Should You Pull? Relic Prayer “Cut Through the Doubts”

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Article by Minzhire
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Should You Pull?

Definitely. L80 Youmu is arguably one of the best Relic friends currently available and she proves this by offering a lantern of hope for your party through her massive support capabilities, centralized element breaks, and high damage outputs. In comparison to the other banners that run along with hers after the maintenance, it is simply leagues beyond what they can offer. So if you wish to have a very strong Friend and/or a Youmu fan to boot, L80 Youmu shall be your guiding light amidst the Netherworld.

Quick Overview

Trained in the art of sword fighting, L80 Youmu will cut through any and all disillusions facing her way, proving herself as your guiding light for present and future endeavors.

Extremely powerful and solid support capabilities

As a Support unit, the usual focal point is to support the party, which she fulfills in an excellent way. The buffs she provides have excellent duration and low cooldowns, allowing her to constantly supply her party with it and in turn not worry about it much as the fight goes on. Specifically, her 3rd skill allows for infinite YIN ATK and YANG ATK UP buffing with an extra turn to give leeway to potential skill use stalling.

Self sustainable

This is an extension to her ability to provide solid support to the entire party as in conjunction to being able to support this well, the unit herself will definitely not be left out of it. Every aspect that she is able to support, whether it be powerful attack buffs, barrier restores, and Spirit Power, will be maximized to its fullest due to low downtime.

Wide variety and range of relevant Killers

Youmu is able to deal with a myriad of disillusions with her powerful access to a wide variety and range of Killers such as Gensokyo, Parallel Presence, Soul, and Human, with some niche Killers included within. This enables her to dish out an outstanding damage potential due to guaranteed critical hits.

Centered around Metal elemental breaks

Majority of her attacks revolve around the Metal element, along with some fragmented elements. This allows her to be very useful in regards to Metal based content and at the same time, may limit her usage on other stages that resists Metal.

Decent anomaly inflicts and breaks

She is able to inflict Poison to all targets and simultaneously break it at 2.00P using her 2nd spell card. Additionally, her Spread Shot can do the same, albeit only on a single target at 1.00P.

Poison inflicts to the party may be a hindrance for the party

Her 3rd skill, which provides 2 Poison inflicts to the party, is beneficial for L80 Youmu due to her Ability. However, this can slightly gimp other units in the party who are YANG oriented due to the anomaly’s negative effects. On the other hand, this is quite minor when compared to other anomalies and you can mitigate this via grazing and/or anomaly cleanse. In fact, this can become a boon instead for your party if they benefit from the anomaly itself.

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