Should You Pull? Rerun Festival: Flower Master of Fantasy

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Article by Mrrp

Should You Pull?

This heavily depends. The timing of this banner coincides with Lollipop Princess of Plenty and Elemental Festival Fire. Both have some conditional but very good reasons to pull. B3’s Watatsuki no Toyohime is an insanely powerful unit, with utility as of now unrivaled, and you might be looking for some powerful Fire units to tackle the new Fire EX Stage. That said, if you don’t want to invest in an Ultra Festival friend, and have all the Fire-power you need, Yuuka Kazami, Flower Master of the Four Seasons maintains a valuable spot as a powerful FES Friend. She has great farming capabilities, performs admirably in Challenge Content, and blitzes through event stages with her five All spellcards. The only things you could consider drawbacks are her mediocre breaks, as well as her general lack of team utility.

Do keep in mind that this banner will have a God Crystal Step-UP in ascending order, starting at 60 God Crystals and increasing by 100 with each roll. This Step-UP also has a x2 bonus to Fortune Dust giving 20 Fortune Dust with each step.

Quick Overview

+Very high and front-loaded damage which partially ignores elemental resistances
+Both Spell Cards are All targeting, useful in farming and Arena alike

-Minimal utility
-Poor Breaks
-Frontloaded damage can leave her lacking in challenging content

Yuuka Kazami

Kazami Yuuka

In LostWord, Yuuka takes upon the role of a selfish All targeting nuker, with an emphasis on dealing most of her damage on turn 1. As such, the most important part of her kit is her All-targeting Last Word, Blooming Beauty - Master Spark, which upon initial appearances may seem mostly suited for longer fights due to its 1-3-1 layout. However, thanks to her skills Capillary Action and Roses Have Thorns, the flower master can get 2 Spirit Power UP on the very first turn (alongside, thanks to Roses Have Thorns, 3 levels of Yang ATK UP for 1 turn)- allowing her to deal a devastating blow to the enemy right away. 

There is a further caveat to Yuuka’s Last Word - in spite of its All-targeting, a large amount of its damage comes thanks to her skill Alkaloid, which inflicts 2 levels of Evasion DOWN (1T) and 2 layers of Poison (2T) - but only to a single target. As such, her damage is at its highest against a single foe, and lower (but still very high thanks to the abundance of Yang ATK UP in her kit) against multiple foes. 

The rest of her kit emphasizes this focus on damage output. Flower Sign: Blossoming of Gensokyo has only a paltry 2 Wood and 1 Star All-targeting Breaks in total, but comes with 3 levels of Accuracy UP (2T) and a 1-1-3 layout. This is complimented well by Fantasy: The Beauties of Nature, which has a not-so-great 2 Star and 1 Wood All-targeting breaks in total but provides Yuuka with 1 Spirit Power UP alongside a 1-1-3 layout - between the two, Yuuka can certainly pump out a considerable amount of damage. Both are also All-targeting, which in conjunction with her All targeting Last-Word makes Yuuka a great Quality of Life pickup for mashing through event stages on Full Auto for those sweet, sweet first time clear bonuses. 

However, as roses have thorns, so too does Yuuka have her rough points. As shown, she is rather lacking in Break potential - her only good options for it are her Focus Shot Illusory Spring Flowers which grants her a spammable Solo targeting Wood Break for 0 Spirit Power, and her Last Word Blooming Beauty - Master Spark which has in total 2 Wood and 2 Star All targeting Breaks at 2 Spirit Power - but as damage is the primary reason to bring Yuuka, it is rare you’ll ever use it for the purpose of Breaks. Additionally, Alkaloid’s single target debuffs are her only form of team support, leaving her as a rather selfish attacker. Not only that, but due to the nature of her frontloaded offense and easy-to-max Yang ATK buffs, she is rather difficult to be supported by others, making Full Breaking the target the only way to further optimize her damage. At a state of the game where many other top tier threats can both be offensively strong without sacrificing utility.

Still, Yuuka has maintained her role since her release and is a valuable friend, though do note that she no longer has a flowery chokehold on being one of the only units to efficiently farm three-wave stages such as Chapter 3 Act 1's (3-3-3) Story Card anymore, with the release of Auto-Replay.

Overall, Yuuka’s here to savage those who would trample on the flowers with tremendous amounts of damage. Just don’t expect her to be a team player - she can be a bit socially awkward, after-all. 

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