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Prayer Overview

2022’s Summer season might be over halfway through, but that doesn’t mean that Touhou LostWord is ready to finish its deals regarding it! While the Yukari Yakumo from a Summer-like universe is visiting for a while, Lucky Bag is also making its return from August 5th until August 31st, or the end of the month. 

Lucky Bag is a type of special prayer, similar to the 72H prayers, that offers 10-prayer pulls for half the God Crystal cost (300 God Crystals) up to 3 times. Each of these 10-pulls will guarantee 1 Festival Friend, ranging from either an L1 Festival Friend up until Keiki Haniyasushin or the six A-Type Universe Friends available! 

The A-Type Friends available in this prayer include: A6 Reimu Hakurei, A6 Marisa Kirisame, A6 Sakuya Izayoi, A7 Youmu Konpaku, A8 Reisen Udongein Inaba, and A10 Sanae Kochiya. Their character pages can be accessed using the links below. Additionally, this official news post lists any of the available L1 Festival Friends on the prayer.

Should You Pull?


The value of this prayer is almost entirely dependent on if a player has obtained the A-Type Friends available. Most of the A-Type Friends here, especially Reimu and Marisa, are exceptionally powerful Friends that practically any player would benefit from having on their side. Newer players might feel hesitant from pulling, desiring to save their God Crystals for future investments such as facility upgrades or perhaps Ascending God Crystal Step-UPs on future prayers. However, with how less common those Step-UPs are becoming, along with this prayer’s guaranteed chance of a Festival Friend, most of whom are still strong even if not A-Type, this prayer’s value for newer players with the God Crystals to spare is invaluable. 

Experienced players, especially those with great Friends already, have a somewhat different issue to address. There are 37 different Festival Friends to obtain here, so if you lack most of that percentage out of 37, then the value of this prayer is still very high. Of course, if most of the unobtained Festival Friends here feel lacking or not worth the risk, then this prayer will likely be less appealing to veterans. 

FInal Thoughts

Lucky Bag Prayers are generally aimed at small spenders who can afford to part with a little bit of God Crystals here and there, but the value of the Prayer is still quite good for Free to Play players if you've got some God Crystals saved up. If you don't have a lot of Festival Friends, the chances you'll get disappointed here are pretty low, thought just be aware that this can only be done three times. Whether you'd prefer five 60 God Crystal step on Ascending Step-UPs or this Prayer is just a matter of choice between what's more valuable to you; 60 God Crystal step gives more overall pulls and Fortune Dust, but Lucky Bag doesn't include the standard Friend pool, so the overall Friend quality is much higher. And once again, with the lack of Ascending God Crystal Step-UPs in recent times, including the start of this Lucky Bag’s run, perhaps spending God Crystals on guaranteed Festival Friends is more practical. But if you do decide to Pray here, good luck, as always!

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