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Should You Pull?

Maybe. Familiar with the previous Attack Class Prayer? Well then, you will be right at home with how the Technical Class Prayer works. You have from the daily reset of June 27th to the end of June 29th to make up to 3 half-cost (300) God Crystal 10-pulls on a Prayer meant for Technical Friends only, both Festival and General! The featured Festival Friends can be found on the thumbnail and will be reviewed in greater detail below. 

The main gimmick of Technical Friends is very mixed and based on the Friend itself, but no matter the one you get, expect them to do some heavy self-buffing or enemy-debuffing for powerful end results! Many Technical Friends may only try to benefit themselves, but usually they come with tools to help them synergize with other Friends and result in rather decent stage clears, either by themselves or on teams. If you get a Friend like Tenshi Hinanawi, then just expect an offensive Friend who does not hold back!
This banner is a really good deal for any new or veteran player that either skipped on these Friends before or just lacks good Technical power in their arsenal. However, without the novelty of the chance of a new Friend, you are likely better off just skipping this banner, especially since it is such a limited-time offer. Still, Fortune Dust x2 is still around to promise whoever tries to pull a good amount of Fortune Dust for future use!

Featured Friend Overview

Instead of attempting to tier or order every featured Friend of this prayer, as to be honest, Technical Friends can find themselves in several good situations that tiering them ignores most of their purpose, this section will go over what each Friend is best used for regarding utility, as well as mentioning their potential in barrier breaking. Besides, what somewhat rhymes with Technical? Flexible! …it kind of rhymes. This section will be ordered by the Friends’ release order regarding mainline Touhou.

Suika Ibuki: Forgetting Dream, Illusion, and Thus a Night Parade
Self-Defense Buffer, Slight Fire Breaker, and Few Party Buffs

Suika is still one of the most solid Friends that you can find in Touhou LostWord, L1-wise. Her main appeal likely comes from her raw power, heavily buffing her own Yin DEF and Yang DEF to take advantage of her good Hard scaling on her mixed Last Word. However, damage is far from all that she provides. With a 0P Fire break on her Spread shot and 3 All-target Fire breaks on her second spell, Suika can definitely be a decent Fire breaker. Although her skills, including a 2-layer Barrier restoration, are entirely greedy, Suika still provides team support via Accuracy UP on her first spell and even some teamwide Yin ATK via her Grazes, something that validates her Barrier restoration on her second skill even more!

Kaguya Houraisan: Eternal and Instant Sinner
Selfish Offense Buffer, Spirit Power Boosted

On an offensive end, Kaguya may appear as a horrible pick at first due to all of her backloaded spells, requiring 3P to get a good amount of damage from them. However, don’t count this princess out just yet! Her first spell grants her a heavy 1.50 Spirit Power to herself, something she can build off of along with her Spirit Power-restoring skills to quickly ramp into some heavy hits. Unfortunately, outside of a good amount of Yang ATK and Yang DEF buffs to scale off her pretty good Hard bullets, Kaguya really doesn’t offer much in terms of elemental breaks due to very mixed elements on spells. Still, if you need some raw damage, Kaguya is not the worst pick for the job, especially when allowed to set up.

Tenshi Hinanawi: Girl of the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception
Selfish All-Target Attacker

Hold on, Tenshi isn’t an Attack-type Friend? Nope, as while Tenshi relies on heavy Yang ATK buffs for good damage, she gets a good amount of Yang DEF in from spells and skills alike to support her downright great Last Word Hard scaling! In general, Tenshi is highly valued for her pure offense…and not much else. In terms of team utility, Tenshi brings none to the table, like the greedy Celestial she is. On top of that, her elemental breaks are once again mixed and therefore you won’t see Tenshi doing much outside of high damage numbers, which can definitely come in handy!

Kasen Ibaraki: One-Armed Horned Hermit
Solo-Target Elimination

If the list is going in order of canon appearances, then why is Kasen before Windows Generation 3 and not after? The first issue of Kasen’s manga series, Wild and Horned Hermit, was actually in July 2010, predating her first in-game appearance of Urban Legend in Limbo by almost 5 years! Therefore, she is right in the middle of these Touhou Friends in terms of appearance.

Anyway…the character’s kit. At first glance, Kasen might seem outright bad: low amount of mixed elemental breaks on spells, Solo-target only spells, and no kind of teamwide buff or enemy debuffs. However, you should never underestimate a sage’s Pre-ATK Effects on spells, as Kasen gains insane Yin ATK, Yang ATK, and even CRIT ATK upon using any of her spells! On top of that, her skills provide plentiful buffs on short, 4-turn cooldowns. These two factors combined lead to a Friend that can be very practical to set up on Solo-target stages and make for a very efficient way to clear these challenges with the right team!

Seija Kijin: Counterattacking Amanojaku
Yin-to-Yang Gimmick, Slight Moon Breaker, Yang DEF Debuffs

Seija is strange for a Technical Friend, somewhat disliking teamwork due to her third skill applying Blind anomalies to the party, potentially hurting them while she buffs herself. Still, Seija can provide slight team assistance by debuffing both Yin DEF and Yang DEF on foes. It may be strange for a Yin-only Friend to debuff Yang DEF, but since she has only Specular bullets, all of Seija’s Yin attacks actually target opponents’ Yang DEF! With proper setup and potential Yang DEF debuffs from Friends, Seija’s Last Word can deal some crippling damage. Seija can also serve decently as a Moon breaker thanks to the high amount of Moon on her Last Word along with 0P Moon on her Spread shot.

Doremy Sweet: Ruler of Dreams
Yang DEF and Evasion Debuffer, Star Break Spammer, Killer Magnet

Doremy is another Friend that kinda feels weird to be in the Technical class, primarily due to her Last Word’s impressive Killer coverage of Human, Youkai, and Lunarians for an extra sweet taste. Still, since she does not do much regarding CRIT support or heavily buff herself, she is just stuck in the Technical zone, but still a great Friend! Granted, trying to optimize her damage via critical hits will require outside CRIT support. Doremy’s kit includes other dreamy desires, including Yang DEF and Evasion debuffs that other Friends can take good advantage of, especially when Doremy casts self-Quick via her third skill to apply her debuffs on spells before anyone else attacks. While her elemental breaks are not the best, a 0P Star break on her Spread shot is never going to miss out on praise.

Yachie Kicchou: Matriarch of the Kiketsu Family
Powerful All-Target Last Word, Great Elemental Breaker, Good Defense Debuffer

Ending this list is ironically someone who shares similarities with the start, as both Yachie and Suika share a teamwide Yin ATK UP for each Graze they use. While Yachie restores less barriers on her third skill - 1 barrier compared to Suika’s 2 on her second skill - she heavily makes up for it with great utility elsewhere. Not only does her Last Word hit very hard, but it is fully Wood to rain on the day of any Wood-weak enemies. Her elemental coverage is expanded by her 0P Water on a Focus shot. And when looking back at her buffs, Yachie buffs both Agility and Yin DEF for the entire team, both supporting her own Slice and Hard scalings as well the same scalings on any allies (if they have them). If this wasn’t enough, her Last Word applies many Burn and Poison anomalies to all targets, either serving as additional fuel for any anomaly breaks or being good debuffs on non-Full Broken Friends! Yachie overall is a very diverse Friend, which definitely makes her deserve the adaptability of a Technical Friend.

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