Should You Pull? Relic Prayer “Beyond the Sky”

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Article by Kairyu
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Should You Pull?

If you want to party with Anomalies. Rolling in with a shrine on her back, Kanako is armed to the teeth with an assortment of cannons to replace the missing people in her life. Players will love her firm resolve towards committing violence with the way she can land and break Paralyze and Poison barriers in a flash. Burn and Freeze anomalies make her stronger, giving her the buffs she needs to setup for huge damage that she can send hurtling into the stratosphere with wide hitting Killers and Hard scaling.

Kanako isn’t here to serve your Friends, however. The buffs she provides teams are minimal (although essential, with Accuracy being a team wide buff). A Goddess lacking faith needs to collect that elsewhere after all, and true to her nature, worshipping her with your Friends is the best way to make her shine.

Quick Overview

Kanako Yasaka (L80) is a Technical-Class Friend who expertly wields Anomalies to her benefit and against her opponents before laying down devastating firepower.

Anomalous Faith

Kanako’s mastery of Anomalies is evident in the way she wields elements of the Land and Sky equally. She can break 3 Poison barriers on a single target, and can setup a whopping 6-7 Paralyze breaks on ALL enemies on Turn 1. Her Last Word can break both these Anomalies, adding Burn and Freeze to the mix. Finally, she converts Burn, Freeze and Paralyze into a cornucopia of buffs, making her a great addition to most Anomaly teams.

Mountain of Damage

The Goddess of Wind and Rain can unleash a torrent of damage, with Yang ATK and Crit ATK buffs that come close to maxing her out. Her Killers are nothing to sneeze at, covering the ever popular Gensokyo tag, while also hitting Gods and Parallel Presences to great effect.

Elemental Soup

Kanako has a colorful assortment of Elements spread throughout her kit. She hits both Wood and Star on her ALL targeting Spell Card 1 while Spell Card 2 focuses entirely on hitting a single target with Earth. Her Last Word carries Wood, Metal and Water, similar to her Spread and Focus Shots. This lack of focus is of smaller consequence due to her ability to break barriers efficiently through Anomalies, but will limit her damage potential when hitting ineffective elements.

Selfish Attacker?

Most of Kanako’s kit is very much geared towards her own benefit, offering little in return to her allies. She is able to provide useful Accuracy, Yang ATK and Crit ATK buffs to her Friends, but she is otherwise very much looking to shine in the spotlight.

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