Should You Pull? Rerun Ultra Festival: Masked Words of Truth

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Should You Pull?

Yes. While she may not be the only Support Class Ultra Festival anymore, B3 Sagume Kishin still by far has some of the best supportive attributes in the game. Literally all of her skills are meaningful for both herself and the entire party, from barrier restoration, Spirit Power increases, and a whole bunch of offensive and defensive buffs. Not only do said skills have relatively low cooldowns, her third one being as low as 4 turns, but her spells join in with many of the same, sometimes even better, support! And of course, as expected of an Ultra Festival Friend, she hits extremely hard to give her a great amount of reasons to be deployed with any type of team.

Sagume's main co-running competition is F1 Reimu Hakurei, as sadly A8 Eirin Yagokoro and Mystia Lorelei easily do not match Sagume's power, even in terms of their nuking potential. However, whereas Reimu excels at offensive teamwide buffs and debuffing enemies, Sagume provides some additional barriers, Spirit Power, and defensive buffs to make her slightly more well-rounded. Of course, F1 Reimu is the best Friend in the game so far, but some people may also find the Exchange Point safety of Sagume more appealing than the risk of Reimu's Epic Prayer. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to get the B3 Temples and their rabbit assistant together to wipe out stages in style?

Sagume's prayer lasts until July 15th, giving you slightly less than 2 weeks to pick her up.  As with any Ultra Festival, she requires 250 Exchange Points to be exchanged for. The prayer has no special Step UP or type of Fortune Dust deals.

Quick Overview

+1P Wood, 2P Moon on AoE spread shot
+0P Moon on AoE sure-hit focus shot
+Inflicts lots of Electrified on enemies with Spell Card 1 (AoE)
+Provides incredible teamwide buffs with Spell Card 2, Last Word, and all Skills to basically every stat, including P bonuses
+Full elemental Spell Cards and Last Word
+Great personal damage despite "Support" class
-Wants a strong team to fully take advantage of her large suite of teamwide buffs

Sagume Kishin (Truth Temple of Legitimacy and Integrity)

Universe B3 Sagume Kishin, Codename: Azusa, is a Lunarian divine spirit, leading political figure and protector of the Lunar Capital alongside Otohime (B3 Toyohime) and Kannagi (B3 Yorihime). Much like her universe L1 self, she is an Amanojaku, so she has the ability to reverse a situation by speaking about it. For example, if she were to speak about someone defeating her in battle, the reverse would happen. But the ability is very double-edged, as she can't control when it activates; it simply happens when she speaks. She can easily cause misfortune for herself and her allies if she does not choose her words carefully. The solution to this problem comes with her B3 gear, in which she has a mask she wears which nullifies her ability. She is very strong as a divine spirit regardless, so she wears the mask in order to communicate succinctly without having the possibility of calamity brought upon by her words. This is evident in Lost Word, as she's just as strong as her fellow B3 Lunar Capital defenders.

B3 Sagume's spread shot, Regulatory Yin-Yang Orb, has 1 Wood at 1P, 1 Moon at 2P, 1 more Wood at 3P, and targets all foes. It also has a large suite of Antis, including Youkai, Human, Beast and Inchling, which hits a majority of Friends in the game. Additionally, when she hits 1P Boost, her spread shot will have the capability to break Paralyze barriers. Her focus shot, Killer Yin-Yang Orb, has 1 Moon at 0P,  1 Metal at 2P, and 1 more Moon at 3P. Its antis are less encompassing than the spread shot as it doesn't include anti-human or youkai, but it has Sure-Hit status to make up for it, and it also grants Self-Speed UP upon use. B3 Sagume's first Spell Card, Orb Sign: "Impure Body Detection Mines V2", is All-Target, has 2 each of Star, Moon and Metal barrier breaks, inflicts 2 layers of Paralyze (3T) pre-attack, and increases all allied Barriers by 2 post-attack. What is so great about this is that, the paralyze barriers get broken instantly when you have her at 2P Boost. Her second Spell Card, Orb Sign: "Shining Shotgun Coronation of the Gods", is single-target, has 4 Metal and 2 Moon barrier breaks, and grants all allies 0.75 P and 2 levels of Speed (3T) pre-attack. Her Last Word, "Eyes For Curiosity", is All-target, has 3 Moon and 3 Metal barrier breaks, and boosts all allies Yang ATK by 2 (2T), Yang DEF by 3 (2T), and Crit ATK by 3 (2T), all pre-attack, and does amazing damage regardless of that.

B3 Sagume's support capabilities don't stop there; she synergizes with Iku Nagae due to her passive which makes it so that when she's inflicted with Paralyze or Blind, the inflicter gains just as many stacks. You can use this to set up a full stack of Paralyze barriers on Iku very easily to max out her damage. An additional synergy stems from B3 Sagume's Paralyze inflict. A definite example for this would be B3 Sagume and Iku having the capability to inflict 11 paralyze anomalies and simultaneously break them by the 2nd turn assuming both of them are max awakened.

But specific synergies aside, B3 Sagume also buffs just about every stat under the sun; when she Grazes, all allies get 1 Accuracy UP (1T), and when she Boosts, all allies get Yang ATK UP (1T). These bonuses are very easy to take advantage of as she generates tons of team P and Barriers in her Spell Cards and Skills. Her Skill 1 increases all ally Barriers by 1.5, Yang DEF by 3 (3T), and Yin DEF by 3 (3T). Her Skill 2 increases all ally P by 1, Crit Accuracy by 3 (3T), and grants Fast status to herself. Her Skill 3 increases all ally Yang ATK by 2 (2T), Yin ATK by 3 (2T), and Crit ATK by 3 (2T).

As you can see from the myriad of bonuses granted from all of her Spell Cards and Skills, B3 Sagume is no doubt the supreme Support class Friend; she makes it near effortless to cap all stat buffs team wide, and can generate enough P and Barrier to keep your team running strong in the most endurance-heavy fights. If you have the resources, investing into her is sure to be a good choice.

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