Should You Pull? Rerun Ultra Festival: Lunar War Oracle

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Should You Pull?

Maybe, with a lean toward No. The Lunar War Oracle, B3 Sanae Kochiya, makes her own 1-week-only Ultra Festival Rerun Prayer to follow up the previous ones. Taking inspiration from her base form, Sanae is a great support when it comes to HP heals, providing them through both spells and skills. Where she truly shines is her CRIT support, as she is capable of debuffing foes’ CRIT DEF and CRIT Evasion heavily to benefit any attackers that can use even more CRIT-based boosts. Her damage potential may be less extreme than her fellow Lunar War Combatants, but her high support potential and good Star and Wood breaks makes her a very well-rounded Friend.

While Sanae is well-rounded, the other prayers she is competing with makes it hard to truly want to pull for her. C3 Yukari Yakumo, being the second Epic Friend, is significantly better than her, though there is always the risk of not obtaining her due to no Exchange Point exchange. Even then, there is the other Ultra Festival Friend, E1 Hong Meiling, who is also better at outperforming Sanae’s damage potential while being an incredibly tanky Friend. There’s also the ongoing A10 Friend Prayer (although it does end on August 8th) as well as the new Friend Ichirin Kumoi coming alongside A12 Byakuren Hijiri, ending the same date as this prayer, August 12th. There’s just not much time to focus on obtaining Sanae compared to the first two options, which is why this prayer is unfortunately low-priority.

It will cost 250 Exchange Points to exchange for B3 Sanae, like any other Ultra Festival Friend. Another thing that this Ultra Festival Rerun shares with the others is a Descending God Crystal Step-UP, which can be used to get some free 10-prayers if you are up to spending God Crystals for Sanae.

Quick Overview

+Heavy amount of healing over both skills and spells
+0P Star on spread shot and 0P Wood on focus shot
+Large CRIT DEF and Evasion debuffs on opponents
+Can keep herself alive with a healing passive
-Less consistent damage due to relying on CRIT
-Expensive to raise due to larger upgrade requirements and Divine Dolls

Sanae Kochiya (Lunar War Oracle)

In the world where █████ has been lost, Sanae Kochiya has practically lost all of her powers linked to being classified as a living god. She has returned to her previous human strength, powerless to perform any of the miracles she was proud of before. While it is unclear if her original powers can ever return, the temporary mechanical suit based on the knowledge of Moriya’s previous gods allows her to take part in combat once more. Now without the need for rituals to perform miracles, Sanae can release various devices and units to restore her team’s health or shoot her railgun to do what railguns usually do, but with some star-shaped style Sanae previously had access to. With a new and fancy visor, the Oracle is prepared to win the Lunar War and any other fights you take her to.

Element-wise, Sanae leads an offense filled with the Wood and Star elements, matching her Moriya Shrine routes almost perfectly. Of course, as an Ultra Festival Friend, her arsenal has been buffed to include 0P Wood and Star on her basic shots, as well as a decent access to both elements on spells. To be specific, she gets a good 3 Star from her first spell, Esoterica: Forgotten Ritual, a nice 3 Wood from her second spell, Miracle: Night With Overly Bright Guest Stars, and a spread of 4 Star/2 Wood on her Last Word, Divine Full Armor Purge. Her Last Word comes with decent Slice scaling, though the main way Sanae raises her Agility is through Divine Full Armor Purge’s pre-ATK effect of a 4-level buff (2T). The other effects surrounding Sanae’s spells are focused on CRIT debuffs. Both spells are similar, debuffing all enemies’ stats by 2 levels (3T) and committing an extra level of debuff on the specified target of the spell (1T). Esoterica: Forgotten Ritual does this for CRIT DEF while Miracle: Night With Overly Bright Guest Stars does this for CRIT Evasion, making both spells good extra utility for critical hit damage. To finish them off, Divine Full Armor Purge does a All-target 3-level debuff to both stats (3T) while healing the party by 80% of Sanae’s HP after the Last Word for good measure.

Sanae’s skills show off more of her healing capabilities, but still contain some CRIT-based modifications. Her first skill, Ritual Framework, stays true to her normal spells and gives a further 2 leves of CRIT DEF DOWN and CRIT Evasion DOWN (2T) to all foes while also raising her Spirit Power by 1.00. Meanwhile her second skill, Frog Resupply Unit, recovers the party’s HP by 40% of Sanae’s own HP stat while giving herself 0.25 more Spirit Power and self-Charge. Charge is mainly only good if other Friends need to apply their debuffs first, but Sanae might also want to go before other Friends to apply her CRIT debuffs, so be wary while using this skill. Lastly, her third skill, Snake Switch Unit, is even more healing, at 70% this time, along with more party support via 3 levels of Yang ATK UP (1T) alongside a partywide increase of 0.25 Spirit Power. Sanae is able to use her skills for slightly more debuffs, but a good amount of team utility as well.

The primary issue with Sanae is that, unfortunately, she lacks long-term, consistent damage when compared to her allied Lunar War Combatants. She has to really rely on CRIT Accuracy to deal great damage, as she cannot fully take advantage of Slice scaling, her own offensive buffs are low or short-enduring, and her Killer Bullets are just not great enough. In addition, while many other Friends like to rely on critical hits for heavier damage as well, their own kits usually come with CRIT ATK UP to help themselves, meaning that sometimes Sanae’s own CRIT debuff support is not necessary for a battle. Still, that does not mean her supportive attributes have no potential to help out, especially with the wide variety of healing that she can pull off. 

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