Should You Pull? Reisen (Peacekeeper of the Capital)

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Should You Pull?

Maybe, leaning towards Yes. Reisen is a powerful character who can provide the team with a lot of CRIT support. However, this CRIT support may come as a bit niche as she buffs CRIT DEF and Evasion which don’t generally come up often as relevant buffs to have. However, her other buffs like CRIT ATK, Yang ATK, barrier restoration, and more can bring a lot to the table. 

The banners that compete with B3 Reisen would be B5 Reisen Udongein Inaba, R8 Youmu Konpaku, B3 Watatsuki no Yorihime, and L1 Nue Houjuu with L1 Nazrin. B3 Yorihime and B5 Reisen are both powerful characters to have and while B3 Reisen is strong, you cannot be faulted for aiming for either of these characters. 

While the banner doesn’t have any step ups just like R8 Youmu Konpaku’s banner, it does contain 2x Fortune Dust just like the other 1st Anniversary banners if you decide to use your God Cubes. Not to mention, the Story Card that comes with this banner, Mansion of Memories, provides a powerful ability as it provides the party with 2 stages of Yin ATK which can be useful for future content. As with other Ultra Festivals, B3 Reisen can be exchanged for 250 Exchange Points while the 5* story card Mansion of Memories can be exchanged for 50 Exchange Points.

Quick Overview

+ Boost Based Teamwide P
+ Decent Breakings throughout shots and spells
+ Good utility throughout with CRIT support and Yang ATK

- Both her Spell Cards don't do great damage
- Her 3rd skill, while spammable, has low buff durations
- Her CRIT support, while powerful, can be a bit niche at times

[Numbers in brackets are buffs at Max Limit Break or stat sticks at Max Enhance]

  • Party's Yin ATK 1 [2] level(s) UP (2T)
  • Own Focus 2 [3] levels DOWN (3T)
  • Spell Card's Energy Bullet power 15% [20%] UP (1T)
  • Health +70 [+370]
  • Yin ATK +46 [+106]

Reisen (Peacekeeper of the Capital)

Reisen’s niche in content is to provide the team with a large amount of CRIT support and the ability to provide the team with more buffs to boot. The ability to provide a large amount of CRIT support can be seen with her 2nd skill, Support Payload, as it provides the team with 3.5 levels of CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy which can help the team dish out more damage. However, as this skill is inherently random with the skill flipping a coin between 3 levels and 4 levels of these buffs, this may introduce some variance of damage. However, she can still compensate as her ability allows her boosts and grazes to help mitigate this problem as boosts and grazes provide CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy respectively. 

Another thing that Reisen can support the team would be her ability to give the team a wide array of buffs through her 3rd skill, Supply Payload, and her Spell Cards. Ranging from Yang ATK, Yang DEF, barrier restoration, and even party P which scales with boosts, Reisen can comfortably use her abilities to break multiple barriers with her good access to elements while still providing the team the ability to do more damage. While she may not be able to dish out as much damage as her allies, she can absolutely support them while being no slouch herself.