Should You Pull? Rerun Ultra Festival: Lunar War Shaman

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Should You Pull?

Maybe, leaning toward Yes. Continuing the trend of rerunning Ultra Festival Friends is the Lunar War Shaman herself, B3 Reimu Hakurei. Out of the six Lunar War Combatants, she is by far the strongest, boasting a mean offense, incredibly sturdy defense, and other versatile functions. She can provide the party with a good amount of support while being amazing herself, making her fit in almost any team she wants.

There is a slight hesitancy to pull on this prayer, not because B3 Reimu has gotten worse overtime, but rather her timing is puzzling when considering the other options. Her prayer leaves in a week, or on August 19th, which coincides with a lot of other great-value prayers. Primarily, there is C3 Yukari Yakumo and E1 Hong Meiling. Yukari, being an Epic Friend, is just ridiculously strong, although she of course does not have the safety net of Exchange Points. Reimu is still stronger than Meiling and more sturdy, but Meiling still has a niche in heavy teamwide defensive buffing. A13 Toyosatomimi no Miko is similar in heavy teamwide Yang DEF buffs, but Reimu is definitely better than in her every other front. B3 Reimu is definitely not the worst Friend to pull for now, but it’s just important to be aware of the current and near-future deals.

Speaking of deals, B3 Reimu’s Ultra Festival Prayer continues the redemption of Ultra Festival Prayers in the way that there is now Descending God Crystal Step-UP to help ensure at least obtaining one Friend on this prayer. Reimu might not be guaranteed from the steps, but the free 10-pulls on steps 2 and 4 should at least raise the odds a bit. As with other Ultra Festival Friends, B3 Reimu costs 250 Exchange Points to exchange for.

Quick Overview

+ Great Breaks, including P0 Sun and Wood on her basic shots
+ Great Killer bullet types and amazing damage when at full Spirit Power boost
+ Fantastic team support, among the best if not the best in keeping a team alive
- 1-1-3 Bullet layout makes her 1-Turn damage mediocre without Spirit Power support
- Really wants accuracy support for consistency

Reimu Hakurei (Lunar War Shaman)

█████. A vital part of the world and of Gensokyo, and one day, simply lost. In the midst of the fallout and in a race against time to keep the world from ending, Reimu Hakurei steps back into the fray. With her dual guns “Chen” and “Ran” (not to be confused with the shikigami they’re named after), Reimu is utterly strapped with technology to resolve the incident of a lifetime. She’s equipped with an outfit based on the powers of Yukari Yakumo, possessed by several low-level shikigami of Yukari’s, and augmented with jet thrusters with tech based on Aya Shameimaru’s mastery of speed and gales, energy packs based on Suika Ibuiki’s Ibuki Gourd, systems which make her physical might on par with her former self, a Yin-Yang Orb Drive based on Misumaru Tamatsukuri (a god you’ll meet later), and more. With all this tech on her side, she could fight anywhere, not that she’d want to. 

Reimu’s weaponry, rather than enfeebling and trapping youkai as usual, focuses heavily on optimizing her specs for maximum destruction. Along with her basic shots covering both 0P Wood and 0P Sun for spammable elements, at proper Boost values, they can buff Yang DEF and Agility by 1 level, the two stats that are very relevant for her Last Word, Hakurei Talisman - Fantasy Nature. Unlike other Friends who have Hard scaling, Slice scaling, or neither, Reimu gets access to both Hard and Slice, which raises her damage potential to a ridiculous degree. Not only does the Last Word itself contribute to this by raising Agility by 4 levels (3T) and Yang DEF by 3 levels (3T) (along with a 1-turn 5 levels of Yang ATK UP for good measure), but her normal spells lay on the buffs heavily as well. Her first spell, Charm: Fantastic High-Speed Prayer Talismans, gives 3 levels of Agility UP (3T) while her second spell, Charm: Anti-Youkai Hoke-Yoke Prayer, is 3 levels of both defensive stats (3T). This spell even breaks Burn anomalies at 3P for good measure, even though she doesn’t apply them herself. That does not make the rest of her breaking potential bad, as the rest of her spells pack a great dual-mix of Wood and Sun to back up her 0P basic shots.

As a battle-hardened shrine maiden, Reimu has learned to back her comrades up via her skills. Her first skill, False Barrier/Shinra, is mainly beneficial for herself, boosting her Yang ATK by 2 leves (2T) and giving herself 1.00 Spirit Power. Still, the 3 levels of Agility UP (3T) are beneficial for herself and any other Friends that use Slice scaling for better damage. False Barrier/Hope, Reimu’s second skill, takes a much more defensive role by recovering 70% of her own HP while giving herself Charge to serve as a finisher while other allies potentially provide debuffs. With its 4-turn cooldown along with Reimu’s already high defense boosts, Reimu becomes a menace to take down, practically requiring foes to burst her down since Reimu has no elements she is weak to, only having barriers broken via anomaly breaks. Reimu’s final skill is False Barrier/Hakurei, and is where she goes truly supportive, providing the team 3 levels of Yin DEF UP and Yang DEF UP (3T), along with a partywide boost of 0.25 Spirit Power for good measure. 

In all honesty, there’s not much that the Lunar War Shaman truly lacks in. She doesn’t have any self-Accuracy support, so she will need help from allies or story cards to make up for that. Her Character Ability boons aren’t amazing either, as partywide Evasion from Boosting is scarcely needed and the Grazing Focus UP lasting for only 1 turn means that her allies can be in danger in the preceding turns. Even then, Reimu buffs herself so heavily while still supporting her allies’ defenses that these downsides barely matter or can be resolved through secondary methods. She might have lost her original abilities, but her new mecha suit will allow her to be one of the best shrine maidens Hakurei Shrine has been blessed with.

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