Should You Pull? Ultra Festival: Nameless Space Terror

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Should You Pull?

A rather easy Yes. The Junko originating from the B2 universe is one of the best Friends LostWord Global has ever seen, and it will stay that way for a very long period of time. While other Friends struggle with being powerful while maintaining good utility, B2 Junko scoffs at them and simultaneously nukes with superior anomaly break access and supports her team in various ways at the same time. She doesn’t have to rely on elements to do damage, as the bullets on her spell have no elements, meaning even if they do not get advantages for weaknesses, they will never be elementally resisted either.

With (ironically) B3 Watatsuki no Toyohime gone, this Prayer is even more appealing if you are in the need of a top-tier threat. A6 Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame may be cheaper to raise due to being Festival Friends, but they will be (or already are gone) in a few days. Meanwhile, B2 Junko’s Prayer lasts until April 14th, meaning she is co-running with the Spring Festival of Swords Festival Prayer, with its main appeal being Tenshi Hinanawi. Junko is by far the strongest Friend of the current batch of Prayers, so picking her up now can be rather advantageous.

As an Ultra Festival Friend, B2 Junko can be exchanged on her prayer for 250 Exchange Points. Additionally, unlike General or Festival Friends, she can only Limit Break off of duplicates of herself or Divine Paper Dolls. This may make her seem less appealing to strengthen or go for, but Divine Paper Dolls are more common nowadays, as seen by the monthly login bonuses and the Everyone Wins campaign that is still ongoing.

Quick Overview

+ High turn 1 and potential damage
+ Amazing anomaly breaks
+ Decent team utility with her skills
+ Will never be full broken
- Hungry for Spirit Power
- Needs team support to bring out full potential
- No elemental breaks on spells; requires anomaly breaks

Junko (Nameless Space Terror

The B-Type Multiverse is one that is filled with mysteries: from the strange predicament of the main character only being able to watch the events unfold to the bizarre faces that this performer seems to encounter. From lunar emissaries with eyepatches to a suited-up Kaguya, the main character might not remember these faces, but we certainly do. Strangest of all might be the character without a title already: this Junko with a cu…smaller appearance. Just like anything in this series, her threat level should not be judged by size. As the Nameless Space Terror, this new Junko demonstrates the fear of purity in a brand new form.

Her basic shots might not be the craziest part of her kit, more so her focus shot, but they are still leagues above other basic shots. Not only is her spread shot, Little Moon Eater, a 0P Star break with Star breaks on every line as well, but it has an 100% chance to inflict a Poison barrier on the target, something that will come into effect later upon activation. It can even increase her Yin ATK by 1 level at 1P (3T), just because. Her focus shot, Chipper Dragon, has a similar effect of applying one Burn barrier to every enemy, although it must be at 3P. These are the only attacks with elements, being the previously-mentioned Star on her spread and a little more Star on her focus. In that sense, her breaking potential might seem unimpressive, but Junko has been building up her rage for an unknown amount of time. Don’t count her out just yet.

Her spells have a lot going on, so we will go over this a bit longer than usual. First off, the pre-attack buffs are rather self-explanatory. Her first spell, Malicious Lily, decreases all targets’ CRIT DEF by 2 levels (2T) to coincide with her selection of Killer bullets. The most important of these would likely be ones regarding lunar prescenes, both the Lunar Capital and Lunar Base (to reflect upon her Chang’e hatred), dwellers of Gensokyo, and many, many more tags that cover a lot of the enemies in the game (also including….frog connection for some reason?). Her second spell, Psychedelic Mandela, is similar in that it increases her CRIT Accuracy by 2 levels (3T) for anything that potentially dodges her Killer coverage. The other pre-attack effects involve anomalies. Malicious Lily spreads one layer of Burn to all foes, with an additional layer on the enemy specifically targeted while Psychedelic Mandela is a ridiculous 3 layers of Paralyze on one target. Finally, Pure and Perfect Darkness is her terrifying Yin-only Last Word, which buffs her own Yin ATK, Yin DEF, and CRIT Accuracy by 3 levels (2T) to boost her damage (DEF coming in thanks to her Hard scaling). 

Thanks to all of these spells’ Yin-only nature and general strength, they are already pretty good. What sets her above the rest so much, however, is her anomaly break potential. All of her spells have the ability to break a specific type of anomaly barrier. For reference: a bullet that breaks a specific anomaly breaks all of that anomaly type inflicted on the opponent. This makes her not only able to break any kind of anomaly barrier, but be supported by any Friend that inflicts those anomalies as well. To not be repetitive and keep things simple, here is a list of where each anomaly break is located, both for which spell and how much Spirit Power is needed:

Incineration (Burn Break): Malicious Lily (2P), Pure and Perfect Darkness (2P)
Toxic (Poison Break): Malicious Lily (1P), Pure and Perfect Darkness (1P)
Melting (Freeze Break): Psychedelic Mandela (1P), Pure and Perfect Darkness (3P)
Discharged (Paralyze Break): Psychedelic Mandela (2P), Pure and Perfect Darkness (3P)
Flash Break (Blind Break): Psychedelic Mandela (3P), Pure and Perfect Darkness (3P)

Junko’s skills are a mix of making these anomaly breaks even more effective as well as providing team support. Fear Purification is a debuff to all enemies’ Yin DEF and CRIT Evasion by 2 levels (2T), along with 3 barriers of Freeze to one target. Impurity Purification is 3 more layers of Poison to a singular enemy, but also gives 1.25 Spirit Power to herself and Charges her up to allow for additional support before she attacks. Grudge Purification is the main utility skill, giving 0.5 Spirit Power to everyone, 2 levels of Yin ATK UP (2T), and 3 levels of Accuracy (2T). Perhaps it is not the best support for everyone, but the Accuracy support is always appreciated and she didn’t need to buff everyone to be amazing anyway. But here she is, so she might as well!

As you can see, B2 Junko has…a lot. We didn’t even go over the fact that with no elements she is weak to and immunity to any anomaly, she can never be fully broken. That only makes it even easier to just focus on her HP or barrier restoration if she ever does need the support. Her main issues come from, as said before, the support that might not be great for every Friend, as well as the amount of Spirit Power she might need to unleash her anomaly breaks, especially on Blind barriers. Still, the Spirit Power part can be fixed with some Spirit Power story cards and the utility issue does not mean as much when she does literally everything else so well.

This nameless terror from outer space is a menace, and she will likely keep her crown for a very long time. Both by her own damage numbers and when supported by fellow anomaly inflictors, you will thank Junko for her efforts. Just don’t call her cute. She doesn’t like that.

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