until the gods of Moriya entered Gensokyo - with Kanako Yasaka seeking to expand her domain, aiming to harness the power of nuclear fusion to do so. However, her only method to control that power was the god Yatagaratsu - a dangerous god, whom could only be housed in a vessel with a mind empty enough to contain it. 

After much searching, Kanako found Utsuho, the perfect candidate for taking in this god. Once she was fed Yatagaratsu in a dream, the hell Raven mistook Kanako’s words for an invitation to take over the world and, drunk with power, began the events of Subterranean Animism. After she was bonked on the head a few dozen times, Utsuho calmed down and began to run the Underground Geyser Center, an area to house nuclear energy among other things. 

As an individual, Utsuho Reiuji (or Okuu, as she’s been nicknamed by Rin Kaenbyou) is fairly simple, but can be pretty nice behind the massive ego that led her to decide taking over the world was a good and cool thing to do. Fan-works tend to play up the nice angle (as well as her more ditzy tendencies). She has the power to control nuclear fusion, which she understands pretty dang well. 

As for her design - her arm canon is literally a nuclear fuel rod (and is a shoutout to the 'third leg' that Yatagaratsu was said to possess), her enormous wings and the 'third eye' on her chest hearken to the Black Bird of Chernobyl, and her weird lumpy sock is a reference to the elephant's foot of Chernobyl. Also she's got electrons around her other foot, which doesn't reference anything but it sure is cool!

In LostWord, Utsuho is an attacker with extremely potent slicing scaling and useful, but limited team support. For starters, she sets herself up extremely well, with three powerful skills: Leg of Decomposition boosts her Agility by 2 levels for 3 turns, Leg of Fusion  gives her a whopping 2 Spirit Power UP as well as 2 levels of Accuracy UP for 3 turns, and Third Leg gives her 3 Levels of Yang ATK UP for 2 turns as well as 2 levels of Agility UP for all allies for 3 turns. Additionally, her whole team gets another level of Agility UP for a turn each time she Grazes thanks to her character ability. Tying all of this together is her Last Word, Primordial Sun, which features a blistering 50%/70%/80%/0%/100%/0% Slicing scaling (meaning that much of her Agility will be added to her Attack for damage calculations). Unfortunately due to its 3-1-1 layout it can’t take full advantage of her instant Spirit Power generation, but it still hits very hard all the same.

Her other attacks are also useful. For starters, her Focus Shot, Hell Wave Cannon, features 1 All targeting Sun Break at 0 Power, which can be a decent source of additional Breaks. Her first Spell Card, Explosion Sign: Mega Flare, is notable for having an extremely potent 70%/70%/0%/80%/0%/80% Slicing scaling, which can help when you need to squeeze out extra damage, as well as an average 1/2/2/3 Solo targeting Sun Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power. And lastly, her second Spell Card, Atomic Fire: Uncontainable Nuclear Reaction Dive, features 2 levels of Yang & CRIT DEF DOWN for 3 turns with Solo targeting, alongside an average 1/2/2/3 Fire Breaks for 0/1/2/3 Spirit Power. 

That’s pretty much the long and short of it for Utsuho. She’s a good attacker who shines when partnered with other Slicing characters, though the benefit they gain out of her additional Agility levels will usually be less than you’d hope due to diminishing returns, with the very best attackers getting even less. The hell raven is a bright sun to light up your day, and to burn your opponents up (with second degree burns, remember, no killing in Spell Card duels!).

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