Should You Pull? Relic Prayer “Beyond the Underworld Gate”

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Article by Delta_Rune
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Should You Pull?

Yes, if you think she’s worth the cost. L80 Satori is an amazing unit, filled with great breaks and her Last Word outputting some major damage. However, there may be some other characters that may appeal more to you. If you fancy yourself a strong friend, or maybe a Komeiji enjoyer, then Satori will definitely not disappoint you.

Quick Overview

L80 Satori is a Destruction class character who specializes in powerful barrier breaks or nuking.

Amazing barrier breaking potential

Satori can inflict both Burn and Poison anomalies and break them via her Shots, 2nd Spell Card, and Last Word.

Self sustainable

Satori is self sustainable in a way where she can replenish her barriers and Spirit P via her Spell Cards, allowing her to take advantage of barrier breaks and potentially graze utility. Her skills also have a decent duration where they can be used to keep her buffs with little to no downtime.

Lackluster Spell Card damage (except Last Word)

Despite being a DEST-type character, she cannot carry her Crit Accuracy enough to do great damage using her Spell Cards. Additionally, her lack of currently relevant Killers also contribute on her Spell Card's damage output. If these Killers do hit however, it can prove to output great damage.

Does not have a particularly strong team utility

Her team utility is not strong for a Relic character. Her main utility lies on her 1st skill – which boosts the party's CRIT ACC and ACC plus give 0.75P – and her ability to give CRIT ATK while grazing. However, the latter gimps her ability to stack buffs via her Poison and Blind anomaly self-inflicts.

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